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Tyrant's Test: The Review

I know it might be difficult to follow when we are going to post what on here at this point, but I figured might as well go ahead and post and hopefully some of you are following along!

We now come to the final installment in the Black Fleet Crisis trilogy. When last we left our heroes, everything was a mess and Han had become a prisoner of war. But the book actually opens with Chewbacca who as you remember was back home on Kashyyyk with his family and he is spending some bonding time with his son while he can. This gets cut a little short as Chewie learns of Han's capture and, being the loyal Wookiee he is, decides he needs to leave to go and rescue him.

Then we go to Han who is waking up from his really fun beating, lying on the floor in a dank cell. Again I'd like to refer you to Leia's capture in Planet of Twilight when she is resting on a divan and has a bed and a balcony in her "cell" as compared to what Han goes through when he gets captured. Also sharing his cell is one of his flight engineers named Barth. Han learns that nothing has really happened since he was brought in unconscious, and he wonders if the terrible smell he notices is him. Apparently there are dead bodies in the cell with them as well as no 'fresher, and Barth tells him that he simply "picked a corner." I told you Han doesn't get treated very well in captivity. Although he does at first say that things aren't so bad as he's been beaten up by experts before, but when he tries to move around he decides he'd rather be beaten up by experts.

Barth seems convinced that they are simply going to die there. Han is of course the optimist here, saying they went to a lot of trouble to grab them and for now they just need to give them as much trouble as possible. Barth asks if all they are is a way to control the president, which would be Leia. Han says, "If I thought for a moment that Leia would compromise herself, that she'd compromise the Fleet or the New Republic because of us being prisoners here, I'd find a way to die now, before it could happen." Oh, Han, always willing to do anything for his wife.

Speaking of his wife, she has some of her own problems going on right now. Not only is her husband in the hands of the enemy, but her position as leader is being called into question due to her personal attachment to what's going on and the possibility that it would cloud her judgment. Basically they don't want her to make all of her decisions based on the fact that she wants Han back rather than what might be best for the New Republic.

"Are you asking me to give Han up? I can't believe that you could call yourself my friend and ask me to do that."

With an easy grace, Doman lowered himself back into his chair. "Two other men suffered the same fate as Han--be it capture or death. Do you care as much for their return as you do for his?"

"What an absurd question," Leia snapped. "Han is my husband, the father of my children. I'm sorry for the others, and I want them all safely returned. But I won't sit here and pretend that they mean as much to me as Han does."

Well, that's a relief to hear. She is speaking with this guy Doman and apparently his kind tends to have many wives, so he doesn't quite understand how it is for her. He tells her that unless she can give all of the captured men equal importance then he doesn't think she should sit in that office.

"Look at this room--you may have your favorites, but no one spouse is everything to you, the way Han is to me."

"That has always seemed to me a weakness of the way you choose to live," Doman said.

"We can argue that another day," Leia said. "The point is that you can't understand what it would mean to me to lose him."

Yes, it would certainly be a terrible thing if Leia lost him. I can't stand that she is constantly so torn between her own personal life and the good of the New Republic. Is it wrong to want to save your own husband? Anyway, he continues to tell her that he fears she will risk all of their hard-fought peace for the sake of Han. To which she replies, "Do you think that nothing matters more to me than Han? Do you think I'm that out of control?" Anyway, this is all really frustrating.

Lando is still off doing stuff with Lobot, Threepio and Artoo I didn't quite follow... and didn't really make any effort to follow. And Luke is still with Akanah and I had a very hard time figuring out exactly what their relationship was during all of this, because I'm pretty sure at least once they were spooning. Luke does talk about how he suspects that one reason Leia doesn't want to know more about her mother is because she wants to protect the idyllic memories that she still holds dear. There is also a lot of tactical stuff with the fleet and things that aren't really that interesting to read about.

Leia is still dealing with the senate and their desire to have a vote of no confidence against her. Han is bored to death and lying in his cell with that guy Barth and they are mindlessly passing the time and suffering greatly due to no food or water. They are brought some simple white pants to wear instead of their uniforms, and that's it. Han and Barth are then brought before Nil Spaar where Han first thinks he might be able to escape but they go to a bit more trouble to bind his arms so he's stuck. Spaar tells him to recall the fleet against Leia's orders, so that he and Barth can live. Han refuses. Not enjoying that answer, Nil Spaar takes his nasty claw that he seems to have and basically just rips through Barth in a very gory and graphically depicted execution that mentions lots of blood and pulsing organs spilling out onto the floor. Han is at least spared this time, but now he's alone.

Luke is still off on his random running around and thinking about Force stuff with Akanah and he has his three hundred twenty-seventh annoying thought about Leia and her reluctance to train in the Force:

He knew that Leia had within her extraordinary resources of will and power--resources she had of late become reluctant to draw upon. Luke thought that he was much of the reason, with both his example and his presence creating disincentives. It was important that she find that strength again.

It seemed to Luke that Leia had neglected, even abandoned, her own training, and that her training of the children had become unbalanced, with the disciplines of warrior and weapon excised as if they were dispensable. Luke had not spoken of it with her, but from what he had seen, it was almost as though Leia hoped to delay, training the children as Jedi clerics rather than as Jedi Knights--as if the path before her, the path he had followed, promised to take her somewhere she did not want to go.

It was her choice to make. Her destiny was no more clear to him than it was to her. But whatever that destiny was, it seemed that she was fighting it rather than following it.

Seriously, let your sister live her own life! Anyway, back to Han, who is being moved from one cell to another by some guards who he is of course giving a very hard time since that's the kind of guy he is. One of them asks him a question: "I have an interesting question for you, Han Solo--do you think that your mate would be willing to fire through your body to kill my master?" I'm kind of curious to know the answer to that question, myself. Instead of answering the question, Han remains confident that these smug enemies will soon meet their end, and he is left in a large cell with a bunch of other random prisoners.

We learn that Han's capture has not made the news first so that people aren't aware of the turmoil in the senate but more so because Leia does not want the children to know that their father is a prisoner of war. Leia spends a lot of time fighting with these guys but at one point finally goes home and just spends some time gardening because it is about the only thing she has control over at this point. It is then that she receives a visitor who had been working as a spy for the Yevetha but he claims he was never really on their side and to Leia it seems apparent that whatever it is that he did is the reason that Han was captured. So we get a brief, kick-ass Leia moment:

With a single quick stride, Leia closed the distance between them. "You took my husband away from me," she said, and dropped into a Jedi fighting stance.

"Princess, surely--" It took only one blow to silence him, one more to bring him to his knees, and one last to send him sprawling, unconscious. Releasing her breath in a satisfied sigh, Leia stood straight and looked to a startled Tarrick.

"Thank you for that," Leia said lightly, flexing her hands in front of her. "I just might be able to sleep a little tonight."

I do kind of love Leia just dropping the guy who could be responsible for what happened to Han. Of course she later learns that the guy probably wasn't the one who was responsible, but she doesn't seem to care. She also soon gets a message from Spaar that they have decided to become allies with the Empire, whom they previously despised, so that their odds in battle increase dramatically. They don't believe the alliance and continue their offensive, resulting in some serious damage done to the Yevethan fleet, which does not make Nil Spaar happy. So he decides to be a bit less subtle:

For once, there was no craft or subtlety in a transmission from Nil Spaar and for once, there was absolute silence in the conference room.

Leia watched it with her arms wrapped tight against her body, one hand covering her mouth. When it was over, she left the room, her face white, her eyes dead.

Ackbar was little better off, despite having looked away through the worst of it. Alole was weeping silently, fat tears painting her round cheeks. Behn-Kihl-Nahm wore a scowl of ultimate contempt.

Alone in his office, Drayson wore a mask of cold rage.

They had seen Nil Spaar savagely beating a bound Han for nearly twenty minutes--not just beating him, but kicking and hurling him about an empty compartment in an animal rage. The beating went on until Han was bleeding freely from his mouth, his nose, from gashes on his face and arms, his chest, his calf. The beating went on until Han's blood was smeared on the bulkheads, the deck, and halfway up Nil Spaar's powerful forearms. The beating went on until Han could no longer stand when the viceroy dragged him to his feet, not even with a wall to support him.

For long seconds, Nil Spaar had stood in a half crouch over Han's crumpled form. The viceroy was partly turned away from the lens, and they could not see his face. But they could see his thorax plates rise and fall, and one hand flexing menacingly as a great claw appeared, vanished, appeared, and vanished again.

Then Nil Spaar had straightened and turned to face them. They saw that he was bleeding as well--tiny rivulets running from the two enlarged scarlet crests at his temples. Staring into the holocam, he had wiped at the blood with the back of one hand, then sucked his hand clean.

Finally, he had made his message explicit, though with unusual economy of words--the only words spoken throughout the entire horror, delivered in a dark, angry growl: "Leave Koornacht now."

Yikes. That is not a good day for Han. Or Leia, really, as you can only imagine what is going through her head as she views it. And I literally mean you can only imagine it because we never really delve into how she is emotionally affected by what she sees. The next we see of her, she is going to visit Mon Mothma. Now, knowing how she is, I bet you all can pretty much tell how this visit is going to turn out. She at least asks how the children are handling it, since she had to tell them as the message was public and she knew they'd find out anyway. "Jaina is angry. Jacen is afraid," Leia said. "Anakin is mostly confused--he can't understand why anyone would want to hurt his daddy." It has to be heartbreaking to tell your kids something like that happened to their father.

When Mon Mothma asks Leia how she's handling it she mostly just talks about the conflict in the New Republic and how she doesn't know what to do, whether to recall the fleet or keep fighting. She at least concedes that her first instinct was to give them what they wanted as long as she could have Han home safe. She doesn't know how to choose between what she wants for herself and her family and what the New Republic needs. This is the same woman who abandoned the Rebellion to go save that guy who hadn't even yet said he loved her when he was frozen in carbonite. And now she's having a hard time justifying saving the father of her children. Although admittedly the Rebellion didn't really lose much when she went to save him on Tatooine. But I don't know about this decision and I still can't figure out if this is what she would really do.

Because what does she do? She decides to fight and she announces that regardless of her personal involvement in what's going on, they can't just let the Yevetha go. She says all of this being pretty much positive that she has just killed her husband. Yikes.

This is when you get to say thank the gods for Chewie, because he is going to get Han no matter what it takes. Han, as you can imagine, is in terrible shape but Chewie kicks ass and blasts his way in to save him, carrying him off to the Falcon so they can get him away and to some medical attention. About this same time Luke has come back and met up with the fleet and winds up in the same place. Han is brought in on a stretcher and once again it's a good thing the guy has a Wookiee with a life debt:

And even if Han had been conscious, there was Chewbacca to contend with-- the Wookiee hovered over Han so protectively that he got in the way of the doctor and the medical droid, and ultimately had to be dragged back from the triage table by two of his companions.

At least Chewie is being all protective of Han because Leia isn't really doing such a good job with that here. Chewie also sees Luke and is not happy that he wasn't around to help save Han, either, but we can't really blame him, because he had no idea. Or maybe we can blame him because he abandoned his family to go off in search of his mother. We do get one humorous bit from a droid who mentions that they need to get Han in bacta but he had apparently told them that he likes scarring because he finds it "socially desirable." Leave it to Han. But come on, he really can't get any more socially desirable.

A while later, after Han undergoes some extensive treatment, he is finally out and awake just long enough to talk with Luke and Chewie briefly. Luke and Han have a brotherly conversation where they joke basically about how they haven't seen each other in so long. And Han laments at having to sit out the battle. He tells Luke to get the doctors to let him talk to Leia and wonders if anyone has told her, which apparently they had. He's told it's all set up for him and then he has to spend another five days in the tank. But we get a very "Han" line first: "...make sure you mention I was bothering the lady doctors---otherwise she'll worry,"

Han needs to be taken away but before he goes he asks Luke if he would've come for him if he had known, and Luke says he would've. So Chewie and Luke would... but Leia wouldn't. Ugh. Then there are a lot more space battles and fighting and stuff as the New Republic proceeds to take out the Yevethan fleet. Luke finally learns that Akanah knew nothing about his mother and made up the whole story as a way to get him to work with her. She's not a bad person, she just needed some help and manipulated him to get it.

Yadda, yadda, yadda... Lando does whatever he's doing, Spaar dies, good guys beat the bad guys.

Finally at the end of all of the turmoil Luke goes to Leia, who had not sent any communication to him. She had just come home from visiting Han in the hospital, apparently the first time she'd been able to take the children since he's out of the tank and looking more like himself. Luke basically says that he wants to be part of the family again and help train the children, who are of course very happy to see their uncle. Leia welcomes him with open arms. The end.

If this book was a movie, there would be a lot of scenes of government officials sitting around conference tables talking, a lot of scenes with Lando and Lobot off doing whatever they're doing, and a lot of scenes with New Republic fleets fighting with officers we don't really know or care about. It seems like a good portion of this could've been condensed, yet it wasn't.

I was also left incredibly frustrated that we really never see Leia's reaction to what happened to Han and we never get to see them reunited or even just talking after or her hearing the news. There are a lot of spots I'd like filled in here as far as missing moments are concerned. Leia's reaction to what happened, telling the kids what happened, Leia hearing that Han has been rescued, telling the kids that Daddy is coming home, getting to talk to him, finally getting to see him, going through his recovery... I could go on. Seriously, Leia makes the decision to go to war and we don't hear from her again in the book until the very end when she brings the kids home and sees Luke.

And, man, Leia is frustrating in this book. Again, it seems everyone important in Han's life is willing to drop everything to go get him except his own wife. I know I've never been in that position before, but I feel like this feisty Leia who shows a bit more of herself when she just punches out that spy she thought was the reason Han had been captured would just hop on her ship and go get him herself. Or call Chewie and tell him to pick her up on the way. She just... leaves him.

So, what can I give this book as a rating?  I think Han is very in character here but again, I can't really decide about Leia, especially since we never really get to delve into what she's thinking, we only see the outcome of the decisions she makes.  I might only be able to go 2.5 here, because they aren't featured enough really and even though Han is himself and makes some nice comments about how strong his wife is, I don't know that Leia would so easily give him up like that.  Especially when they have the kids and I know she's mad at Luke, but she wouldn't have contacted him to ask for help?  Or Chewie?  She seems to give up too easily, to me.  But you can argue otherwise because my opinion waivers on this book.


  1. This is very much a book of "Two Leias". Near the beginning she's angry at even the suggestion that someone would think she would just give Han up, and then all that stuff about how they will never understand how much Han means to her etc. This is very much the Leia we know and love. But then later on she seems to have a total turnaround and doesn't seem that bothered at all. Which is not at all like the Leia we know and love. I suppose a person of her stance coud be considered selfish for caring more about one person than for the greater good, and so that makes these kind of decisions so difficult. But even so, as you mentioned, she could have got Chewie or Luke onto it straight away on the quiet, and get Han to safety. There's no way that Leia would have left Han in that predicament willingly.

    Yes, Luke seriously needs to stop planning Leia's life out for her and cut all this stupid Jedi crap. Surely being a mother and raising your children properly is far more important than prancing round with a lightsaber. Give the girl a break!

    I still say that Before the Storm far outshines the other two books in this series, which in my opinion decline in quality as they go, this being the worst. There desperately needed to be a Han and Leia reunion scene here, maybe that would have redeemed it a little.

    And does anyone honestly have a clue what the hell Lando and Lobot were actually doing?

  2. I loved that Leia dropped that guy. Ha! Good for her. Maybe she should make some of the senators a little scared. =)

    I can maybe let some of Leia's actions slide. I can see how she wouldn't personally run off to save Han. She is the president and very probably the best leader for the Republic. I feel like she would consider the greater good and not rush off. Perhaps when she went to save Han from Jabba she had more leeway or knew that the Rebellion would be ok if she went to save him. Not sure she could say the same at this point.

    But...why didn't she call Chewie? As president, doesn't she have some secret ops squad that she can call to rescue Han? If she doesn't, she should. Or even some not so scrupulous contacts? She might have been able to contact Luke, but not sure if she could or if he would even take her call. She seemed to roll over about rescuing Han, especially after spending all that time defending her desire to save him to the senate. I also wasn't digging the part about her ordering the attack knowing she sentenced her husband to die. That sucked.

    Wasn’t it Lumpawarrump that refused bacta treatment and thought scarring was desirable? I thought that once they were prepping Han, they had noticed he was injured and the medical robots were trying to treat him as well.

  3. Oh, maybe I'm wrong about who thought scarring was socially desirable. I'll have to go look at it again.

    I don't necessarily disagree that Leia would make that ultimate decision not to pull the fleet out and retreat, I just think she'd try something else to go get Han. Whether it be sending in some secret ops or calling Chewie or Luke, just SOMETHING. Not just sitting back and giving up like that.

    1. Agreed. She's a take action kind of girl. And as much trouble as Han probably gets into, and the kids too, shouldn't she have a rescue squad on call? It is sweet that Chewie went after Han right away. But this does look bad for Leia after Han was captured in that one book and she didn't hear from him and thought he was off gambling with his buddies.

    2. I totally agree, ladies. Leia would have something up her sleeve to get Han to safety. She would not resign herself to the fact that she had just ordered his likely death. No way.

      Forgot to mention how I loved the line about Han bothering the female doctors. Yes, totally Han. But does he bother them in a flirtatious way, or is he just a pain in the ass? Knowing Han I would say a combination of both!

      Is this the only novel post ROTJ where Han and Leia are apart for the entire book? I can't think of another. We don't even get the normal half a page reunion scene.

  4. Overall, I thought this was an interesting series for the character development Leia. I think it really showed her struggle with being Chief of State and the rest of her life. It was clearly easier to make decisions and take action when she was not bound by rules, formal procedures etc.
    Throughout the series I think Leia does question herself and doubts herself to the point of not being able to make clear decisions. I think somewhere along the way she is realizing her "idealism" and the reality of the galaxy or even her own government don't exactly agree. I actually liked the part where she sought council with Mon Mothma. I even handwrote the entire passage in my journal. It reminded me a bit of Glinda the Good Witch as she helped Dorothy realized what she was looking for she had all along , Leia always knew the right thing to do in her heart, she just had to be reminded to follow her straight path. That section really spoke to me.
    I agree many missing moments. After watching Han's beating, I think Leia would have vomited profusely once she left the viewing room. Luke's character ticked me off the entire series. Really, he can sense Han and Leia about to be tortured on Bespin, yet can't feel that Han is getting crap kicked out of him in this book? Loved Chewie.
    I liked the part where Leia worked in the garden, I can totally relate, sometimes you feel that is the only thing you have control over. I also liked the part where she decked the spy, who cares if it was the wrong person, sometimes you have to punch something.
    Thanks for the review, great job.

    1. Maybe she was growing up a little in this series. Kind of a this is what the reality of politics is. You would think she might already know, but she'd never been part of a free society, a republic before.

      Forgot about Leia's reaction to Han's beating. Yes, I'd love to see that moment.

    2. You're making me realize how extra awful it would be for Leia after witnessing that. Let's assume she's a total wreck after, because she would be. Who does she go to for comfort? At least if Luke or Chewie were there she would have a shoulder to cry on. Instead she has to go home and put on her brave face for his kids. That cannot be easy!

    3. No kidding. I think it would be interesting from the stand point of seeing her break down, which I suspect she did. We never see her do that and then yeah, she'd have to pull herself back together for her kids. It would definitely be sad but give us another glimpse into who she is.

    4. I agree, I think Leia is starting the process of "growing up" at least in the realities of politics, I think somewhere in the New Jedi Order she finally states she is done with politics. It's always one thing to know about the corruption/backstabbing but it's quite another to be the actual target of it. What I love most about Han in this series is that he never wavers, even to the point of self-sacrifice. He knows just what Leia is capable of and never loses faith in her, even when she has lost faith in herself. I don't know if this is indicative of men in general, but they seem to see everything as pretty cut and dry, not much self doubt. Although it just might be a Han thing, as Luke was pretty full of conflict or something.

    5. Ok, who's writing the breakdown scene?

    6. I think a major change for Leia is that now she's got a whole lot more to lose when it comes to deciding between her personal life and politics. She's not just giving herself and her own time and sacrificing her own happiness but she is risking the life of her husband who also happens to be the father of her children. There is potential to really horribly hurt her entire family now. I don't imagine it would be easy to have to look at your children and know that it is your fault that their father can't be there.

    7. I don't doubt for a minute that back during the Rebellion Leia would give up her life for it and not think twice about it. But she does have so much more to lose now. That's an interesting thought, Zyra, that it could be her fault that the kids would be without their father. Very sad.

      Dunno, seams. I'm sure you could do it justice. ;)

  5. Just double checked and it is indeed Lumpy that finds scarring more socially desirable. Page 291. I can see why Zyra originally thought it was Han though, its not clear who they are referring to unless you read it very carefully. I am guessing this is a wookiee thing, where perhaps a warrior with lots of scars is held in higher regard and considered a better fighter or something.

    1. Thanks, Claire. That scene was confusing. If you have more than one male, especially male patient, then they need to specify which him. :) My kids and hubby are bad about being unclear with their pronouns too.

  6. Wow, so Han took it hard in this one. I agree with you all that Leia would try to figure out an alternative. One of the similarities I found interesting about Han and Leia in the movies were that they were crafty (whether it was Leia escaping through a garbage shoot or Han shirking off TIE fighters in an asteroid field). Also, it sounds like they missed those "people-connection" moments not actually writing Leia talking to the children about Han's situation or Han and Leia's reunion.
    Oh, and Luke upset Leia's not keeping up with her Jedi training? It's not like she has three children to care for, a job running the galaxy and a family member getting into some type of danger every month.

    1. Hey, welcome to the site!

      You're so right about the "people connection" thing. It's like I said, if it was a movie this book would've had a whole lot of battle scenes and scenes with people sitting around a conference table talking about battle strategy. I'd LOVE to see a lot of the missed opportunities I mentioned above filled in.

      As for Luke, he just seems to think being a Jedi is more important than anything in life, so of course he is always criticizing Leia about it.

    2. Wouldn't Leia be like the ultimate working mom with being president and all? And then you have your brother nagging you all the time? Nice.

      Yes, more about the emotional part of things would have been nice. I do hope someone tackles one of the moments.

  7. i might try that missing moment. it would be nice to see that side of leia, since the "authors" don't seem to think she should have a soul.

    1. You get back to work on ALL of your stories and lots of writing. I've been waiting for updates from you!

    2. Very nice updates, zolo! That last line of Time and Again really got me.

      Of course, I'm dying to know what Han thinks of not so sober Leia in "Into the Future." I'm sure he's going to have his hands full.

    3. Yeah, zolo you can't keep us hanging any longer with Into the Future. Please update soon.

      Pretty please?

    4. Thanks! This book always gets me, i feel so bad for Leia (and Han) and i dont think its at all fair.

      I am!I am!! I swear!
      Ive been madly trying to catch up with all my writing this week.

      My self imposed deadline of Friday is fast approaching! I need to get the next chapter up by then. So Friday. prolly around noon my time. I swear!

    5. Cool. I'm sure it will be worth waiting for :)

    6. Posted!!!
      Let me know what you guys think! (and wow - i'm ahead of my deadline, i'm impressed.)

    7. Definitely worth the wait! Wow. You can build up a scene really well.

      But did you have to end it there? ;)

    8. Thanks and thanks!
      and yes, yes I did. :)

  8. I'm back. Woo Hoo.

    Sorry for my extended absence. I got sent to Japan for a couple of weeks, well more like 3 weeks. I love traveling but hate it when it is just dropped on you quickly. Oh well guess I am fortunate I get to do it and have the company I work for pay for it. Too bad I have to work while I am there.

    I am so far behind. I have Friday and Monday off work, along with the weekend, so hoping to catch up a bit. I do have a conference I have to prepare for next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but hoping to do that tonight. At least the world is coming to me this time.

    As I catch up will be posting. Looking forward to getting back.

    1. Welcome back! It's that time of year for traveling, isn't it?

    2. Yes, welcome back!

      Now what's everyone else's excuse? I'm pretty sure you weren't ALL called to Japan on short notice...

    3. my excuses is that i suck. does that count?
      Welcome back IndyLiz!

  9. Damn. I don't like this book at all. :( Well, I have never even read it, but by this review, I can tell I hate this book. :( The review was great and informative. I would have loved to read the same things from the book that you mentioned.

    Recalling the first time I saw ROTJ ending. I thought the enemy is now defeated and the galaxy is happy and free. The guys can live their lifes happily ever after. And what do we get with EU-books? It's like blowing up the 2nd Death Star was nothing. There will be worse enemies to face. Not a moment of peace or happiness, not even a real family life for our heros! Or even a real life anyway... I don't think that's the life they wanted so why they live like that? Why do they have to be presidents and generals etc? Let other people do it, those who don't have families etc.

    I think Han and Leia and maybe even Luke were happier in rebellion, fighting against Vader and Palpatine's Empire. When the Empire got defeated, why didn't they just say: "Now we did our jobs in rebellion and the rebell is over, thank you guys, we go home, see you later!"

    I know that "somebody has to save our skins" but why it has to be Leia? She doesn't seem to enjoy her role in EU-books at all, so why to sacrifice her family for nothing? I don't think Galaxy needs her anymore there, she's doing what Mon Mothma says anyway. :P


    1. I don't mean they should pass the buck. But now that they have family, Leia seems so burn out...

      And Luke is very childhish when he doesn't understand that Leia has her family as her top priority. Luke is like "WTF?" :O