Monday, January 16, 2012

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Missing moment by Seams2Be)

A big thanks to Seams2Be for sharing this little 'missing moments' piece with us.  This is from Tatooine Ghost while Han is left out in the desert all night.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Seams2Be

"The Seven Hells of Corellia are nothing compared to Tatooine" were the last words Han Solo had muttered before succumbing to unconsciousness.  Han had enough foresight to find a reasonably safe hiding place to wait out the unrelenting Tatooine sandstorm. The canyon crevice would shield him from the Tie's radar detection and keep larger predators from being able to reach him. Once his swoop bike refused to travel anymore, Han set out on foot in the Tatooine desert, unsure of where he was going, except to give death a challenge.  Heat exhausted and critically dehydrated, Han could no longer remain conscience once he found his temporary safe place between the hard rocks.

"Han," Leia whispered.  "Han," Leia stated again, caressing his face.

Han slowly opened his eyes. Luscious deep green palms and ferns surrounded him.  The air was thick with the sweet scent of plumeria.  He could hear the steady rhythm of a slow soft rain.  The moisture in the air, felt good on his skin, cool and refreshing.

"Han, are you going to sleep away the day?"  Leia coaxed him in a slightly sensual voice.

Han became aware he was sleeping in a rather large and luxurious hammock, surrounded by piles of soft brown pillows.  He felt dizzy and confused.  "I must have fallen into a deep sleep, I dreamt I was on Tatooine," he said as he tried to clear his head.

Leia laughed, "The Seven Hells of Corellia are nothing compared to Tatooine."  She held a Gizer ale to Han's lips, "here have a sip."

He took a long drink.  "Where's the painting?" he questioned Leia.

"What painting?" Leia replied almost dreamily.

Han looked at his wife.  "You’re beautiful."

Leia was a vision of exotic beauty.  Her long chestnut hair was a cascade of curls, half pinned up and secured with two golden yellow tropical flowers.  The rest of her hair fell into spirals as dense as the rainforest that surrounded them. Leia's long dress was a mesmerizing swirl of deep greens, blues and browns.  It reminded him of a hidden lagoon.  Her bare shoulders looked like they were kissed by the sun, not quite the creamy tone he was used to.

Han looked down and saw he was dressed in casual linen pants and an equally comfortable button down linen shirt, both in the color of sand. He and Leia were barefoot and relaxing in the doublewide hammock, made of durable white cotton.  The breeze rippled through the white canopy, which covered their resting retreat. The gentle rocking of the hammock, made Han's head spin a bit.  He couldn't quite figure out where he was.

"Leia, where are we?" he whispered.

His petite wife, who was lying next to him in the hammock,  raised herself up to a seated position.   “Don't you remember?  You brought us here to this Lania'ha bungalow for a romantic getaway.  Maybe that fall you took this morning hurt your head more than we thought."

"No, I'm fine" Han said quietly.

Now that Leia was sitting up, he could see just how ravishing she looked.  He looked longingly into her deep brown eyes, getting lost in his own desire.  He pulled her on top of him and kissed her with a hunger that he hadn't known before, as if it would be the last kiss of his life.  Their tongues taunted each other, plunging deeper inside revealing a world of untapped desires within Han.

Han was still feeling somewhat perplexed by his awakening; however he quickly shook it off.  He frantically felt the intense need to make love to Leia. He immediately turned his focus on fully pleasuring his princess.  He caressed her shoulders, hungrily kissing the nape of her neck, lingering just below her earlobe. Within seconds he had her fully aroused. Han knew she was safe in his strong seductive arms. She groaned lightly as his lips left her neck. Han continued kissing a trail of tantalization on and around her breasts. Leia's soft moans were music to his ears. Then without warning Han suddenly slid down her legs and began to lift up her dress as he continued his soulful kisses. He worked passionate kisses along her legs and thighs, stopping at her stomach that he knew was fluttering with excitement.

His breath was heated. He growled between kisses letting Leia know his animal instincts had taken over.  Han was at the point of no return, he had to take his princess over the edge with him now. As if she read his mind, Leia quickly slipped off her dress to expose her beautiful naked body dripping with sweat.  Han took one look at her lustful grin and rapidly shed his clothes. He too was covered in sweat.  Han was on fire, instinctively he began to grind his hips against Leia – feeling her arching her hips against his, he knew she wanted him as desperately as he did her. He gave her a slow deep kiss as he found his way between her open and willing legs. They quickly became intertwined and their feverish ecstasy continued to rapidly rise.

Suddenly something flashed across the corner of Han's eye. "Rats? No wait, Squibs!  Leia, what the hell are Squibs doing here?"

He looked down to where a breathless Leia was eagerly joining him but Leia had disappeared. Han looked around frantically, he couldn't see Leia anywhere.

"Leia!" Han screamed but no words came from his now parched mouth.  The tropical paradise melted away and intense dry heat consumed him.  "Get away from me, you miserable vermin." Han tried to kick away the Squibs.

Suddenly Leia was in front of him, caressing his face, tears falling onto his blistered skin.  Tears, water, kisses landed on his dry lips. The hazy fog lifted for a moment and Han remembered where he was.

He forced his telltale grin, "Hey beautiful, got a Gizer?" He managed to barely whisper.

Leia had once again saved him from a Tatooine hell, literally between a rock and a hard place.

Great Job, Seams2Be!  Thank you so much for sharing.  Hopefully you will inspire others to do the same!


  1. Yay, I love new contributions! Especially when it means we have less work to do ;)

    Ah, definitely seems like the kind of thing Han would dream about. You did a great job with describing how they looked early on and it really set the scene quite well. And I like that he was thinking in his dream it was as though it was the last kiss of his life, because at the time, he was probably dying!

    The sexy time was good, I know that can be kind of scary! I do have one suggestion there, though. It's something I used to do and didn't realize it until someone pointed it out, so don't take it as anything but me trying to be helpful, not critical. But pay attention to varying sentence structure, especially during the sexy time part this is noticeable. It's all, he did this, he did that, she did this. At one point you start a bunch of sentences in a row with either Leia, Han or he.

    Just a really, really simple example of what I'm talking about, let's just look at this: "His breath was heated. He growled between kisses letting Leia know his animal instincts had taken over."

    I should say up front that by itself there's nothing really wrong with that, but look at the way the sentence structure doesn't vary much the rest of the paragraph. So you can change it simply, like, "His breath was heated. Letting Leia know that his animal instincts had taken over, he growled between kisses."

    There are plenty of other ways to vary it, and like I said, those two sentences could be fine the way they are but I just wanted to give you an example so maybe you know what I'm talking about.

    I did really like it, though. And I hope you take that as a helpful tip because if you just vary up things a bit it will be perfect. Great fantasy and certainly a great way to fill in the missing moment, good job!

  2. That was great! Love waking up to a new post on this blog- especially little Han/Leia moments. Well done!

  3. Very good! Especially liked, "Rats? No wait, Squibs! Leia, what the hell are Squibs doing here?" I'm not surprised they ruined his fantasy. That sentence made me laugh. You should definitely write more!

  4. Great piece Seams2Be. The dream sequence was very creative, funny, and sweet. I'd like to think that after this trip was all said and done for them, Han was able to take Leia somewhere just like this. Nice job!

  5. Yeah, I think he would have been a bit disappointed that it wasn't real...

  6. It kinda became real later, once he recovered some. Well, there was no hammock but I'm sure Han was okay with it anyway :)

    I also meant to note I loved the "give death a challenge" line. Very Han.

  7. Thanks for sharing that with us, Seams2be.

    That was a missing moment from TG that I certainly wouldn't have thought of, so well done for doing something different.

    That is certainly the sort of thing Han would be dreaming about during his time in the desert. No wonder the first thing he wanted to do when he came round with that drip in his arm was do the no pants dance with Leia.

    I also like how you slipped Han's gizer ale in there too.

    Loved how you presented the dream, it was almost dream like in the language you used, and the sex was beautiful and romantic.

    And yeah, Han and leia totally need a holiday like that!

    Very nicely written, I enjoyed reading it.

  8. Hmm... Maybe you should write a sequel where Han decides to take Leia on that holiday. Except that there probably wouldn't be much plot LOL.

  9. Thank you all for your nice comments and helpful tips. This is the very first time I have ever written anything like this and the second time writing fiction in general. I used to pretty much just write poetry. Outside of my family, nobody has ever read anything I have written. I can't believe how incredibly nervous I was after I hit the "send" button. I'm thinking "Oh no what have I done!" I avoided the computer until this morning. What a roller coaster ride. I don't like roller coasters. This was definitely out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing (I think).

  10. I liked it. Well done and appropriately hot. Yeah, I'm thinking Han wasn't happy it was a dream. I'm sure the real Leia finding him made up for it. Like how he asked her for a Gizer as soon as he was awake.

  11. I loved the rhythm and the writing of when Han is dreaming. The descriptions and the tone just take you right into his dream, IMO. Also, great little nugget of a oneshot that none of us had discussed. Always nice to see what someone else sees between the lines of the novels.

    Great Job!

  12. There really are potentially dozens of missing scenes out there waiting to be written. Love reading them.

    I agree with what Push said there, the way you described what Han was dreaming really drew you into it and made it come alive.

    Can't believe, Seams2be, that you are pretty much a fanfic writing newbie because you did this so well.

  13. Aww, thank you all again for the nice comments. Can I just say the current background picture is adorable. I wonder what, make that who, she is dreaming about.

  14. I thought exactly the same thing! Not seen that pic before, but it's really cute.

  15. I think we all know who she's dreaming about...

    Love that pic, too!

  16. Wow, today's word that I had to type in to post proved to me that google has a very, very dirty mind.

  17. What was it GoldDragon???

    Go on you can tell us?

  18. It is incredibly sweet. If you were Han, could you resist that? :)

  19. I think it would've been little moments like that, (catching her in an exhaustive sleep) when she would appear human instead of super human, that would endear her to him. I can imagine him standing there and studying her for quite a while, standing guard over her at her most vulnerable. She'd probably be madder than a gundark when she woke up and found him staring at her, though. She'd probably snap at him and say something flippant. But he'd like that, too. :-)

  20. I see him carrying her to bed so she could get some rest. But how pissed would she be if he did that? :)

    I'm curious about the word now too.

  21. You've GOT to be kidding! And now anytime someone searches for that word they will be led here. It's really funny seeing what some people search for that leads them to our blog.

  22. I think I've ruined this blog's innocence. Oops... LOL!

  23. LOL!!! That is just wrong!

    Though I would suspect certain types of people looking for sites about said part of the female anatomy would probably use, well, alternative words for it....

    GoldDragon....I don't think this blog is THAT innocent, and that's just how I like it!

  24. Haha... It wouldn't be as fun if it were that innocent!

  25. You know, we always end up having these really funny off topic conversations on here. Just one of the many things I love about this 'not innocent' blog...