Thursday, January 19, 2012

'We' (a missing moment by Zolo77)

This is a missing moment from Zolo77.  It's one that we talked about here on the blog where Leia tells Han that she is pregnant (between Tatooine Ghost and the Thrawn Trilogy).

Thanks for Zolo77 for sharing.  FYI:  She's also posting over at, so look for her over there.

**     'We' by Zolo77     **

It was late. Very late.

The day seemed to go on forever.

Congratulations flowed steadily since they had broken the good news over a late lunch.

Leia had known a bit longer of course, but she had told him in the morning, snuggled up, she breathed into his chest something about being hungry. He pulled her closer, asking her what she wanted. She had replied something about eggs. That, however was not the significant part, it was the exaggerated "we" at the beginning that made his heart skip a beat.

Leia was steadily breathing beside him now. Careful not to wake her, he placed his hand low on her still-flat stomach. He felt his face split onto a wide grin he couldn't control.

"We." He whispered, still holding a hand on his unborn children.



Thanks again, Zolo77.


  1. I love how much is conveyed in so few words here. I know I struggle with being too wordy, so what you accomplish with this vignette is impressive to me. Not to mention the way you chose to have Leia tell Han. So subtle and so sweet. This was just perfect.

    Bravo. :-)

  2. Aw, like Push said, so much is said with so few words and you've done a great job with it. And for anyone else who doesn't read on, she is publishing a whole series of vignettes from all sorts of different aspects of Han and Leia's lives and they are all quite enjoyable. Thanks for sharing here!

  3. Short but so very very sweet, Zolo77

    Like the previous missing scene it just proves that you don't need actual dialogue to make it work - it just says so much without it. Well done.

    The mention of eggs here reminded me of that thing.."how do you like your eggs in the morning?"......"unfertilised".... But in Leia's very fertilised!!

    I am certainly checking out your other viggies at

  4. awww! thanks!
    I seem incapable to writing anything except shorts these days! Glad you liked it!

  5. That was extremely good!

    Very sweet, and I love how she told him.

    Ok, I just found out that my mum reads fanfic, and has done so for years. Not for SW though, fortunately.

  6. What's your Mum into GoldDragon?

    Zolo77, it doesn't matter that you can only write shorts, because you really do it well. I read your other viggies at and they are all brilliant. You say so much in such few words.

  7. She's into West Wing. Which is a little awkward, because I've read quite a few of the West wing fanfics on

    Zolo77, you are very lucky that you can write really short stories. I've never been able to write a full story in just a few words.


  9. It's very good. Whole series on is too. So much said in so few words.

    GoldDragon, wow! You are getting the wildest words from google.

  10. You have a beautiful writing style, thanks for sharing. I really liked your piece on as well.

  11. Wow thanks you guys!
    I was wanting to publish for a while, just never had the courage.

    I loved writing this one, although, my favourite so far is actually my shortest - on called Speak. i think it's like 90 words or something. but it came to me in the middle of a government planning meeting. it made me look very busy as i wrote it. :)