Friday, November 16, 2012

Guest Contribution from AmaraZ

This wonderful contribution is from AmaraZ.  She challenged herself to write a quick story and when this idea struck her, she followed through.  Thanks for sharing AmaraZ - you did an awesome job!  (I hope you don't mind that I inserted a few pics to go along with your story)


Leave it to Han Solo to make a move on her while they were on the run from the Empire. Only he would have the nerve to do it now in the middle of an impossible situation. As if hiding in an asteroid in the middle of deep space wasn’t bad enough. But maybe like her, he had grown tired of their games. While their verbal warfare was at times fun, it was still an unnecessary disruption at a time when she so desperately needed fewer distractions and more time and energy to focus on the task at hand – the war she was so determined to win.

As the handsome Corellian eased himself towards her in the small space of the circuitry bay, there was only general curiosity and concern on his face. Nothing to indicate at first he had more on his mind than offering assistance. But her defenses went up quickly as he drew nearer and she had a feeling there was no deflecting his attention this time. No amount of teasing, nagging, or arguing was going to get her out of this.

If you let him in, he will hurt you.

The words came unbidden as they always had. It was that voice that constantly reminded her of her duties. That always reminded her of Han’s more obvious nature and had her incredulous, wary, and suspicious for the last three years. It was hard to tell if it was time, war, or politics that had done that to her, that had honed the slightly jaded part of her. But it was still there. And even with a prevalence of good deeds as of late, part of her remained convinced Han was just a scoundrel.

Han continued to move closer and she began to pull back against the wall as far as she could go. She quickly realized how little space she had left. All of her combat and diplomatic training hadn’t covered this. Of course she knew about basic interrogation and intrigue. But why hadn’t anyone thought of warning her about this? No one or nothing had prepared her for the onslaught Han was unleashing on her now. Already, he was close, too close, the musky scent of his skin and his cologne already beginning to override her senses and jumble her ability to reason.

If you let him in, he will leave you.

This was for certain. Han had made his plans abundantly clear. And there was no changing that fact. He was too deeply in debt to Jabba the Hutt and it would be suicide for him and those around him to stay any longer. But…hadn’t he been in debt for years? All this time and he had yet to do anything about it or to actually say good-bye. It had her wondering what it might mean about his intentions and how he felt. Was it possible he was more concerned about something larger than himself? Could it mean that maybe she meant more to him than his own concerns?

The brush of his skin against hers momentarily distracted her as he carefully took her hand in his. His hold on her hand was tight, but delicate, and he began to gently massage it. The contact sent tingles up her spine and it surprised her how easily he could affect her with his touch.

If you let him in, you will lose him.

This was an unfortunate state of affairs, but no less true. There were very few people left in the galaxy that Leia knew and who knew her. Truly knew her. A flash of light had seen to that. Everyone who had ever touched her was gone, leaving her with a cold, hard reality. One of duty, honor, and a driving need to get the job done. She wasn’t naïve. There was no doubt that loving someone during times like these was a high risk proposition. The Rebellion was losing people left and right and there wasn’t always a rhyme or reason to it. She knew it deep in her gut to be true. And yet here she was letting Han eek his way into her heart and touch her in a way no one else had.

If you let him in, it will destroy you.

This was probably Leia’s deepest fear. If they did get involved and he left, when he left, where would that leave her? Could she survive another loss? Would she? But apparently she couldn’t help it. Her heart already seemed willing to open to him, much to her chagrin.  She had tried to stop it, but somehow Han had managed to slip in anyway. How was it that he had the walls she built so carefully for years crumbling as easily as if felled by a detonator? What was it about this man that ruined her best laid plans?

As he loomed over her, the reason was obvious. At this close range, it was so, so easy to become mesmerized by the green and gold flecks in his eyes, by the emotions reflected in their depths. For so long she could only guess at how he felt, but now it was so clearly written all over his face. Could it be that all this time he cared for her more than he admitted? Dare she believe all of the things he had done for her, all of the times he had saved her had been more than just doing the right thing? Dare she let herself fall? Could she let herself take the chance?

The choice was taken out of her hands though as Han made his final move and closed the remaining distance between them, seizing her lips with his in a searing kiss.

If you let him in, you might fall in love.

As Leia gave herself fully and the last of her resistance slipped away, she knew that was the scariest proposition of them all.


Thanks again for sharing AmaraZ!


  1. This is fantastic. You capture Leia's inner conflict dead on with this. I love all the "If you let him in.." lines, great how you did those, very clever. I love that last line! Wonderful to see this scene from a different perspective.

    Grand job, Amara. And no way can you tell this was written so quick. It reads like a great deal of thought has gone into it.

  2. I agree with Claire's comments and have to say that even if something is written quickly, it doesn't mean it cannot hold within it deep thought and quality work.

    I also loved the way she weaved Leia's fears throughout the piece with the "If you let him in" lines and how they seemingly progressed to her deeper and deeper fears. There is so much emotion expressed on Leia's face during that scene and I think Amara did a great job of giving those emotions a voice.


  3. This is always such a great scene. You captured her conflicting emotions of fear, attraction, confusion and more in this piece. I agree with the above remarks about the "If you let him in" lines. They capture her inner monologue so well in just one line each. Great job!
    Oh, and I appreciate the pics, always will.

  4. Awesome. And no way would I have guessed that was written quickly. First, I really liked that you did NOT repeat the dialogue from the movies we all know by heart. When people do that in a scene it's like an invitation for me to tune out. By just adding simple lines like the fact that she had run out of space to back away or he took her hand you subtly clued us in to EXACTLY where we were in the scene and it worked perfectly. And I love how she's so afraid of letting him in but knows that she can't help it, even if the threat of losing him later, which seems almost certain, is devastating.

    Great job!

    1. Oh I agree, I love the fact that the dialogue wasn't repeated too. That's been done sooo many times, and I don't think any of them have been as good as this one. It's an original take on a very well known scene, and it works so well without being bogged down by the dialogue.

  5. Thanks, ladies! Really glad you liked it. I was kind of inspired when I saw Push wrote two stories recently. That to me was quite the feat when some of mine take some time to get out of my head. I've been wanting to try writing quickly for a while. I always kind of worried though that the quality would suffer. Nothing like a good challenge though. ;) And it was a lot of fun.

    I didn't mind at all Push you adding pics to it. It really makes the story. And liked you changed the background too. I kind of had to wipe the drool off my ipad. ;) Would have been even funnier to update the profic to match.

    Ooo, I'm not a big fan of that either, Zyra. I think most of us have this dialogue memorized and can maybe say it in the exact timing. Some of us even have some of the dialogue as a ringtone. Yeah, I'm that weird. :)

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  7. Congrats!
    I too liked the „If you let him in…”lines. You did a very good job by inserting them into the scene to show us Leia’s inner conflict.
    Pictures are very welcome too!


  8. ummm! OMG! How did I not see this????????

    This is awesome!! Loved it. Loved it loved it!!!!