Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Harrison!

It's that time of year again: Harrison Ford's birthday!  Hard to believe the man is 72 today.  I realized this also means that he is more than twice as old as he was when he first appeared as Han Solo.  Crazy. 

Also, for any of you who are not aware or keeping tabs on his recovery from his broken leg and the subsequent filming delays, there are photos circulating of him walking around on this sort of peg leg thing where he rests his weight on his upper leg, but not the lower.  I've never seen such a contraption but thought it was a very encouraging sign that he will recover relatively quickly.  This way he is still basically walking around, still putting weight on that leg, just not the lower part of it, which means he will probably not lose much in terms of muscle atrophy, etc.  I also suspect it could make things easier to shoot from the waist up if needed.  I did read that he has taken quickly to it and will, as we all would suspect, bounce back faster than most.  So even at 72, he's still doing pretty darn well for himself.

Production will also be taking a two week break in August to give him some time to heal.  I suspect this means that any of those reports that said that he would be out for six months are lies, as by the end of that time frame we'd be coming up on 8 weeks since this happened, right within the 6-8 week range we were initially, and subsequently "officially" given on how long he'd be out for.  This news felt rather encouraging, and I suspect they may not have to alter things as much as I feared or even at all except maybe framing certain shots.  There were a lot of panic inducing "articles" circulating without much factual basis about writing him out of the movie or drastically reducing his role, and none of that appears to be true. 

But anyway, today's his birthday and as a fellow Cancer, happy birthday, Harrison!  Can't wait to see you as Han Solo again.


  1. I've used the cast you've described, post knee surgery. It's usually the last device before you're sprung from castivity. So very good news, indeed.

    Happy Birthday to all you Cancer ladies; you're phenomenal writers.

  2. That one source that said he'd be out for six months was never repeated anywhere else, so I was instantly suspicious.

  3. Happy Birthday, Harrison. :)

  4. What a yummy photo! Happy birthday to all the Cancers and especially Harrison.

  5. Happy Birthday, Harrison. Wishing you a speedy recovery, even though I'm pretty sure you're doing great.

    He's 72, but he's still got it ;)

  6. OMG, I found this video on YouTube -

    Still hate his earring though.

    1. That is such a fun video, and Harrison looks like he's really enjoying himself. I love this "new" sense of humour he's picked up the past year or so.

      But yeah, I still hate that earring too, it's got to be said.

    2. Mark Hamill was saying in a Disney interview that Harrison should do more comedy.