Thursday, November 6, 2014

And We Have a Title

Finally, we have a title for Episode VII.  I will say that of all the things to worry about with this upcoming movie, this was one of the least of my concerns.  But today we finally found out that the movie will be sub titled: The Force Awakens. 

My initial reaction is that it doesn't bother me.  That in and of itself makes me happy.  I can recall having a visceral reaction to hearing The Phantom Menace, which should've been a clue right there.  Although to be honest that title doesn't sound nearly as corny to me anymore.  Think about it, all of the titles are a little cheesy, it's just that back in the 70s we didn't have the internet to complain about everything and for everyone to tell us how much we were supposed to hate everything.  It also probably isn't a great sign that my first reaction is, well, I don't hate it.  I think I expected to hate it, or be annoyed.  But, thankfully, that's not the case.

As for what it means?  That is anyone's guess.  Does this mean that the Force has been asleep all this time?  Are the rumors that Luke Skywalker has been missing for many years true?  Possibly.  Aside from that it could mean any number of things.  I personally don't like the idea that he's been missing for years.  I mean, the poor guy can't really catch a break.  He grows up kind of isolated on a farm, loses his aunt and uncle, finally starts making a name for himself, never has a girlfriend.... and then he disappears?  That doesn't really seem fair.  It also would feel like they were basically undermining the end of Return of the Jedi.  Don't leave us with what looks like a happy ending only to come back 30 years later and tell us, just kidding, after that everything went to crap! 

Another side note though, the "reveal" of this one was a little strange.  I happened to be on Facebook and Star Wars posted this picture and a link to an article telling us that "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has wrapped production."  The reaction included a lot of comments that mirrored what I was thinking: Wait, was that the title reveal?  What the heck?  I mean, instead of just going ahead and saying, "Title revealed!" they sneaked it into a headline about wrapping production.  Very strange.  But this does tell me that they are probably just going to be randomly announcing things here and there on social media, without warning.  It seems an odd way to go about it but I guess that's just the age we live in now. 

So, comment away.  What do you think? 


  1. It was such an odd way to announce it. I just got home and hubby told me. So I immediately had to come check. I knew if it was real, it’d be on the blog. ;)

    Is it bad if I think it sounds promising and not as dorky as I feared it might be? I think it sounds kind of cool. It does make me nervous though if the rumor about Luke is true. That would suck. Especially after setting up the happily ever after in Jedi. Nevermind! Such a gotcha if they did that. I really hope they don’t go that route.

    Oh, but this is too cool! I'm pretty stoked to know a little more.

  2. Well I don't seem to have a reaction one way or the other to the subtitles. I never really cared other than a way to get away from the "Rocky 216" syndrome. Awakens is an odd choice to me. Implying dormancy... so maybe the EU version of all these force sensitive out there for Luke to find is being ditched and now we are dependent on Han and Leia's children to mature into their force talents and have them be awakened?

    It also implies more of a sentient Force more God/Mother Nature like then passive energy field? hmmm hokey religions anyone?

    Definitely nice to have something to talk about or it is going to be a very long 13 months.

  3. I don't hate it, therefore I am thrilled.

    1. I'm kind of with you. It's probably not a great thing that we are at a point as Star Wars fans where just the fact that we don't despise something they are making official makes us happy. Just what happens I guess when you've been so bitterly disappointed in the past!

  4. I have no preconceived notions of what the title might mean. I'm going to leave it at that.

  5. This time yesterday I really wasn't crazy about the title, but at this moment it's really grown on me. It's different and intriguing, although it does actually concern me, as others have said, that it could be a clue to the Luke gone AWOL for years being true.

    My take on it is that at the end if ROTJ we have ONE Jedi, he is the embodiment of the Force. Without his tutelage there will be no more Jedi. If he was to vanish, without training anyone, the Force would kind of lie dormant and would only be reawakened should Luke leave his exile, or whatever he's doing and come back into the fold to train new Jedi. So I'm willing to bet the title refers to Luke himself.

    But I must stress how much I HATE the idea of Luke buggering off and not training anyone...hell, we don't even know if he's taught Leia anything. I hate the idea of Luke being away from his sister, who he's only just found out is his sister at the end of ROTJ, and away from his best friend, Han. I love the feeling of family that the end of ROTJ portrayed. Why would they ruin that? Infact hardly ANY of the rumours about the movie have got me excited at all. But despite everything I'm still trying to be optimistic. Have to keep thinking positive ;)

    1. Me too! It's grown on me a lot. Maybe I'm just so willing to drink the coolade that my judgement has gone bad, but it feels real--authentic.

      I'll admit it: my expectations are really damn high. If this movie blows and/or disappoints me in a major way, I will be really sad. I do, though, accept and welcome the notion that we will learn things haven't been so great since 4ABY...

  6. Episode 7 The Force Awakens
    Episode 8 The Force hits Snooze
    Episode 9 The Force is late for work


    1. Nice. :)

      How about Episode X: The Force gives up on work and moves to Fhloston Paradise?

      Sorry Fifth Element reference. :)