Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All the "Celebrity Cameos" in the Union Comic

I have been wanting to share this for other people to see for a very long time. The following comes from the Union comic. For those of you who are unaware, this comic featured Luke and Mara's wedding and the events leading up to it. Yes, Luke and Mara got a whole illustrated comic just for their wedding, and Han and Leia got 2 paragraphs at the end of the worst book ever. Well, what can you do? This is probably the closest thing in "official" canon (or ex-canon now, I guess) to fanfic I think. I mean there is a whole scene with all the ladies hanging out and chatting at a spa.

But, truthfully, the thing that stuck out the most to me when reading this was all of these pictures that look exactly like several well known celebrities. And there is no way that it was an accident. So, here are all of the ones I noticed, although there could very well be some I missed!


 Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber

 Jack Nicholson

 Steve Buscemi

 Nicolas Cage

 Bruce Willis

 Tommy Lee Jones

 Paul Simon

And I'm also putting this here just because it is one of my favorite things.

And now these are unrelated, but from the graphic novels of the Zahn trilogy, just some panels I think are cute and wanted to share:

Because who doesn't want to see Han and Leia in the delivery room for the twins? 

I like this a lot too, she just wants him to hold her 

Ok so their faces are kind of ridiculous here but I still think it's sweet that Han is sweating too and right there with her.

 The aftermath, left to hold their babies for the first time.

 And then later on when they have the babies at home.

 This is right after she puts the baby down, and I just think it's sweet even if it doesn't look that much like them.

And hey, look, they're actually sleeping together!

Edited additions:

Here is Han quickly waking up and realizing he needs his blaster and his clothes

Here they are reuniting after Han was away for a little bit

Here they are holding hands

And one last one just because I thought it was cute how she is leaning over him with her hand on his shoulder. It's hard to see the hand in this but trust me, it's there

Ok this concludes my random assortment of comic stuff for you today. Mostly I just really wanted to show you guys the celebrities in the comic, because there is no way that is a coincidence for most of them.



    lol, /why/ are there so many celebrity cameos in the GFFA?? and as guests in the most nonsensical fictional wedding ever?? (sorry if anyone ships Luke/Mara. I just never found Mara all that interesting) did they pay for this??

    I saw the post for that comic a while ago when I was checking out some reviews. The Han/Leia scene is cute, but I agree that the comic overall seems even more fanfic-ish than the Valentine's story (which rules).

    And even though the art in the Zahn comics resembles little to the actors, it's really cute! I loved that they kept those scenes with the babies, and the one when they're clearly sleeping on the same bed. I was a bit disappointed that the trilogy concluded without a scene where we saw Han, Leia and the twins finally together and safe, considering the whole plot was about how they were constantly in danger.

    Thanks for sharing these!

    1. I wish I knew why there were so many random characters drawn to look exactly like real famous people. I haven't looked around really, but I don't recall seeing anywhere else someone bringing up this assortment of celebrity cameos. Was it some sort of in joke? There are also a lot of panels of Han where his face was clearly copied from a specific moment from the movies.

      And yes, the whole trilogy of graphic novels for the Zahn trilogy is kind of cute, even though they didn't really seem to try to draw them exactly like the actors.

      Good point on missing a nice conclusion there, it definitely needed that!

  2. When I read the Thrawn trilogy and the birth scene, I loved Leia's line when she tells Han to hold her, but I really love how it's drawn in the comic. I always imagined Han holding her hand or something, but I love that he's just embracing her.

    1. Isn't it sweet? Although I did check the line from the book and it says that he slid his free hand under her shoulder, sort of like you see there.

  3. And wow, now I feel special for owning the hard cover collection of these. I was going to recommend them but it looks like a new one is $186 and a used is about $85. I bought it for $23 in 2010!

  4. That picture of Han and Leia sweating was hilarious.

    Holy cow! That's a valuable comic!

    As for the celebrities...it seems so random. None of those people are associated with Star Wars, the closest (that I know of) being Paul Simon and his relationship with Carrie Fisher. Maybe they were the artist's favorites. Some of those were dead on. Anyway. That was fun to see.

  5. That last one of them sleeping in the same bed.... Oh man, that's my favorite. They're, like, normal and stuff! And do normal things, like sleep with their heads on pillows! Then the one of them sitting there, holding their babies for the first time... something about seeing that silouhette and bloodstripes gazing down on babies is just amazing. So the celebrities are fun, but the others are great; thanks for posting all of them!

    (Completely off topic, but wanted to make sure to say: thanks to several of you that replied to me in earlier posts about writing fan fic! Zyra, Erin Darroch, others. Real life took me away from here for a bit so I couldn't reply when the comments were made, and now it would take forever to find them and reply properly. Still, the comments were very much appreciated. And helpful and inspiring: I've now put ideas to paper (well, keyboard) for the first time in years, and have an outline I'm pretty pleased with. Great fun! Thanks!!)

    1. Isn't the last one cute? Leia is unfortunately sensing that there is an intruder in the house, but that also means the next panel is Han all disheveled and throwing on his clothes, presumably because he wasn't wearing any ;)

      And welcome back and I'm glad you're writing!

    2. So.... any chance you might post a pic of said next panel? Disheveled is so scoundrel-y ;)

    3. Ok, I'll post a couple of other pictures if not later today then tomorrow. I'll just add them to this post.

    4. Erma, I'm excited to read your offerings when you get them ready! I know all about real life taking over. I haven't been AFK for such an extended period of time since the last time I went on holiday (which was a couple of years ago now *sob*). I've just moved house and there's an absolute mountain of work that needs to be done, so I'm not getting my usual downtime (to read or to write). Hoping to get back to it soon and also hoping to see you posting fics for us to enjoy, too!

  6. I really like the "Is Lando still downstairs" one, despite the drawing not being so accurate to the actors' faces.

    1. Isn't it cute? And it only just occurred to me when looking at it again it looks like he has his leg bent up behind her back.

  7. Ok, added a few more pictures.

  8. Thanks for the new pictures!! It's so adorable to see them holding hands and hugging and just being couple-y ^-^ Have you posted/do you know if there are other comics that have them together? (other than the Valentine's Day and the new Disney ones)

    1. There isn't a ton of stuff. Check out the sidebar, anything tagged "The Lesser-known EU" as we have a few things in there. I mentioned Dark Empire somewhat recently, and that was a comic series I think before it was a radio drama and of course they are together in that and Leia is pregnant with Anakin. The whole Dark Empire series is super cheap to get your hands on, unlike the Thrawn Trilogy graphic novel!

      Then there is the OLD Marvel series that started being published between ANH and ESB and continued until after ROTJ, so there is stuff from that whole era and someone here helped and did a review of one of the issues from after ROTJ. There was a lot of Leia missing Han between ESB and ROTJ, there was some fun stuff after ROTJ although to be honest the whole series got kind of crazy toward the end. Not in terms of bad character stuff, just a lot of weird aliens and planets. Then I think there was even a comic series that covered the same era that was published in the newspaper that might have a few moments. There is also a comic/graphic novel of Shadows of the Empire, and an additional story after it that is kind of cute where Han is back.

      I think that about covers it.

    2. I remember that Shadows of the Empire Evolution series being like...not good? The art was great but I just remember Leia acting really out of character and acting like a total B word to Han. It didn't even seem like they were a couple in it except for Leia getting jealous when Xizor's niece was flirting with Han.

      There have been some cute Han/Leia moments in the newest SW books mostly UST of them staring at each other longingly or close to kissing. Though some of them have been really stupid when having them slap/throw things/punch each other like they're in elementary school.