Sunday, May 22, 2011

Have We Inspired You Yet?

Okay, had to bring back the Han and Leia pics. I don't have a whole lot to say today, but I realized it had been a week since we'd updated and we can't have that! Need to keep the material fresh if people are going to stay interested.

I have noticed something since we started writing this blog. It seems that the number of Han and Leia stories popping up over on have drastically increased. About a year and a half ago I started checking there almost every day for new stories. It would routinely be days between updates, sometimes over a week. Lately it's rare that something new doesn't pop up at least every twenty-four hours. When I would finish a story a year ago it would've stayed probably in the top five for a couple of weeks and would take months to fall off the first page. Now it only takes a couple of weeks!

Maybe this is purely coincidence, but I do feel as though as soon as we started asking for new stories, we started to get them. I used to read each new thing the minute it popped up and now it takes me a while because I am having a hard time keeping up. It's a nice change and it's great to see so many new writers out there. And please, don't be afraid to comment here and say hello!

I think that the publishing of more stories can inpsire others as well. If you stumble upon a fandom that hasn't had a new story in like a year then I bet you'd be more reluctant to want to post something there. Who would even know to look for it? An active community certainly leads to more participation. So thank you all for keeping things going. I love that there are still things to talk about with this couple that has been around even longer than I have.

*Edit to add*

Oh, finally! This is totally unrelated to this post, but I recently I mentioned a story in which it had Han being the virgin and Leia offering to, well, help him with that. Don't get too excited because we don't get to read about the fun stuff, but I at least found it:


  1. Han Solo as a virgin is just too much for me to handle! I had even told Zyra that I had an idea to write a story that de-bunked each of the "Universal Han and Leia FanFic Truths" but Han as a virgin was a brick wall for me. Leia as NOT a virgin was a close second.

    I certainly hope that our blog had some part to play in the recent rejuvenation of Han and Leia stories.

    Oh, and if anyone wants to publish a 'guest' post to this blog, just shoot Zyra or me an e-mail.

  2. I just have to say that I LOVE the background!! ;)

  3. Oh, somehow I knew you would :-)

  4. Sorry I haven't been posting. I have had a very busy two weeks. I have to be honest, I love this blog and everyone that posts on it but I think it's probably just that time of the decade for people to start posting again, lol. I have noticed, I am sure you guys have, that probably every 5 to 10 years there is a huge surge of Han and Leia fanfiction and then it dies off after maybe a year or so. Would you guys agree? That's why I am hoping this time we stay around for a while longer. It seems like there is one generation of writers and when they die off and nothing happens the next generation starts to see that they arent posting anymore so its our turn to keep this all going. I am hoping I can post something in the next little while but I am such a perfectionist that I am kind of scared to start posting. But I think I am more scared of others starting to die off again.

  5. So in other words, you are not going to give us credit for this surge in posting ;) You're probably right, though. It goes in smaller cycles, too. I remember for like a week or two all of a sudden a whole bunch of people came back to NHP and posted like crazy and then suddenly, poof, gone again.

    Another side note to add to my side note in the post: so as soon as I posted how excited I was about finding that story I found it right on the Corellian Embassy. I just didn't know what story it was based on the description. Apparently it was not as long lost as I thought.

  6. My that was a hilarious ff! :D Actually, I would swear Luke is a virgin, too, at that point! :D I was waiting for Han or even Leia to say "Look who's talking"! :D I like that Han AND Leia pic on the top, especially with the text! :) I was so sure, it was Han's quote but now I'm not so sure anymore! :D