Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Missing Moment by Elivigar

Thanks for Elivigar for contributing this awesome oneshot.  She didn't give a timeframe, but I imagine this could happen most anywhere when Han and Leia are needlessly separated throughout the EU...


She could look up to find a pretentiously high ceiling, or turn to gaze out into the perfectly framed light scape of Coruscant, all from the luxury of silken sheets beneath her. Instead, she lay belly down, facing the headboard of her oversized bed. Her fingers traced the intricate carvings before her, but her mind was elsewhere. While the room pleaded mercilessly for her attention, she fixated on the weathered comlink resting loosely in her palm.

And at the other end of this transceiver's signal, the object of her affections.

Swept away on an extravagant business excursion, she gladly accepted the offered finery that came with it. It was something she had even looked forward to, until the little hitch in her plans. The one that left her to indulge in it all alone. Without that... Roommate with Diverse Benefits.

But that was the Universe. Always conspiring to keep them apart in anyway it could.

So here she lay as one where there could generously accommodate two, in an intermittent silence that could be filled with loud, wordless exclamation.

But she didn't sulk.

She found herself delighting in his simple presence provided through the comm, between conversation listening for his shuffles and murmurs. In her mind's eye, she could imagine him rustling about their small apartment, hunched over the kitchen counter as he did while waiting for a reheated meal, or making a show of sighing loudly as he flopped onto the couch to relax after a long day.

To observe him like this from afar was something novel and she couldn't help the spreading grin. Despite living beside him for a comfortable year, she still managed a thrill out of each small discovery, even his most subtle of nuances.

They continued on into the late hours, yawns became more frequent, and before she knew it, they were both climbing beneath their respective bedsheets. Their conversation took on an intimate tone, voices settling into hushed whispers, and eventually for her companion, deep, even breathing.

When her lids became too weak, they would close as well, her mind briefly grasping the image of his sleeping form as it would be beside her. Warm and solid and hers...

But the morning would come all too soon, with its cold sheets and white static noise.


Awesome Job and Thanks Again, Elivigar. 

You know...when Zyra and I are at a loss for posts, it sure is nice to get some guest contributions...hint...hint...hint...


  1. As I think, Zyra has commented in the past, they never seem to communicate with each other while they're apart in the EU, which is just crazy. I have no doubt they'd be speaking to each other daily at the very least. So that's why I enjoyed this piece, because this is just how they would be I think.

    Elivagar, this is lovely. I particular liked your use of description. Great job.

  2. Elivagar, what a beautiful story, detailed in it's simplicity. I love that they fall asleep talking/listening to each other on the comm. They must have one hell of a call plan, talk about unlimited minutes:) Beautiful job, very sweet and very romantic. Thank you for sharing.

    1. LOL, yeah, they would definitely need unlimited minutes!!

    2. Hah! Yeah, that could run up a serious bill.

      Thanks guys! :)

  3. Very, very sweet. Love that It's about the little, everyday things. You would think every trip apart would be like this. It would definitely be a much improved EU. Wonder what Han thinks about the calls.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. This was such a nice, detailed read. I love how you just focused on a small moment, especially one we NEVER see enough of. Your interpretation was great!

  5. This was very sweet. I actually read the comments I got through e-mail alerts before I read the story so I had an idea what it was about and when I looked at it I was at first surprised there wasn't any dialogue. But then once I read it, I realized it didn't really need it. It doesn't matter what exactly was said. I can definitely see them talking like this most nights when away from each other, not so much enjoying the idea of sleeping alone. Anyway, nice job and thanks for sharing and letting us post this here!

  6. Elivagar, a truly amazing story. You conveyed so much in such a short piece. I love how your story focuses on things that normal couples do; talking daily over the comm when they are apart. I love the way you share a few items that Leia recalls when thinking of Han. Those little things you get to know about a person you live with and love. Zyra I agree these things get lost in the EU. I am so sure those moments happen; I mean how can they not.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Awesome job.

    And yes I agree that is gonna be one heck of a comm bill.