Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quickie Challenge #7

I know, I know, I'm a terrible person and have been horribly neglectful.  I promise I'm not gone forever, just chilling a bit for summer as everyone needs a little breather now and again, even from Han and Leia. 

But, to make it up to you, here is another response to the quickie challenge by Zolo77 as posted on and further proof that it is never too late to get in on the challenge.  Thanks so much for the submission and enjoy!

Administrative Duties
She hurried towards the officers lift - which would take her directly to the bridge - as soon as the shuttle ramp had lowered, high heels clicking sharply on polished metal flooring, mind racing.

Why? WHY? Why had he done this?

How in the hell had he gotten away with it, and for so long!

If she was honest with herself, which at the moment she didn't want to be, the whole thing did have a sense of humour about it. A screwed up sense of humour, maybe, but it wasn't without a funny side.

She also knew that this had likely had started out as a harmless prank, perhaps even as a way to test the system and when it went unmentioned, he did it again.

And again.

Perhaps now he did it only because he knew he could get away with it.

Well, she thought savagely, not anymore.

The dedicated lift opened its doors at the far left corner of the forward deck. Eyes scanning the peace-time skeleton crew of officers as she stepped lightly out as the double doors opened to her. The noise from her shoes echoed across the large space, announcing her approach. Those nearest to her snapped to attention as she walked by them, her eyes continued to search him out. She came to a stop in front of a young deck officer. A tall, angular, awkward looking young man, whose eyes widened with surprise at her unannounced visit.

"Excuse me, I hate to bother you," smiling sweetly at him, "I am looking for the fleet's commanding General, could you please tell me where I would be able to find him?"

"Is General Solo expecting you, Ma'am?"

"Not that I am aware of, no. Although, he really should be."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am-"

"That's fine." She pulled out her comm, punched in a series of codes.

"General Solo." She growled into her comm.

A split second of silence answered her before his voice come through, clear with the slightest hint of a drawl she suspected only she could pick out. "Sweetheart. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Where are you?"

"At work."


"Currently, I'm on the bridge of The Truth. Enjoying the view."

"No, you're not."

He paused and answered slowly. "Yes, I am."

"No," Lowering her voice and turning from the young officer towards the viewscreen, Coreusant looming before her. "I'm on the bridge and you're not here. I need to speak with you. Now. In private."

"Well now, that sounds promising." She jumped slightly at the sudden volume of his voice which had not come from the comm. Snapping her head around she found him standing at attention behind her, drawn up to his full height, clad in a well tailored uniform which accented the width of his shoulders, blood red piping cut sharp lines down his torso, rank bars gleamed on his chest and cuffs.

Gods, he's impressive dressed like that. The thought popped happily and freely into her mind before she could summon the reason for her visit. No. No. That's not why you are here. He'll happily play that game with you at home, later. Stop it. Get a grip. Stop. Now.

Her mind started to work again and it suddenly occurred to her that she was staring openly at him. It also occurred to her they were not alone. Tilting her chin up, she addressed him quickly, trying to cover her embarrassment.

"As I was saying, General Solo, I need to speak with you. Now. Privately."

"Of course. I'm all yours." Throwing her a quick wink he turned, and with a small gesture, they were quickly left alone.

Her mind wouldn't focus. Scattered thoughts ran through her, but all she could do was stare at him.

This is ridiculous, you see him all the time. She chastised herself.

But not like this. The small wicked part of her countered.

Damn it.

Spinning quickly, she turned to face the viewport again; familiarizing herself with the planet below her, trying desperately to gather her wits. She almost had them when a pair of large, strong hands settled possessively on her waist and a hot breath against her ear whispered temptingly; asking her how he could be of service.

This was altogether too much, her body screamed for him, while her mind, still trying frantically to remember why she was here, why she was mad at him, pushed her to remain calm, remain in control.

It occurred to her then, in an abstract kind of way, if the Imperials had imposed this as a means of garnering information out of her on the Death Star, they might have very well been successful. As of this moment, she was almost ready to give him everything she had. His hands started to move up her ribcage and she caught her breath, turning her head and met his eyes and moved away as much as his tight grasp would allow.

"I just read the Rodian Trade Spine route negotiation report, if indeed you care to call it that, which you submitted last month." He didn't answer her, only nipped lightly at her neck, growling playfully in her ear. She continued, having finally grasped her argument, she wasn't about to let it escape her again, she was, after all, a senator. "I'm not impressed, Han."

"Really? That was some of my best work."

"It was some of your most creative work, I'll give you that." He had stopping his ministrations on her neck for the moment giving her the opportunity to turn to face him, cheeks flushing.

"So, you're familiar with my other work?" He smiled, pulling himself up against her, towering over her slight frame. He eyed her playfully; slowly letting the full effect of his trademark grin add another level of distraction to her already frazzled demeanor.

"Unfortunately, yes. I had the privilege of reading the Squadron Flight Testing Analysis Report you submitted from Korleas as well as the six individual recruitment assessment coordination reports."

"I enjoyed writing the Korlas report."

"Yes. I could tell. But not nearly as much as the Rodian report. How could you, Han?"


"Don't play innocent with me. Why would you do that?"

"Relax," he kissed her forehead, "No one ever reads those things anyway."

"Yes, yes they do! I read them!" She pushed herself away from him as best she could, she wanted, fervently, to stomp her foot at him, but didn't dare – Han would never let that go.

"I was hoping you would read them. Actually, no, I was hoping you would act them out. Again." He winked.

"This is so inappropriate, I can't even begin to-" He cut her off, moving swiftly, capturing her mouth with his, holding her to him.

There was so much more she needed to say. But not now.

Right now she only wanted him.

Moaning into his mouth she pulled on his hair, wrapping her fingers tightly through the tousled strands.

His hands, which had captured her face, now traveled down her shoulders, across her ribcage - grazing the sides of her breasts softly as he made his journey down her body - settling only for a moment on her waist, tracing her hips. Bending swiftly, he lifted her, suddenly, expertly; holding her securely to his chest. Her legs wrapped around him before she registered what was happening. Pushing her gently up against the viewscreen, Coreusant glittering behind her, his hands now free to trace slow circles against her thighs.

Oh Gods. She flexed her toes as he started pushing the light skirt of her dress slowly upwards, causing both her shoes to fall unnoticed to the floor with a light clang.

Her hands went automatically to the front fastenings of his trousers, quickly freeing him. Glancing up at him, she was met with heated hazel eyes and a slow smile.

"I love you." He breathed, as he moved her panties aside gently with one hand, while the other snaked protectively around her.

"Yes. I know." She gasped as his fingers lightly grazed her, letting her head fall against his shoulder, placing fleeting kisses on his neck.

He pushed into her, holding her to him as they ground together; relishing in their natural rhythm.

"Come on, Sweetheart. We have to be fast, Come for me." He growled low in her ear before grasping her lobe with his teeth, teasing.

Drained of all her anger and after all the hurt and rage she had carefully contained since she read his first report earlier that afternoon, she climbed quickly - hands gripping his shoulders - and came hard around him, her cried muffled by his invading kiss as he thrust hard into her several more times and came, collapsing against her, whispering love into her hair. They stayed this way, together until their breathing slowed again.

Leia untangled her legs from around his waist as he gently slid her down to the floor, a cocky self-satisfied grin gracing his face.

"Well, Your Worship," he said quietly a few minutes later, fingering a strand of hair which has fallen behind her ear. "Please feel free to come see me at work anytime."

Leia shook her head softly, smiling shyly back up at him. "I'll see you at home later." And with that, she pushed off from the viewscreen.

Han watched her walk towards the bridge's main lift admiring her retreating form, when she suddenly turned back around to face him.

"Oh, and General, I don't ever want to see a written report on this. However, I do expect a thorough debrief tonight."

And with that, she entered the lift back down to her shuttle.


  1. You know, I'd REALLY love to read those reports of his ;)

    This is wonderful. Even though she's absolutely hopping mad, she can't resist him, it's just impossible. Who can blame her? How hot must he be in that uniform?

    And boy, that debriefing is going to be something else! :)

    zolo77, always enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing.

    And Zyra, it's cool, we are all enjoying the summer. Well, I suppose some of us are. Here in England, I am enjoying the rain ;)

  2. Oh, love this. Like how you describe her reaction to seeing him dressed like that, when he asked how he could be of service. I'm sure she could think of many ways. ;) And just what were in those reports -what he wanted her to do or what she had already done?

    It's cool, Zyra. It's tough when it's summer. Time to play. But nice to have anew post.

  3. A man in uniform....::sigh::

    I loved the anticipatory build up of it all.

    I think my favorite line, though, was : "It occurred to her then, in an abstract kind of way, if the Imperials had imposed this as a means of garnering information out of her on the Death Star, they might have very well been successful."

    Great, fun piece. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I totally agree with claire, I really want to read these reports!

    I actually read this story last night before I even saw it here, loved it then, and loved it even more when I read it just now.

    The way she reacted when she saw him in uniform...after he walks up behind her like that...was awesome. I mean, as others have already said, who know how amazing he looks in that thing. And Leia's struggle to keep her composure, with that comment about torture on the death star was probably my favorite part. Just to see her internal struggle, but for something as simple as this, was pretty cool. Then again, we all know that no matter how angry she is sometimes, she can never resist Han. Or at least that's what we like to think.

    Great job!!! =)

  5. Very nice story Zolo77 my favorite line: "He'll happily play that game with you at home, later." The mind races.... Great job and thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks!!

    I had this idea kicking around for a while, playing with it. I needed something fun and mildly smutty to write during my patio time over the weekend.

    I do love Han Solo. Although I'm sure that's not a surprise to anyone here. :)

    Oh and Claire - I would trade you sun for Harrods, M&S, River Island and an endless supply of Cadbury Buttons anyday!!

    1. I'd happily do you a deal, BUT I don't think I could part with the Buttons. :)

    2. I freaking LOVE Buttons.
      I ate a whole package last night.
      My options were: Buttons or Run.
      well duh.

    3. Yep, Buttons EVERY time. :) they are so moreish it's ridiculous.

    4. Could you enlighten us Americans who have no idea what you're talking about?

    5. Certainly. They are small, flat, round pieces of Cadbury's chocolate that are absolutely scrummy! A favourite with small children, and that's who they're marketed for, but you are never too old for Buttons!

    6. I think i've been eating buttons since i was a baby. My dad is from Newcastle area, and his family used to send me boxes of them.

      mmm... now i want more buttons.

  7. This is great Zolo77 ( I already told you on FF, btw, for all of you-- HI! It's RileyPotter here) and thanks for getting something up for us to read Zyra! I just love Leia's internal struggle in this one and how Han just pushes all cares aside and seduces her right then and there. I must see these reports!!

    And have some of those buttons!!

    1. I wish Han would feed me Buttons.

      That would be the best...

      (and thanks Panda!! I had fun writing this!)

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  9. great story... always love the thought of Han in his general's uniform! Hot! is this pre-COPL/marriage? it has that vibe. also, did a "double-take" to realize that Han cleared everyone out of the command center / bridge, rather than moving him and Leia into a private room (i.e., ready room, I know I am mixing my Star Trek: TNG and Star Wars scenery). again, hot!

  10. Thanks Hotshot!
    Yeah, this is around the x-wing series, think Solo Command era.
    and of course! how else would they have up-against-the view-screen-sex if he didn't??

    i like to think of it as Perks Of The Job!!

  11. I love how he just materalized behind her when she was talking to him on the comm, and how the sight of Han in uniform kept distracting her but she managed to remember whyshe was there too. and I love Han's line, "that was some of my best work"
    you have their voices pitch perfect.

    also I so can see Han doing that with his reports.

    thanks so much for sharing Zolo

  12. Totally steamy! Love it Zolo thanks for sharing. Needed some good fanfic after the week I've had and this defitely fit the bill. Love how he was right behind her when she was so mad at him :D

  13. That was very hot!!!!!!! I already read it in a couple of days ago. Everybody in the reviews, too, wanted to know what Han had written! And when I met it here, I read it again! :D And it was as enjoyable as the first time.

    It was also funny! :D This was the funniest:
    "This is ridiculous, you see him all the time. She chastised herself.
    But not like this. The small wicked part of her countered.
    Damn it."

    And it has occured me, too, that "if the Imperials had imposed this as a means of garnering information out of her on the Death Star, they might have very well been successful." :D

    I'm very happy Han has found a completely new way to handle pissed-off Leia! They probably won't end up shouting to each other often anymore! :D

    And about the buttons, we had Fazer chocolate buttons in Finland, too, over 20 years ago... Sometimes I miss them. :)

    1. Oh thank you! I think this is still one of my fav pieces Ive written. It makes me giggle which is prolly a little sad, but whatevs.

      And because you left me such a nice review - if i'm ever in Finland, I'll grab some for you!