Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Confession" Challenge. Submission #1

You all continue to step up to the plate with the submissions, so now we are posting our first submission to the "Confession" challenge Zolo posed.  We've still got some more mushy fics to post but this one came in first, so thank you, Amara Z!

I Must Confess

Leia was a very content woman. Bordering on euphoric.It didn't get much better than this. Laying back in her soft bed, resting on a mound of pillows, sunlight streaming through the windows, with a handsome ex-smuggler lying at her feet. No, it really didn't get any better than that.

Leia stretched slowly, carefully bringing her muscles back to movement, still wanting to luxuriate in the remains of her orgasmic high and enjoy every bit of the feelings that only Han seemed able to bring up in her. Her eyes roamed over her lover and constant companion in satisfaction. All long lines and lean muscles, he struck quite the figure, naked and stretched out across the foot of her bed. He was obviously coming down from his own high and looking quite content, watching her with a lopsided grin on his face.

Leia stretched again and smiled, pushing her legs towards Han. He scooted a little closer and caught her legs in his hands. He was only too happy to continue his ministrations from earlier and carefully ran his hands across her legs, exploring, and enjoying the feel of her skin under his hands, slowly making his way down to her feet.

His hands began to work at her feet, massaging them gently. He smiled confidently as Leia sighed and relaxed further into the bed and he knew without a doubt she was enjoying the sensations. An extra hard rub against the arch of her foot earned a low “Mmmmm” from Leia and had him grinning.

“Like that, Princess?”

Leia nodded, unable to prevent her head from lolling back against the pillows, letting Han continue his sensual massage of her feet. “You have no idea,” she said quietly. She could feel a shift and then his warm breath against her skin and Leia saw Han had her foot a hair’s breadth away from his chin.

“I kind of noticed you like it when I do this.”

She lifted her head slightly to stare at him. “You pay attention?”

He pulled her foot even closer and nodded. “I pay attention to anything that puts a smile on your face, sweetheart.”

“And anything that parts me with my clothes.”

“That too,” he replied with a grin. “But I noticed you especially like this.” Putting her foot againsthis mouth, Leia felt him press his lips into her sole, his teeth graze her skin, and she inhaled sharply. Her head slipped back again as he continued and she tried to bite back a moan, but it escaped before she could stop herself.

The sensations eventually ceased and Han went back to his previous motions, gently rubbing and stroking her skin. Leia’s gaze met Han’s. He looked like he had just hit the sabacc jackpot

“Looks like I found a new move.”

Leia just shrugged. “It’s ok.”

Han eyed her skeptically. “Just ok? That sounded like a lot better than ok to me.”

“Do you want to know something that I really like?”

Han was all ears. Anything that had Leia enraptured was a good thing. “Absolutely.”

“I’ve always wanted you to suck my toes,” she admitted sheepishly, her cheeks flaming red. Not that it mattered and she could tell Han just about anything. But there was something about revealing such an intimate detail that had heat rising up her neck.

“You mean like this?” Han asked before taking her toe and giving it a long, hard tug with his mouth.

Leia’s eyes closed involuntarily, a shudder running through her body. He slowly repeated the process on another toe and she arched into the bed, shifting restlessly as if he had done something much more intimate to her. When Leia’s eyes finally fluttered opened, Han was watching her with great interest.

“So how did you find this out? Had a bunch of guys sucking on your toes?” He was grinning when he said it, but she could tell from his demeanor he was intensely curious.

“It doesn’t matter how. Besides, you already know there’s been no one else.”

Han kept kneading her foot, a thoughtful expression on his face. “Which makes me wonder how you found this out. Unless you have a palace slave around here I don’t know about,” he said mischievously.

Leia shoved at him with her foot drawing a chuckle from him. She clucked her tongue. “I thought you were my palace slave.”

“Trying to be.” He let her foot slide from his hands and leaned onto the bed, hovering over her lower torso. “C’mon, sweetheart. Tell me.”

Leia averted her eyes and bit her lip, not sure she was ready to admit this. “When I was a little younger,” she started to say, taking a moment to swallow. “When I was younger, I liked the feeling of the water empting out of the tub after my bath. I used to sit there and enjoy the sensation of it while all of the water drained out. One time, my toes accidentally got sucked into the drain and I realized I liked the sucking feeling on them. It was quite…nice. And I kind of started doing it all the time. My aunts used to wonder what took me so long at the end of my bath.”

Leia hesitated, her eyes finally finding Han’s. “I suppose you think I’m weird.”

Han appeared a little stunned, but he recovered quickly. “No, no. Of course not. But, wow. Who knew you would like kink?” he asked with a wicked grin.

Leia turned from him growling. “I knew I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Han laughed and turned her back towards him. She began to roll away again, but he started up the bed, crawling up her body, dragging his skin along hers the entire way. He settled against her and smoothed a hair away from her face. He showered her with tiny kisses, wanting her to relax and know that she could trust him with anything she wanted to tell him. “Sure you should have.”

He smiled as his hand stroked down her arm and came to rest on her hip, his fingers tracing a lazy circle on her skin. “How much do you like it?”

Her cheeks pinked again. “A lot.”

He kissed her gently then, letting his hands move across her body to all of the areas he knew she liked best and they let themselves get lost in the passion for a moment. His hand found the apex of her thighs, searching out the wetness he knew was undoubtedly already present, giving her a long, drawn out rub with his fingers. "Better than that?" he murmured, nuzzling her neck.

It took a moment for Leia to respond, her ability to think clearly rapidly fading. She shook her head. “Nothing is better than that, Han. But don’t think you can neglect my toes either.” She draggedher foot slowly up his leg, wiggling her toes against his thigh to emphasize her point.

Han laughed. “Wouldn’t dream of it, sweetheart,” he replied and bent over to kiss her, pulling her tightly to him.
Thanks for the submission, Amara!  And to the rest of you, definitely consider writing something for this fun challenge!  Just remember the criteria:  Must center around Han and Leia, must involve a confession from one of them to the other, and must take place somewhere between Truce at Bakura and Courtship of Princess Leia.


  1. This was awesome! It's funny and fun. Keep writing :)

  2. I love this. Leia's toe sucking confession takes you totally by surprise but you present it in a fun, yet believeable way. And the whole scene is just so hot! Just picture that image of Han stretched naked across the bottom of the bed..sigh. I'll go for that!

    Brilliant stuff Amara! :)

    1. Lol. I'd respond, but still drooling over that image. ;) Thanks, Claire!

  3. Loved it! Don't know why but I just can never get enough of Han and leia fanfiction

  4. I have to say, when I saw this challenge I definitely wasn't expecting something like this in response to it :) Very cute. I love that Leia isn't afraid to divulge this little, potentially embarrassing quirk and I also love that Han is perfectly willing to indulde her!

    Nice little moment and definitely an interesting take on the "confession" angle!

  5. nice! I love how relaxed they are with each other, but with Leia still a bit shy of course.

  6. This was not what I was expecting at all so it was a fun little story as I read it and was as shocked as Han! Good Job. You painted a great picture of them as the above comments mentioned, just relaxed and happy as they should be. :-)