Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Valentine's Challenge: The Sequel. Submission #11

No, we're still not done with these.  Another from Amara Z.

Leia laid stretched out face down across her bed unable and unwilling to move. She knew she should move. Ought to move. But just couldn’t. She was in too much of a languid state of bliss to even consider it. And all she really could do was stare out of the window, watching the light turn to gold as the Coruscant afternoon turned into night.


She knew she wouldn’t go that far anyhow. Before she had left on a weeklong diplomatic mission alone, she and Han had promised they’d spend the day together when she returned, preferably in bed. And they had certainly held to that promise. She couldn’t think of anything right now that would drag her away, content to lay there with Han and let day slip into night.


“How many times was that?” she asked quietly, breaking the silence that had fallen over them.


She could hear Han shift on the bed and felt his hand come to her back, gently caressing the skin there. “I dunno. I lost count.”


Leia somehow managed to turn her head towards him and cocked an eyebrow. “You did not. I know you keep track.”


A soft smile came to his face and he trailed his hand down her back until it reached her backside and started to knead. Her eyes closed momentarily at the feel of his touch against her skin.


“Not counting today,” he replied. “But five or six at least.Got to make up for lost time.”


That they did. Not that they couldn’t do without each other if they had to, but neither of them seemed very happy when they were apart. And it made her that much more grateful for these times together. Leia felt Han gently tug on her hip and finding a hidden bit of energy, followed his lead and snuggled into his embrace.


They laid there silently, Leia carefully tucked against his side, her hand playing with the hairs on his chest. Han’s caresses continued, his fingers trailing along her skin. It wasn’t long before Leia’s breath was coming short and her body starting to respond to the constant stimulation. She reached up to give him a long, soft kiss as her hand moved further down, exploring other, more sensitive areas.


Han broke the kiss, laughing as he did. “Sweetheart, not that I’m not interested, but I think I’m going to need a nap before we go any further. We’ve been busy today and a man can only do so much before he needs to recharge.”


Leia nodded giving him the impression she agreed, but without a word, she slid on top of him. Her legs straddled his hips and she let her hands and lips roam across him hungrily without apology. When she rubbed her body against his, letting her slick folds glide across him, his body quickly hardened in response.


Leia slowed her movements, pushing herself to sitting, and looked down at her husband. She inhaled deeply as Han’s large hands slid lightly up and down her back in a way that only confirmed his own growing need. “Feels like there’s a little charge left in there after all,” she said with a sly smile, stroking her hips against him again, evidently pleased with her efforts.


“Apparently so,” he replied and pulled his wife back down to him for a kiss.

Short but sweet.  Thanks for the submission!


  1. That was warm, and sweet, and sexy! Living in L.A., I appreciate the sunsets, and you staged it in such a lovely environment. Thanks for the delicious treat!

  2. Short but so deliciously sweet, and sufficiently hot to warm me to on a freezing cold morning.

    I love how you write them so relaxed with eachother and how they clearly have loads of fun together. And we complain how they are rarely together in the EU but if their reunions are always like this, then that's certainly more than ok with me!

    And I can just imagine Han keeping count, that just seems like something he would do. The scoundrel ;)

    Great job. Amara.

  3. Sorry I have been MIA, lately. Real life. So many stories, can't keep up, that's a good thing. Enjoyed this story, always like your writing style Amara, so easy and natural. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I had to read it again. Even better the second time around :)

  5. Thanks everyone! Glad you liked it and reads even better a second time. :) Sorry been MIA too. Been busy riding Star Tours repeatedly. :)

  6. OMG, that was literally hot as Hell! <3 :D And I can definitely imagine him keeping count, too! :D

  7. oh yeah. he keeps count.
    and I totally need to stop checking this blog while I am in the cafeteria at work eating lunch.

  8. Thanks, lily and Jzhanfan. Lol, Jzhanfan. That is probably not the best of ideas.

  9. Thanks for another good one! Of course he keeps count :)

  10. Amara i LOVED this!

    yeah right he didn't keep track. righhhhht.
    I always love your writing. It's so soft and perfectly styled. :) oh so good.

    I'm brain is angry at me. It's keeping me stuck with my writing. Arg. can't get passed my brain-block. perhaps a week in sunny mexico would help. now, does anyone love me enough to send me to Mexico? No? yeah. didn't think so...