Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Speedo Challege - Submission #5

(submitted by Zyra.  And stop tilting your head.  There is no more of that picture above)

“I think this was one of my better ideas,” Leia said as she smirked at her husband, Han.

“Yeah, yeah.  Let’s get this over with so I can have my fun,” Han replied as he adjusted his seating position on the pool deck. 

The married couple was celebrating their third anniversary at an exclusive resort.  Each seaside suite had its own private pool overlooking the ocean, and two days in they had spent more than their fair share of time floating in the warm water, enjoying each other or simply the sun. 

The privacy offered allowed their pool area to be clothing optional, which had been a huge selling point in choosing that particular resort.  The beach offered no such privacy, and while it was not required that proper attire be worn, Han and Leia had decided to continue to honor their tradition of exposing themselves only to each other. 

Leia traveled with a two-piece swimsuit that she knew Han loved.  Han hadn’t been anywhere that required a swimsuit in so long that he couldn’t even remember if he had one anymore, so he had opted to get a new one once they arrived at their destination. 

What he did not anticipate was being left with very few choices.  The resort gift shop seemed to only carry items for guests whose waist lines were at least twice the size around as Han's.  Except for one suit.  Now, Han was accustomed to wearing simple shorts that came about halfway down his thighs, but instead he was left with a plain back pair of skimpy swim briefs. He supposed he should be grateful that they weren't also some awful floral pattern.

Leia found the whole thing quite amusing, and frankly he didn’t have much issue with wearing them in front of her.  Really he hadn’t spent much time wearing them anyway.  But she had requested that they go for a walk down to the ocean, which meant that he was going to have to wear them, and she couldn’t help but notice more than one female admirer as he had walked by as the suit clung to all parts of his body and left little to the imagination.  Han seemed only to notice the men who were similarly ogling his wife in her swimsuit.  The pair hadn't released each other's hands just to make sure nobody got any ideas.

Once they returned to the privacy of their pool deck, Han had requested to take a holo of Leia in her bikini before they inevitably ditched the swimsuits again. 

“Absolutely,” she had replied.  “As long as I can get one of you in yours.”

His frown was still visible under the scruff of his beard.  He had opted to forgo shaving on this particular excursion.  She preferred his clean-shaven face, but she had to admit that this was a nice change of pace. 

He agreed and then moved to sit on the deck, crossing his legs in front of him.  “How many credits do you think we can get for these holos of the famous general in such a skimpy outfit?”

Han looked up, confused as she popped off the first holo.  A smirk crossed his lips as he finally absorbed her words.  “How many credits do you think we’d get for a holo of the gorgeous Princess Leia without her top on?”

She shook her head at him.  “That wasn’t part of the deal.”

Slowly, he stretched out his legs and started to stand up and she immediately knew she was in trouble.  “I don’t really care,” he said just before lunging after her and she barely dodged his initial attempt at grabbing her arm. 

He chased her around the pool, both of them laughing and Leia wondering just how hard he was actually trying to catch her.  Finally, out of breath, he was able to get both arms around her, pulling her side against his chest and hoisting her up in the air while she screamed in mock-terror, kicking her legs in an attempt to get free.

“I’ve got you now, Princess,” he said into her ear, his beard tickling the side of her face. 

“What are you going to do to me?”

“This,” he said before jumping into the pool, still holding her close. 

The cool water was a welcome relief from the heat of the sun, and the couple surfaced, still laughing as Han pulled her close.  His fingers moved against her back as he slowly untied the top portion of her suit, tossing it aside.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed her chest against his. 

“Did I mention I love the way you look in this suit?”

“You love the way I look in anything, sweetheart,” Han replied.

She leaned in to kiss him gently, only for a few moments before pulling away.  “I also love the way you look without anything,” she said as she slid her fingers down his sides, hooking them into the suit and starting to slide it down his hips.

Han’s eyes rolled back in his head and Leia leaned in to nibble at his earlobe.  “Happy anniversary, baby.” 

Han couldn’t have agreed more.


  1. I love the idea of a private swimming pool. They're so damn cute playing together; this piece shows that they really love to have fun with each other. Their playfulness is very natural; they spend too much of their lives being serious, and this is a side we don't get to see in the EU. They're deep, passionate people, and they have an epic love for one another, but it's so cool to see them goofing off together, loving the sun and loving each other. I give two resounding thumbs up :)

  2. This was really, really cute. I like how you add so many nice details that really complete it like how this was the only swimsuit that fit. Very clever and you had me laughing. I loved how she caught him off-guard with her question and his quip about how many credits they could get for a topless pic of her. That was funny.

  3. Such a tease! Both the picture you chose and the way your story ends!! Great job, though. :-)

    My favorite part is Han taking Leia's top off. I told you this already, but I found it super sexy. And, as always, you write their dialogue so spot on and fun. Who wouldn't love those two??

    This challenge is going viral! I'm loving it!

  4. Once again you capture them perfectly. I always love how you write them so playful and teasing with eachother, you definitely have a real knack for that. And this is really cute, as well as sufficiently hot. ;)

    Loved the line about how even though clothes were optional, they were only going to bare all to one another. And I just love Leia nibbling his ear lobes for some reason, I don't know why, but love it when that pops up in a fic.

    And this challenge is just awesome, but why oh why are we all ending our fics just as it's getting to the good stuff?

  5. Once again you capture them oh so perfectly with this. I love how you always present them in such a loving and playful way. Just as they should be. Their teasing in this is such great fun and it's such a cute story, and sufficiently hot;)

    Love the line about even though clothes were optional they decided only to bare all to eachother. And I love how you included Leia sucking his earlobe, I just love that, don't know why, but always appreciate that being used in a fic.

    This challenge is awesome. But why oh why are we all ending our stories just as they get to the good part ;)

  6. You guys are overloaded with these now, aren't you? Or are you just distracted/annoyed that no matter how much you try, you can't see anything else in the photo above?

    1. Tired of Han in a speedo? Nope. Not yet. ;) And there is something wrong when there is not more to that picture. :)

  7. Ah, I loved this. I always have a smile on my face when I read anything on this blog. Laughed a little too loud at Leia's comment of how many credits they'd get for a holo in his "skimpy outfit", and Han's reply, of course. Their banter just does things to me, and you write it so well.


  8. I literally LOL'd reading the photo caption because I was looking down like I would actually be able to see more! I had a semi-private pool on my honeymoon but now wishing I had a fully private one.