Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Speedo Challenge - Submission #9

(this story was submitted by StatsGrandma)

(this story may or may not actually contain a Speedo.  Also, sexy time warning...)


Han and Leia were celebrating their second anniversary by taking a few days on Haariden in the Inner Rim.  Leia had been there to conduct negotiations with the governors, and was delighted by both the people and the planet itself, which had beautiful forests, meadows, waterways and beaches in addition to clean and prosperous cities.  It had been one of the easier negotiations; they had a positive image of the New Republic and while they hadn't suffered as horribly as some worlds did under the Empire, they were savvy enough to know that the corruption of the Empire would not serve them well in the long run.

So when it came time to decide upon a place to celebrate their second anniversary, Haariden immediately came to Leia's mind, and Han had no problems agreeing to it.

They were leaving tomorrow, and Leia had a mountain of work to complete before their departure.  She was writing up trade agreements between three previously warring systems, which had been everything that the Haariden proposals weren't.  It had been exhausting work and the agreements were fragile.  There had been too many meetings, videocomms, back and forth shouting matches, and every other sort of inelegant behavior, but Leia, as always, applied herself to the task and there were, finally, agreements being hammered out.

Adding to her exhaustion was the fact that she was five months pregnant.  Twins, a boy and a girl.  They were as energetic as she was lethargic.  "If you kids loved me, you'd finish this work,"  she said to them, laying a hand on top of her increasingly large belly.  She figured this would take her at least another hour, and she still had some brief reports to file after that. 

She still had to pack, a task she despised, mostly because she could never make up her mind what to bring.  The apartment was a lot less tidy than she would have liked; she'd been putting in long hours, not simply preparing for the trip, but for the time when the twins would be born.  Leia was not going to look like a slacker simply because she was expecting, and that worried Han incessantly. 

She needed this trip, in the worst possible way, if for no other reason than to get some sleep.  The nausea of early pregnancy was gone, but the weariness lingered. 

She could have gotten through her reports far more easily without being interrupted roughly every seven minutes, by her calculations.  After the tenth person stepped into her office, she locked up her office, grabbed her datapad, and hustled out of the building, trying to avoid anyone who might see her. 

Han wasn't home when she got there; he had flight trainees earlier in the day, and then he and Chewie had to get the Falcon prepared for the journey the next day. 

Leia needed to get her work done, but weariness overtook her.  Just for a few minutes, she told herself, lying down on the bed she and Han shared. After that I'll get up and pack and get something ordered in for dinner...


As it turned out, Leia slept the entire night.

"Why didn't you wake me up last night?"  She asked Han irritably.  "I needed to finish my work and then pack!" 

"Don't worry, sweetheart, you looked tired.  Besides, I packed for you."

Leia loved Han more than life, but she murmured to herself, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

"Bags are already on the Falcon," Han told her.  "Let's get going, honey. We've got an anniversary to celebrate!" 

"I need to finish these reports,"  Leia said, grabbing her datapad. "Either that, or I'll worry the entire time."

"Trip's going to take a while,"  Han remarked.  "You can do it there. And then,"  Han said, his most impish smile crossing his lips, "get ready." 

Han got the Falcon airborne.  "I need to brush my teeth,"  she informed Han.  "And I could use a shower."

"You know where the 'fresher is, sweetheart. I'd join you, but someone's gotta drive." 

Leia headed for the 'fresher.  She debated for a few moments as to whether she should take a hot shower or a sonic one.  Without Han, the water shower wouldn't be as much fun, so she decided to take a sonic one. 

I'm getting huge, she observed, looking down at her swollen belly and breasts.  I hope Han packed something comfortable to wear.

Her duffle was in the captain's quarters. She went to grab her toothbrush and clothing.  The bag felt way too light.  She opened it and screamed.

"I thought you said you packed for me!"  Leia shouted over the comm.  "There's nothing in my bag but my bikinis and my personal care things!"  He had thought to include lingerie, but it was her prettiest and most feminine ones, ones that she could barely fit into.

"We won't need clothes, sweetheart,"  Han assured her, his tone calm and steady, but Leia swore he was grinning as he maneuvered the ship. "You missed one important thing about where we're staying."

"And that is?"  she snapped loudly.

"Our villa has a private beach, and the beach is clothing optional."  Leia could hear his smugness over the comm. 

"We're not on the beach!"

"Listen, sweetheart, if you wanna have an argument, come on up to the bridge."  Han was chuckling. 

Leia grabbed Han's duffel and opened it.  She grabbed one of his soft T shirts and a pair of sleep pants.  If this was his idea of packing for her, she'd just wear his things.

She noticed that not included in his duffel was her favorite swimsuit of his.  She had specifically requested that he bring it. 

She was going to kill him.

Now dressed, more or less, she stomped to the bridge. 

Han grinned at her.  She glared at him.

"This is all I could find that fit!" Leia snapped.  Han just laughed.

"Calm down, Princess," he said as he laughed.

"Why should I calm down!  You could have woken me up and I could have packed..."  She thought quickly.  What could she have packed?  What still fit?  All of her maternity clothes were for work.  She'd meant to buy some for relaxing but she'd been so busy. 

This did not appease her anger.  "I can't go to dinner dressed like this!"

"I think you look great in everything,"  Han said, his grin mischievous as ever. 

It was taking all of Leia's self restraint not to smack him upside his very thick head.

"You look adorable," Han assured her, but Leia was not about to be mollified. 

"I'm five months pregnant and wearing your clothes! How is that adorable?" 

Han stopped laughing.  "Okay, I wasn't gonna say anything about this, but Winter and me, we think you're working too hard, and you didn't have time to shop, so we got you some clothes.  They're gonna be at our villa.  If you wanna see what we picked out, look at my datapad."

Leia imagined the worst as she took Han's datapad and opened it up. 

"It's under maternity clothes,"  Han told her.

Leia feared the worst.  She opened the file, and her jaw dropped.  But not in the way she thought it would: the clothes and lingerie that Han and Winter had purchased for her were absolutely beautiful.  Comfy, soft pants and T shirts, sundresses, everything she would need for their vacation, and after they got home.

"I'm...amazed.  These are beautiful," she said to Han.

He smiled.  "Thought you might like 'em."

"I did notice that you forgot to pack my favorite swimsuit."

"You mean the one that shows off my extra stomach rolls and requires a team of experts to get on?  I hate that thing. Besides, did you see the tan lines I got from wearing it?"

"At least you tan.  Han, there's no way I'm going to fit into my bikinis. Why did you pack them?"

"Couldn't think of anything else in your closet to pack."  He winked at her.

"I can't wear them.  My breasts are bursting out of the tops!"

"I like that."  He licked his lips salaciously.

"And I'll be lucky if I can even get the bottoms to tie at the sides!"

"As I mentioned, our beach is clothing optional.  And I intend to exercise that option."

"I didn't see any sun cream in my duffel."

"That's at the villa, too.  Don't worry, there'll be plenty.  Besides, I love putting it on you.  Oh, and by the way?  You're gorgeous."

"Oh, please," she said.  "And I've still got four months to go!"

Han looked at her and grinned wickedly.  "You, sweetheart, are the cutest, sexiest pregnant woman I've ever seen."

"I don't feel particularly sexy at the moment."

"In case you haven't noticed, you're glowing."

"I'm WHAT?!

"You look so happy." 

"Han, I like to be flattered as much as the next woman, but really, you're exaggerating."

"I am not. You should know by now that I don't flatter.  I just say what I know is true."

Leia silently conceded the point.

"Go look in the mirror in the 'fresher.  Tell me what you see."

"I do not need the mirror to tell me that my dark circles have dark circles and I'm the color of paste."  She grabbed her datapad and began working on the items she failed to complete the previous night. 

The trip had been an overnighter; Leia had piloted for a few hours so that Han wouldn't be overly tired when they landed.

"Looks like we're close,"  she said to Han, who had taken care of the controls after a nap and a shower.

"Very.  I'm going to start the landing cycle in a few minutes."

Leia had slept a fair bit of the flight and had completed her work.  Now that those were out of the way, she was eagerly anticipating the vacation.

"So what do you want to do first?" she asked excitedly as they picked up a land transport. 

"Oh, honey, it's me.  You know what I want to do first." Leia leaned in close to Han and giggled, and they kissed.  They were sharing the transport with nearly a dozen other people.  Neither cared what anyone else thought.

One of the couples on the transport was clearly elderly, and they held hands and looked at each other as if they were on their honeymoon.

"You see that?"  Han smiled at Leia.  "We're gonna be just like them someday."

The way he said it made Leia feel warm all over.  "I hope we're going to get to the villa soon."

"Not soon enough," Han said, winking at her. 

Leia remembered the first time he winked at her, at the awards ceremony after the Battle of Yavin.  She almost turned into liquefied goo when he did it. It still had the same effect on her. 

The transport stopped.  "We're here,"  Han said happily, grabbing their bags.  They follwed a stone pathway through thick greenery and flowering plants to the villa.  The villa had a stone exterior, the stones varying in size, shape and brilliance.

"This is beautiful,"  Leia breathed. 

"You do know how to pick 'em,"  Han said happily.  He was eyeing her in the way that he did...well, that. 

Han set their bags down.  Leia could see that hanging in the villa's closet were many new items of clothing. 

Han saw her looking at it, and winked at her again.  "They'll be there later for you try 'em on.  But right now, I've got other plans." He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her baby bump.  She let herself lean into him, enjoying his presence.  One of the things that had attracted her to Han was the fact that he had what all the pretty boys she'd ever met lacked: Han overpowered her senses with his masculinity.  He was a man, not one of the princes, hangers on, playboys and other species of rich, silly boys she'd met growing up.  Han was raw energy and pure sexuality and he didn't have to try to exude it; it was just there.

She turned to face him, and he put his mouth to hers. His voice was low, husky, and to Leia, irresistible.  She put up no resistance as he removed his shirt from her body, letting it drop to the floor, his hands roaming all over her back.  Leia was not going to let him get away with it; she began unfastening the buttons to his shirt, putting her head against his chest as more skin became visible, breathing lightly on each nipple, feeling him shudder with pleasure.  She felt him swelling below his waist as his shirt hit the floor and decided that he should get rid of anything binding it.  He was ministering to her very swollen breasts, and if she had been capable of thought at that moment, she'd wonder if they'd make it as far as the bed.

Han pulled her hand as he flopped on his back on to the bed, taking Leia with him, breathing ragged, eyes dark and hooded, sweat glistening on both.  Their tongues darted about each other's, one of Han's hands touching her slick, already wet folds.  "Should we try out the bed?" Leia said, her breath catching in her throat.

Han's breath was harsh.  "I was...more thinking I'd grab the sun cream and take advantage of the beach."  Neither had a stitch of clothing on by now.  Han had placed the container of sun cream nearby, grabbed it, and the two kissed as they exited the villa, rather awkwardly.

Pure golden, soft sand welcomed their bodies as they settled down into it, feeling its warmth from below, brilliant sunlight above in a cyan sky. The fragrance of various tropical flowers perfumed the air, the crystal turquoise ocean lapping the edge of the sand gently.

"I think we found paradise,"  Leia murmured. 

"Let's just make sure paradise doesn't bake you,"  Han said, his voice the combination of silk and gravel that never failed to turn her on. He took the container of sun cream and began to massage the white, delicately scented cream into every area of Leia's body.  This was a ministration that Leia knew she'd never tire of.

"You make me so happy I burn,"  Leia said to him, her voice soft and husky.

"All part of the service."  Han could take it no longer; once the last of the cream had been rubbed into her, he laid back on the ground and rolled Leia on top of him, which made it more comfortable for her.

"I think we woke the kids up,"  Han said, pulling Leia closer so that he could kiss her, hard. 

The kisses led to their hands exploring each other's bodies, concentrating on the places that stimulated each the most.  Han placed a gentle kiss on the sensitive spot of her collarbone as she she sought the space a few inches east of each nipple on him, massaging him gently with her tiny hands, kissing him at the tender spot on his neck that drove him wild. 

"Your skin, it's always so soft,"  Han rasped.  "I could touch it forever."

"I hope you will,"  Leia said, her eyes closed, expression blissful.  She moved so that she could kiss him from his neck all the way down to his abdomen, following the treasure trail down to his most excellent parts. He was gasping as she ran her lips and fingertips over him.

"Gods, I love you, Leia," he said as he gently rolled Leia over so that he was facing her.  He'd made no secret of the fact that he was very much enjoying her growing breasts.  Not that he had any complaints about the ones she had normally, but being pregnant had made them more sensitive than ever, and Han was determined to take full advantage of the situation. 

He touched his lips gently to one nipple, causing her to arch her back and moan with pleasure.  "You are unbelievably sexy right now."

"Even with the bump?"  she asked.

"Oh, especially with the bump."  Han continued to kiss each number, making Leia climax with a soft cry.  He ran his hands gently over her belly.  "It's so amazing...we created life, together." 

Leia gave him the tenderest of smiles, her hand touching his cheek.  He had informed her that he had no plans to shave during the trip.  He'd done so this morning, so all that was there wasn't much stubble to speak of.  "To be honest, I never even thought about motherhood until I met you.  And then, I knew you were the man I wanted to share my life and my soul and my body with, and that I wanted your child more than anything."

Han moved to spoon her, leaning into her, and the feel of his body against hers made her gasp with pleasure. She had never thought that he would consider pregnancy such a sensual experience, but she was not having any issues with that fact.

"I love you so much, Han,"  Leia whispered to him. 

"Oh, honey, I hope you know how much I love you, especially now."

"In me,"  Leia begged him breathlessly.

"I could, but not quite yet. I love seeing you get off." His hand moved down from the curve of her belly to her wet folds. She felt like heaven to him, and he was taking her there.

"Han, I want you I want you I want you."

"Do you want me inside you?"  Han said, his voice low and soft and sexy, helping to situate her so that she could experience orgasm as much as possible, sliding her down on him gently.  "Leia...Leia...I..." Han could no longer hold out, and he shuddered, releasing himself into Leia, whose own climax followed on the heels of his.  She rolled to his side, staying close.  He kissed her temple, laying his hand on her belly.  There was no sound except for their heartbeats and breathing, accompanied by songbirds and the gentle motion of the water.

It was as if time had stopped moving forward, leaving them to bask in their private universe.

"I was thinking that later, I'd try on the beautiful things you and Winter selected."

"Sweetheart, you have all the time in the world to wear them once we get home."

"We might have to eat and drink at some point,"  Leia advised him, laughing softly.


The two embraced and watched as the sky turned to gold.  In a few days, they'd be flying home to Coruscant, where the realities of work and bill paying and laundry and all the other nuisances of daily life would resume, but for now, they were in their own paradise, with no chance of tan lines to follow them home.


  1. OK, Lady:

    From your user name, I've been imagining you as a mathematically-minded dowager who dotes on her grandkids. But _clearly_, you are a mistress of the erotic! Shame on me for not initially imagining that all those things could come in one package. I hope I can write smut this good when I have grandkids!

    1. I am indeed a dowager who teaches statistics at a local university, and yes, I dote on my granddaughter.

      I'm very flattered that you liked the erotic parts! It's not something I've done much and I feel as if I'm still struggling with it. My mind is always in the gutter, so that might help :)

      Thanks for reading, enjoying and commenting :)

    2. Actually, I'm very much married still, to the hottest man in the known universe. We're celebrating 30 years in July in Puerto Rico :)

  2. Ooooh Stats! Finally gave us sexy time! :-)

    I'm always a sucker for pregnant Leia and you write her so cute. Great that they are taking some time off together and that, you know, they are enjoying themselves...

    Great Job. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Can I say that the picture pasted with this story does nothing for me. I mean, WTH is Harrison doing? When I picture handyman Harrison he looks a lot better than that...

    1. Haha, no, that picture isn't actually sexy. I remember the first time I saw it, it was sort of like, hey, another Speedo pic! Except... WHAT is he DOING???!!

    2. The pic doesn't even look like him. But it's not my blog so I don't get to choose :)Personally, as for doing handyman tasks, he looks great in 'Witness' at the barn raising, and also later with him seducing Kelly McGillis :)

      Thanks for your kind comments. I'm still learning how to do erotica and it seems that Han would love her being pregnant for so many reasons. I see Leia as someone who is struggling to balance her life (I have a vague idea as to how this works) and Han helps her find it.

    3. I wonder if Harrison always does his carpentry in a speedo?

      It's certainly an odd pic, always looks like he's done his back in and can't straighten up.

    4. If I was going to make up the most plausible scenario for this photo, I'd say it was taken when he was shooting Temple of Doom and his back was a wreck. He was in his Speedo because he just loves wearing them ;) and there was this random piece of lumber he started using as a cane and walking around all bent over to exaggerate his back issues.

  3. Well, this is definitely a nice trip for them and I'm sure there will be more of the same :) Pregnant Leia and Han being so enamored with pregnant Leia is always a treat.

    Nice job with this. It's always nice to see them just so... into each other and enjoying themselves and taking some time alone. Also love Han taking charge of everything. Excellent!

  4. Love your depiction of pregnant Leia here, and how Han is even more mad for her than he normally is. My fav bit is actually not even the sexy time but the bit describing Han's masculinity and how his raw energy and pure sexuality are just there, and he doesn't have to exude it. That's so true isn't it? What a perfect description of him.

    Good job. And there can never be enough pregnant Leia stories. :)

    1. There will be more. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Deeply appreciated :)

  5. What a sweet and sexy piece you have hear! I love the mix of domesticity and sensuality you've created, such an amorous mood between these two.

    1. Thanks, Char! I'm happy you enjoyed it. I loved writing it :)

  6. That was cute. I loved your description of Han's voice as silk and gravel. Nice. He certainly is pure sexuality.