Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day Challenge Submission #3 from Jediofgrace

"There you are."

Leia turned in her rocking chair to see her husband step through the doorway and smiled.

"Are they okay?" Han asked quietly as he saw the twins were sleeping.

She nodded. "I just wanted to watch them for awhile."

He walked over to where she was sitting next to the crib. He rested his elbows on the edge of the crib, looking down at their sleeping children. The toddler twins were tucked close together, Jacen’s little hand resting on Jaina’s stomach, as if he fell asleep tickling her.

"It's nice to see them holding still for once," Han said with a chuckle.

Leia rose from her chair and stood next to him, their arms automatically encircling each other.

"I know. They have enough energy to wear out a gundaark.”

“Must be the Solo blood in them.”

“Must be. But why is it I’m the one who gets up early with them every morning while you sleep?”

“Hey, you know my energy doesn’t kick in until about noon.” Han pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head. "Have you thought more about having another one?"

Leia untucked just enough of his shirt for her hand to slip inside. "I was thinking I might even like a couple more."

He moved her to stand in front of him, kissing her, slow and sweet. Her arms wrapped around him, untucking the rest of his shirt in search of his warm skin.

“You think you have the energy for that?” He teased. Her hands slid upwards.

“I do if you do.”

"Mmm, Princess, we can have as many as you want."


  1. Aw, all the feels! Adorable parents watching their adorable babies sleep. I loved the physical closeness of Jacen and Jaina and of Han and Leia.

  2. This is adorable. So sweet. I like the idea that Han's energy kicks in at noon --same, Han, same. :D This is fun and simple but so heartfelt. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. So much sweetness packed into this short piece! I liked how you displayed the closeness of the twins at so young an age. And, as much work as those two kiddos must be, Han and Leia still want a bigger family. I love this!

  4. I found the quiet gestures- touching, hugging- really highlighting all the love in this piece.

  5. So much sweetness in such a short piece. I just love reading about content Han and Leia, and this is clearly just that. Leia wanting to just watch her babies sleep is so adorable. And I can totally picture all the little gestures between Han and Leia, automatically holding each other, Leia's hands slipping under Han's shirt, very nice. And that even though they are exhausted they still want more :) Yay, thanks!

  6. This was so sweet, such a lovely intimate moment.

  7. I love it! I never did think of Han as a morning person, so that fits! Also, more babies! So cute!

  8. Oh, this is simply adorable. So many beautiful images in this little piece. Thank you!

  9. There's such a beautifully gentle feel to this piece, Jediofgrace. I can imagine the peaceful hush before Han enters the room; Leia simply rocking slowly in her chair as she watches their precious children sleep. That image is just fantastic.

    I love the intimacy between Han and Leia, too. The easy way they come together and embrace; the way Leia sort of automatically untucks Han's shirt in search of his skin. And I adore the fact that they're so undaunted by new parenthood they're already talking about taking on another child...or maybe a few more!

    Han's mention of his energy not kicking in until noon speaks to me of their partnership; they are different people, with different qualities and different habits, but they're united in their devotion to their kids, and those differences only make them stronger parents.

  10. So lovely. Short and so, so sweet. Love the image of them just gazing at their sweet, loving twins; love the image of them cuddling close to one another; love that they still love so much (and apparently have the energy ;) ) to want more kids. Just such a sweet, happy piece.

  11. So fluffy and domestic, nice job!

  12. Lovely quiet moment - I love Leia with a rocking chair, Han remarking on them being quiet for once - very sweet!

  13. A sweet, intimate, peaceful moment for the new parents. It's amazing how exhausting they are, and how much we love them.

  14. Thank you all for your sweet comments! They were so much fun to read. :)

  15. Short but so sweet. Lovely, intimate moment. They are at their cutest as parents.