Monday, August 29, 2011

More Q&A

Yet another installment of our "Ask Us Anything" series where Zyra solicited questions from our awesome readers and we will continue to answer as long as you continue to ask questions. It can be about anything, and you can ask both of us the same question or direct a question to one of us specifically.

We will be answering some questions submitted by by Major Trouble: Will you please write a story with someone using the word "oinkier" in regular conversation? Aside from each other (and yourselves, of course) who is your favorite Han/Leia fanfic author? Favorite Han/Leia story? What's the *weirdest* Star wars fanfic you've ever read? (any characters) Have you seen Cowboys & Aliens?

And here are our answers:

We'll start with me (Push): Will you please write a story with someone using the word 'oinkier' in regular conversation? Okay. How's this:

"That Gamorrean said something demeaning about me," Han whined.
"What? Did he criticize your wardrobe choices?" Leia asked, amused.
Han scowled. "No, he was a little more oinkier than that."

Who is your favorite fanfic author? Favorite Han and Leia story? Well, as I think I explained in another post - I really hate choosing favorites. In fact, I find it somewhat impossible. So, I'm just going to throw some of my favorites out there in no particular order: Limelight: The Not Quite Love Letters; Martha Wilson: Resolutions; Cindy Olsen: The Wager; Sue Zahn: Diary of a Wandering Princess; SRellet: I'll take it by your Side (and its sequel); Ivylore: The Return to the Corporate Sector and Green Branches: Conversations (and I wish she would finish Something Left Undone). I feel really uncomfortable with writing this list because I know I'm forgetting a slew of stories that I love and it's not fair that I can't name any of Zyra's stories! (Like Careless Wager, Forget Me Not and Sexiest Man Alive!) But, that's what I came up with today.

What's the *weirdest* Star wars fanfic you've ever read? (any characters) This is hard since I can't go look at my favorites and jog my memory! And usually when I start reading a 'weird' fic I'll just stop and walk away. But, I remember one fanfic that had Leia sleep with Vader and Luke and Han and have a baby from all three of them (I think Vader's was a result of her rape on the Death Star). It's on and it's actually written pretty well (I looked it up: Shadows Suit Me by Luke1), it's more of a Luke-centric fanfic as he battles with drugs and his inappropriate love for his sister. I guess it qualifies as weird since Leia has a baby from her father and her brother and Han. But I read the whole thing, which I usually wouldn't do if it was just weird for weird's sake.

Have you seen Cowboys & Aliens? I have not, but have heard good things and plan to see it, if not at the theater than when it comes out on DVD or Netflix.

And now for Zyra: Will you please write a story with someone using the word 'oinkier' in regular conversation? We gave this some thought and this is about all I could come up with:
“Han, which one of these Gamorreans should we ask first?”

“I don’t know, the one on the left – the oinkier one.”

You're welcome.

Who is your favorite fanfic author? Favorite Han and Leia Story? This question is next to impossible to answer because there have just been so many over the years and I'm sure I'll be forgetting some that I love. I’ll at least try to name a few. I’ve always enjoyed GreatOne’s stories. She has written a lot of unique stories that you don’t see from anyone else, and a lot of funny ones as well. If you want to read something that is just funny but still holds true to the characters, read “Perfect Pairs.” But she has a lot of other ones that I really, really enjoy. Everyone should also read limelight’s “The Not Quite Love Letters.” Technically, it isn’t finished. But the thing is, because of when it takes places, we do all know how it would have to end, so it’s only mildly annoying that it’s not finished as opposed to the intense rage I felt when coming to the end of “While You Were Gone” to find out it hasn’t been updated in eight years. Back when I first started reading this stuff I always enjoyed Carolyn Golledge’s stories, even bought her fanzines, but I haven’t read much of it in years. I should go back. Fun fact: I’m pretty sure neither Carolyn nor GreatOne have written any sex scenes in all of their dozens of stories. You don’t need them to be enjoyable. Although it doesn’t hurt ;) Please do not consider this list all inclusive. If I wrote it tomorrow or the day after that I might say something else! Oh, and thanks, Push, for mentioning some of mine even though it was against the rules :)

What's the *weirdest* Star wars fanfic you've ever read? (any characters) Jeez, I don’t even know where to begin here. As you know from my “PSA: The Possible Dangers of Internet Searching” post, I have come across a lot of stories that I really, really wish I’d never laid eyes on. I think if it’s really that weird now I tend to stop reading long before it gets painfully, grossly weird. Apparently a surprising amount of people enjoy reading about Leia and… Chewie. And not in a way I think anyone reading this blog would want to read about them. Or another is one where for some reason there are two Hans and Leia is kind of evil and, well, she's having fun with them. You know, in trying to think of a specific story, one that has stuck in my mind for over ten years was called, “I’m Dreaming of a Coruscant Christmas.” It was an over-the-top farce about our Star Wars heroes at Christmas. Han and Leia were married and the kids were older and, well, I’m not even sure I can adequately describe it. But if anyone is really that interested, I can see if I can find a wayback link because it was on the old fanfix site.

Have you seen Cowboys & Aliens? Yes, I saw it. I enjoyed it for what it was, but I am a fairly forgiving movie fan. I am willing to accept certain movies for what they are and don’t go in thinking everything is supposed to be amazing. It was essentially what I expected it to be and yes, I still love Harrison and I feel bad that so many of his recent movies have done so badly. Some of it is certainly his fault, although I can’t think of a lot of movies over the past ten years that I’ve thought to myself, “Oh, that role would’ve been awesome if Harrison did it.” See, I just don’t know that he has a lot of choices anymore. Carrie is skinny again though, now, Episode VII?

Alright, so there went another installment of our "Ask Us Anything" series. If you would like a question answered, please visit that post and Ask Us Anything. (We do reserve the right to not answer, if necessary! So, don't get crazy...)

Once again, don't worry if your question didn't get answered (yet), we will continue to post answers as long as you guys continue to ask questions.

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  1. Your answers amused me. I like your use of the word 'oinkier'. I have actually read a huge number of GreatOne's fics... and there sure are a lot of them. I've also read several of the others you mentioned, but as for the ones I haven't, I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the suggestions :)

    I think I'll stay away from those Leia/Chewie fics, thanks.

    I'd be cool with an episode VII. Speaking of which, how cool would it be to actually be in a Star Wars movie? I'd have way too much fun with lightsaber battles, even though most of it is stunt guys and CGI these days.