Friday, August 19, 2011

Strength & Resolve


Once on the busy streets of Coruscant, Leia slowed her pace and tried to blend in with the local foot traffic.  After her long sprint from the hangar, she began to feel faint and ducking into an alley, she held herself up against the wall and emptied the contents of her stomach.  Stepping back towards the opposite wall, Leia leaned against it as she tried to steady her spinning, pounding head.  She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and turned to look at the street just steps away from her.

Men and women of all different shapes, sizes and species, bustled along the busy street.  There were couples holding hands and mother’s holding babies, men with datapads hitched under their arms and women with colorful clothing and matching shoes and purses.  These were the people that Leia was fighting for.  Yet no one seemed to be paying the price but her.  What did it matter to them who controlled the galaxy?  What did it matter to her anymore?

Shaking her head, she fought the now all-too familiar temptation of despair.  She looked down at herself, she still wore the same ill-fitting Alliance fatigues.  Although they were somewhat muted and in descript, they certainly stood out amongst the civilian attire on the streets of Coruscant.  She had no credits to purchase clothing.  She had to find someone soon.

Taking a chance to ask a couple of questions along the way, Leia finally settled in front of a building and leaned up against a shelter for the mass transit system.  She kept her eyes on the door of the building and bided her time trying to look as inconspicuous as possible.  Leia’s breath caught in her throat when she caught sight of who she had been waiting for and the Princess straightened up and took a step towards the approaching woman.

Their eyes locked for a moment and when the woman did not speak, Leia fixed herself to flee.  Something inside of her planted her to the spot and she could hear her blood rushing through her ears, drowning out the myriad of sounds that littered the city all around her.

The woman’s eyes darted to the street and Leia’s mouth dropped open slightly.

“Get in the car,” the woman said as she held out her hand towards the street.

Leia turned to see a driver standing in front of a hover car, holding the door open in waiting.  Leia walked towards the car and slid into the seat without ever making eye contact with the driver.  The woman slid in beside her and the door was shut behind them.

“You shouldn’t have come here,” Mon Mothma spoke quickly as the driver walked around the car toward the driver’s seat.

“I need your help.”

“I’m in no position to help you, I’m afraid.”

The driver entered the hover car and the two passengers rode along in silence.

Several turns later, Mon Mothma spoke to the driver and said, “Take us out to the lake country, please.  My friend has never been to Coruscant.”

After a long, silent drive, the view of one of Coruscant’s vast lakes appeared to their right, the sun setting in the distance shimmered against the delicate ripples of the deep lake water.  Mon Mothma directed her driver to pull over to a clearing near the lake and the two women exited the vehicle and began to walk towards the lake’s edge.

“I feared you were dead,” Mon Mothma whispered after a few moments of silence.

“Feared or hoped?” Leia spat back with a venom that surprised her.

“I have not given up on our vision, Leia.  But my hands are tied.”

Leia stopped walking and spun to face Mon Mothma as she replied, “You will never see my hands tied unless I am laid to rest.”

“There are other honorable ways to fight besides dying, Leia.”

Leia stared at her for a moment and then said, “I need clothes and probably a ship.  And I need to know if you know anything about Han, Luke, or Chewbacca.”

“As far as I know General Solo was never taken off-planet.”

“Han is here?”

“I’ve seen him, it’s been weeks though and I don’t know how reliable my information is, I’m certain they do not trust me, but as far as my records indicate – yes.”

Leia spun away from her and held her hand up to her mouth.  The emotions swirled up inside of her like a maelstrom and she felt as if she may vomit again.  Unable to stop them, the tears fell out her eyes like tiny drops of hope freeing themselves from the depths of despair.  Leia looked out at the lake as she wrapped her arms around herself.  She felt Mon Mothma place her hand on her shoulder but Leia showed no reaction.

Mon Mothma’s voice cracked as she said, “He was tortured and…”

Leia turned toward the elder woman and looked at her, the tears in her eyes drying up and the resolve within her building to a crescendo as she said, “And what?”

“He was told you were dead.  I couldn’t tell him any different.  All records indicated that you were executed.”

“But he’s alive.”

“I can’t say for sure.”

Turning away from Mon, Leia looked out at the lake and whispered, “He is.”

After a few moments of silence, Mon Mothma spoke, “I can get you clothes and a ship.  And I’ll see what I can find out about Luke and Chewbacca.”

“You saw him once.  You should be able to see him again.”

“Leia, it would not be wise.  It would draw suspicion.”

“You could take me with you.  I could disguise myself as one of your aides.”

“Leia, I cannot be so foolhardy.”

Spinning around towards the elder woman, the fire flashed in Leia’s eyes once again as she said, “Afraid to get your hands dirty, Your Excellency?  Afraid your life has become more important than the lives of those that you are fighting for?  You told me yourself that once it becomes clear that you cannot fight with words and reason, than you must fight with strength and resolve.  Where is that woman?  Where is your strength and resolve?”

...Once again, it doesn't look like Zyra gave me any conditions for this chapter.  Hope you are still enjoying it.


  1. Mon Mothma is the bitch again, just in a different way this time. Poor Leia is always stuck having to do stuff on her own. And you do have her throw up a lot, don't you? You actually mentioned that when we were writing this in the first place :)

    But Han is alive! Or is he? Hmmm... I guess I already know the answer to that ;)

  2. If Han were dead, Zyra, people may never talk to either of you ever again. :P

  3. Oh, come on. Do you really think we would drag it out for this long only to find out he's dead anyway? I guess sometimes we're kind of mean in our stories, but we're not THAT mean ;)

  4. just to let you know I'm still following and enjoying. my computer just hates me.

    Yes Push you are having Leia throw up a lot. is she going to turn up pregnant, on top of everything else? :-)

  5. Whoa, whoa, cool it with the pregnant talk! She was locked up for months. It wouldn't be Han's and we're not writing THAT kind of story! ;)