Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quickie Challenge #3

This awesome story addition to the 'Quickie Challenge'
was submitted by amara z and we hope that it is not the last of the submissions.
We encourage any and all of you to participate. For now, enjoy!

It's beautiful here, Leia thought to herself as she felt her mind and body
starting to relax. The commotion of the day seemed to be finally fading away
and she allowed herself to breathe a sigh of relief. Somehow, Luke's wedding
had proceeded even with all of the unexpected craziness. With the kids now
tucked away for the night, she was free to sit back under the stars and lights
of Coruscant and let the joy of the moment wash over her. To enjoy watching
her brother dance with his new wife and feel the happiness radiating from

Leia looked over at her own husband and smiled. He had easy smile on his lips,
the breeze lightly ruffling his hair. Over a decade with him and she still
found him as roguish and handsome as she did back then. Unable to resist the
urge to touch him, she reached out and brushed her hand across his knee before
letting it settle there. Han looked over at the contact and smiled in return.
He slid an arm around her shoulders and pulled her a little closer.

Leia's eyes drifted back to watching Luke and Mara and Han noticed the wistful
look on her face. Taking it as a hint, he pushed to standing, his body
uncoiling in one smooth move, and held out his hand to her in invitation.
Smiling at him more broadly, Leia accepted the hand and followed him to the
makeshift dance space.

With small flourish, Han swept Leia into his arms and had her laughing
lightly. She slid an arm around his neck, letting him begin to lead her in a
gentle sway. Her body brushed against his lightly as they moved together, and
lulled by the motion, she let her head come to rest on his chest. The last
tension of the day ebbed away as he held her close. Both of them were silent
for some time as they enjoyed the opportunity for a quiet moment together.

"Makes you think about our wedding, doesn't it?" he asked after a while.

"Yeah. A little," she answered softly, her eyes rising to meet his. "Seems
like yesterday sometimes."

"Yeah, it does." His finger rose to caress her cheek, letting the feel of her
sink into his skin. "But this one seems so much quieter in comparison."

Leia suppressed a laugh. "If you call thugs and bomb toting Imperials quiet."
The amusement in her eyes faded into a look of quiet reproach. "I won't even
start on your little visit to the Red Rancor," she continued referring to the
outing the men had taken for Luke's bachelor party.

Han couldn't keep the guilty look from his face. "You heard about that, huh?"

"Of course I did." She shook her head and gave him a milder version of the
look she usually reserved for the kids. "Aren't you a little old to be
starting fights, Han?"

"First of all, I didn't start it," he replied with a certain level of
indignation. "And second, I'm not that old. Not that old for a lot of things,"
he told her with that old suggestive look in his eye. His hand slipped down
her back, dipping dangerously close to her rear, and Leia found herself
pressed that much closer to her husband. She looked up at him disapprovingly.

"Han, stop that. We're at my brother's wedding."

"So?" He chuckled softly, enjoying her discomfort. It was still entirely too
easy to push her buttons. "Do you have any idea what I would have done if I
had gotten you alone during our wedding?" He leaned in and with just a few
whispered words had Leia turning three shades of red.

Flustered, her eyes darted around in pure instinct, hoping no one had been
close enough to hear him. She wasn't completely shocked. Not really. She
certainly had heard much worse from him over the years. But it still took a
few moments before she was calm enough to look up at him or say anything.

"What stopped you?" she asked finally, her eyes returning to his.

He shrugged. "All those cameras and people. We never had a moment's peace. "He flashed her his trademark self-satisfied grin. "Besides, I didn't think you would have gone for it anyway."

She heard the subtle note of dare in his tone and took a moment to focus on
their bodies as they moved together, to consider his words. He really did seem
to be getting more incorrigible as he got older. But that didn't mean she
couldn't call his bluff. Her hand drifted down to his hip.

"What's stopping you now?" she asked, the corner of her mouth quirking up.

Han pulled back to look at her, his expression incredulous. "You're kidding."

Leia's hand trailed down the outside of his thigh and up again. Her eyes
glinted with invitation. "I don't think anyone will miss us for a few

Han's mouth dropped open. He'd be lying if he said he hadn't dreamt about
getting her alone like this. Or about getting her alone anywhere for that
matter. His gaze skimmed over the small crowd and comfortable that no one was
watching, he tightened his hand around hers. "I know just the place."

He started to pull her towards the building very casually, both of them trying
to move as quickly as possible without looking like they were hurrying. Her
hand squeezed his in anticipation and by the time they reached the main hall,
it was hard for Han to not grab her right there. He barely managed to close
the door to the coat closet before his hands were on her hips pulling her
roughly to him.

She rose up, their lips meeting in a crushing kiss that had her forgetting
about everything but being with him. Her hand fisted in his shirt, pulling him
with her as she sank against the back wall. His lips were everywhere, eager to
claim as much of her as they could, moving from her lips to her neck and back
up again. His hands raced down her body and she could feel their frantic
movements as he pulled at his belt and pants freeing himself as quickly as he

Then those hands were back on her - grasping, wanting, impatient. She let out
a soft moan as they slid under the skirt of her dress, shoving any clothing
they encountered aside. Her thighs parted for him easily as he hiked her up
the wall, his hiss of satisfaction echoing through the room as he slid into
her. The coupling came quick and easy for them, the coolness of the durasteel
at her back contrasting with the heat of his body as he pressed into her.
Their bodies melded together over and over again until they were overcome by
the flash of passion. Limp and winded, they leaned into each other for

It was several moments before either of them could move. Slowly, eventually,
they untangled themselves from one another, knowing it wouldn't be long before
they were missed.

Han couldn't keep the smirk from his face as they both put themselves back
into a presentable state. As they moved to the door, he leaned over and gave
his wife a long, deep kiss. He was smirking even harder when he pulled away.
"I think I've been a bad influence on you, sweetheart," he said before cycling
the door open.

They stepped out of the closet together and came to a quick halt when they
noticed Wedge standing in the hallway staring at them with a strange look on
his face.

"Is everything ok?" he asked, wondering just exactly what these two had been
up to. Leia could only stare at him, her mind scrambling for an answer.

Han recovered first and he gave Wedge a casual smile. "Sure. Leia thought she
had lost an earring. We were just looking for it."

"Uh-huh. Well, Luke is looking for the two of you."

"Oh, ok," Leia replied, finally finding her voice. She took Han's hand in hers
and with a shared smile they started back to the party oblivious to the odd
look Wedge was still giving them.

Any doubts about what the couple had been doing were gone when Wedge turned to follow them. He started chuckling to himself wondering how Han was going to
explain why his jacket was tucked into the back of his pants.

Thank you again to amara z for participating in the challenge! Even more unbelievable, she said that this was her first fanfic. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I hope she writes more!


  1. Great job! First, I am amazed that this was your first go at writing because if I were your beta reader I wouldn't have had much to say to make it better. I think you did an excellent job and I hope you consider writing more in the future!

    I love the idea of setting it at Luke's wedding, so Han and Leia have been married for a while and without having to go into extravegant details you know that they are obviously still quite happily married and have a great relationship. Even without having the sex part in there I think that's evident and it's nice to see. The wordless communication, being comfortable in silence, Leia still thinking about how handsome Han is. You did a great job describing the scene and the little actions between them during the dance.

    I feel bad for Han at their wedding now! But I love that he had continued to think about it and that Leia very quickly decides that it's not a bad idea to make up for it now and there's no hesitation for either of them to make it happen.

    And the end, I love that Wedge noticed Han's jacket tucked into his pants :) Thanks so much for sharing this, great job!

  2. Wow! I can't believe that was your first fanfic. Wonderful job!

    You did a great job of creating a familiar easiness between them. I like how Han's comment embarrassed her and then as she recovers she ends up calling his bluff. The cute little hint that she has heard worse from him over the years make me wonder just what has been coming out of his mouth just then and years previous...

    Liked Wedge catching them at the end, too. Very, very cute. Well done.

  3. This was your first fanfic? Wow. Looking back at some of the things I've written and even posted makes me want to curl up in a dark closet and stay there. Forever.

    Your writing is already amazing, and from my own personal experience, I know it will get even better! It's not that I'm a pro or anything, because I'm DEFINITELY not, but I know a good writer when I see one. I bet if you started writing on, you would get tons of great reviews, and that always feels good.

    I love that, contrary to most EU, Han and Leia are still happily married and very much in love even after many years. And of course, the ending with Wedge was very funny.

    Amazing job on this.

  4. I would never ever have guessed this was your first fic! I love the casual closeness you show them having and how they don't have to say much to know what the other is thinking. and of course the bit at the end with Han's jacket tucked in his pants... I could just picture Wedge's face. very very good.

    also it's perfect that they really did go for the coat closet.

  5. Wow, ladies. Thank you. I'm really glad you liked it. I've wanted to write for more years than I care to admit. I've read a lot and tinkered, but never could get over that hump of actually getting something out there. I guess this challenge was the kick I needed. =) My goal is to get some stuff on ff.n. I have a couple of things in the works and I have a feeling the longer piece needs to be written first.

    Emma, I think we all feel that way. I know I was worried about the characterization with this one. And I like Han and Leia happily married too. The EU drives me a little batty sometimes.

  6. I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but you really did a great job making their relationship believable. I like to see a happy, close Han and Leia. The end just killed me.

    Your writing is solid, I'd happily read more from you.