Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More "Ask Us Anything"!

Hello again! Here's another installment of our "Ask Us Anything" series where Zyra and I answer questions from our awesome readers. Remember, we continue to answer them as long as you continue to ask them.

Today, our question is from Emma, who asked: How, and when did you (Push and Zyra) "meet?" Obviously you don't live anywhere near each other. (I just read the post about you guys meeting in person, which I think is really great.) What inspired you to start this blog together?

And here are our answers:

We'll start with me (Push): How, and when did you (Push and Zyra) "meet?" Obviously you don't live anywhere near each other. (I just read the post about you guys meeting in person, which I think is really great.) I guess it wouldn't be too revealing to admit that I live about 40 minutes from I-10.  Since that interstate travels from California to Florida it really doesn't narrow things down that much if anyone would want to try and stalk me.  So, Zyra was plotting out a cross-country trip and near the end of her planning she realized that she would be traveling I-10 through my neck of the woods.  She shot me a tentative date (Spring of this year) and we agreed to try and make it happen.  

I wouldn't say that I was nervous, even though I had never met anyone off the internet before and would call most people crazy for ever doing that.  I mean, 'Zyra' and I had been e-mailing each other for over a year at that point and we had both 'revealed' our true identities and were Facebook friends so the chances that either one of us was not who we said we were, were pretty slim.

We had a good time at dinner and we seemed to pick up right where our keyboards had left off.  We may be meeting again next Spring and I would think we would be even more relaxed now that the whole 'is she an axe murderer?' question has been laid to rest.  :-)

What inspired you to start this blog together? I read Zyra's answer below here to refresh my memory!  I thought it had been my idea and I really can't pinpoint any one thing that inspired me.  As she said, I really didn't know much about blogging.  I had never read a blog or followed a blog before.  It seemed like the 'it' thing right now and I guess I thought we could fumigate some fans from out of the closet if we started posting some of the things that we naturally talked about in e-mails. 

I know we've asked before, and I know it's been a little while, but I was hoping (and still do) that some of you guys would start posting some topics yourselves.  I guess that's where the "Ask Us Anything" came from.  In the not-so-distant future Zyra and I will probably run out of interesting things to say.  And in order to keep this blog going, I envision(ed) that maybe some of you, one of you, any of you, would maybe send us a guest post some day....   

And now for Zyra: How, and when did you (Push and Zyra) "meet?" Obviously you don't live anywhere near each other. (I just read the post about you guys meeting in person, which I think is really great.) This was due to some odd situations in my life, actually. I spent a lot of the winter driving all over the country. Going near where Push lives was not on the agenda at first but eventually my plans changed a bit and I was going to be driving somewhere else and passing within an hour of where she lived. We had joked earlier based on my driving all over the US that I could just swing by and visit but when I had my final plans in place it became a reality and I mentioned it to her and she said she could make it work. At the time I was on a three-day trip across and was just finding random hotels for the night and that time I stopped at one about an hour from where she lived. So she came up and met me and we had dinner. We had dinner literally like a quarter-mile from my hotel and she asked how we wanted to get there and if she should just drive us. Then said that she wasn't sure I'd feel safe getting in the car with her :) I was a little hesitant to actually make this happen - and this has NOTHING to do with Push personally, I just think that sometimes it's risky meeting someone from the internet you like so much there and don't want to sort of wreck things, but I'm glad that it worked out like it did and we are actually probably going to see each other again in 2012 due to another traveling schedule of mine that puts me near her.

What inspired you to start this blog together? Back in February or March or whenever it was Push just out of the blue asked me if I thought it might be fun if we started a blog. She didn't know anything about starting a blog and I had a personal one so she asked some questions and we talked about some of the things we might be able to post. It all happened pretty quick, from what I remember. "Let's do a blog!" "Okay, set up a new account on blogger!" "All right, now we can both contribute!" And then we just started posting, really without any idea of how many people might show up. Push will have to tell you if there was any particular inspiration. For me it was just hearing her suggestion and going with it and both of us plugging it in stories we were writing at the time.

If you would like a question answered, please visit the post and Ask Us Anything. (We do reserve the right to not answer, if necessary! So, don't get crazy...)

Once again, don't worry if your question didn't get answered (yet), we will continue to post answers as long as you guys continue to ask questions.


  1. So now I have to do you post a topic? I'm kind of new to blogs too.

  2. You mean if you wanted to do a post here? We'd have to give you access as a contributor. Any random person can't just come on and start posting but it's quite easy to give you access.

  3. If you are referring to the "quickie challenge" you can either e-mail one of us (me or Zyra) via or we can add you as an contributor and you can insert your post (we can help you get started). I'll be so excited if you have a submission! :-)

  4. That is so cool. I would have been a bit nervous to be meeting someone from the internet too, but you were both smart to be cautions. Most people will fall for anything these days.

    Yeah okay, I'm pretty gullible myself.

    I can't wait to see a quickie posted! I would write one, but uno: it would be awful, and dose: I've never attempted a "normal" sex scene before so... That wouldn't turn out so well.

  5. I actually hadn't seen the "quickie call" yet. Was mostly curious.

    Emma, sure we can't convince you to try? =) Do what you are comfortable with, of course.

  6. Amara Z, if u r interested in a guest post (as suggested in this post) let us know and we'll make it happen. Doesn't have to be the Quickie.

  7. Alright you blackmailing jerks, I've got a quickie here for you to take off my hands.

  8. Woo-hoo! The blackmailing wasn't my idea for once. But I must be rubbing off on Push. I think she's written hers. I've got to finish mine. A while in and no closet yet. I have to fix that...

  9. So, Elivagar...where is this quickie? Send it to me or Zyra via and we'll get it published. Double Woo-hoo!!

  10. Doing my super-mega-triple grammar check, and I'll send it off. Yeehaw.

  11. I can't believe my diabolical blackmail trick actually worked. Well, it hasn't yet, but it looks likes it's going to.