Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things Star Wars People Would be Thankful For

We've been a bit lacking in posts lately, I know. So this is a bit of a lame attempt to give us something to talk about. What would our favorite Star Wars characters be thankful for?

Han Solo:

  • Princesses

  • The Falcon

  • His kids

  • Luke

  • Chewie

  • Slave girl outfits

  • Stylish vests

  • His blaster

  • His incredible good looks

  • Alcohol

  • Long flights to Bespin at sublight

  • Sabacc

    • Leia Organa Solo

    • Scoundrels

    • Her children

    • Her brother

    • Chewie

    • Peace in the galaxy

    • Han's tight pants

    • Han's lopsided grin

    • The Falcon

    • Dead Hutts

    • That she was the twin sent to live as royalty instead of as a moisture farmer on a planet in the middle of nowhere.

      • Luke Skywalker

        • His family
        • The Force
        • Red-heads
        • Lightsabers
        • No longer living on Tatooine
        • Life-like prosthetic limbs
        • X-wings
        • The fact that even though he was basically "the last of the Jedi" according to Yoda, once he established his Jedi Academy there were suddenly Force-sensitives popping up all over the place.


      • His lifedebt family

      • His Wookiee family and the fact that they don't seem to mind that he never sees them

      • Bowcasters

      • Food

      • Bandoleers

      • Combs

      • Droids

      • Good-hearted scoundrels who free Wookiees from slavery

      • Food

        • Lando Calrissian

        • Women

        • His ability to charm women

        • His ability to attract women with his incredible good looks

        • His incredible good looks

        • Capes

        • Fast ships

        • Low-cut dresses

        • Gambling

        • Moustaches

        • More women

          • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


            1. I have to second the part about Han's tight pants. Yummy!

              Here's my list:

              At least one princess liked to go slumming
              Jabba the Hutt is dead (thanks Princess)
              Luke is Leia's brother (less competition)
              Apparently Leia dosesn't mind being chained up (thanks Jabba)

              At least Jabba didn't make me dance
              A farmboy and a scoundrel rescued me from the Death Star in the knick of time
              At least said rescuers were cute even if they can't plan an escape
              The Empire was too cheap to destroy the pod with the droids in it

              At least I inherited mad Jedi skills
              The red and white astromech broke
              Intriguing, hot holograms (unfortunately about my sister)
              Fighting the Emperor was still easier (and more interesting) than moisture farming
              I finally got smell of tauntaun guts out of my hair

              The Ewoks look like Mini Me's

              Plenty of juicy moments to interrupt

              Happy Thanksgiving!

            2. Yes! Thank you for contributing some more :)

              I especially liked Leia not minding being chained up, the red and white droid broke, and the Ewoks as Mini Me :)

            3. Fun lists! I have nothing funny to add. But...Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

            4. LOL! Lando's especially made me laugh. And yeah, I've always wondered about the last one on Lukie's list. I guess they just needed something else to write about.

              Of course, we should always, ALWAYS be thankful for Han's tight pants and stylish vests. I was just thinking, I wonder if, indirectly, the Solo kids should be thankful for Han's tight pants as well... (:

              Happy Thankgiving!

            5. I love the Thanksgiving pic, BTW!

            6. GoldDragon, that's funny about Han's pants.

            7. Hah! Tight pants...I agree 100%.

              I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

            8. Oh, great point on the kids having to be somewhat thankful for Han's tight pants as well. Although that is definitely not the kind of thing a kid wants to be thinking about their parents! ;)

            9. Oh no, if I was one of Han's kids I would NOT want to be thinking about those pants... of course, since I'm NOT one of Han's kids... ;)

            10. LOL neither would I :) I wonder what Han would do if he could see some of these conversations...

            11. Han would love these conversations. That's what I think.

            12. Yeah, I'm thinking Han wouldn't mind a bunch of women drooling over how he looks in his pants. =)

            13. Or that we talk about his blaster... I remember reading that conversation in an earlier post :)

            14. Lando's absolutely cracks me up. I literally lol'ed, especially reading "capes." The guy's got a fascination with capes. I don't get it but, oh well.

              Good old Lando, great list! Happy (very late) Thanksgiving. I would have read and commented sooner but I was on a looonnnng vacation with no internet. Nothing.

            15. Ok, so I'm thankful that I got to ride the updated Star Tours ride at Disney in Orlando 3 times today. It was awesome. The ride varies itself some every time. Third time the Falcon was in the ride, but no HS, I mean Hot Stuff. Oh, I mean Han. =)

            16. I'm so jealous! I was there less than a week before it reopened, and was even more irate when I returned home and found out that if I had been paying attention, they did occasionally open it up for test runs here and there a few hours at a time. I would've freakin' camped out if I'd known that! But no, I had to go and ride the Aerosmith rollercoaster like 10 times in a row... I bet it's great there right now, too, with no lines or crowds. Maybe I can get a quick plane ticket...

            17. I was hoping I could get someone drooling with that post. =)

              We almost rode it in Disneyland in May, they were doing test runs, but it broke down. Been dying to ride it and do some shopping at the gift shop. There's still some lines and crowds, but it's all relative. I think my son loved it. It was his first time on the ride.

              In May though, we did get to see Vader and a couple of stormtroopers in Fantasyland. They were filming a YouTube video for the re-opening of the ride.