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'A Morning Conversation' - a Valentine's Story by Seams2Be

This is a Valentine's Challenge contribution from Seams2Be. 
It is posted on under the author: "Fallon Skywalker".

Thanks for the mushiness, Seams2Be!!


A Morning Conversation by Seams2Be
"Why are the hardest and most stressful negotiations with our own children?" Leia pondered out loud. Han, still lying in bed, struggling to wake up, grumbled an answer. "I don't know, I wish I had an answer for you."
The battle of wills with the children was wearing Leia out. She was already up, showered, dressed and ready to begin the day, and the sun wouldn't be up for at least another hour. And Han was still lying in bed.
"You know threats don't work, and neither does yelling." He told her.
"I know that" snapped Leia. "I've tried everything I can think of Han! Let's face it, I'm out of ideas. I've tried every diplomatic, political, encouraging way I know of to get the children to be motivated to take their studies seriously."
"Have you thought about just shooting them?" Han suggested sarcastically.
Leia rolled her eyes. "You're no help."
"Hey, sweetheart, I was just joking." Han replied. Leia responded, "You know this is your fault." She accused her husband.
"Ornery, Stubborn, Difficult…that's all you." She added.
Han scoffed and nearly choked on air to keep from laughing. "Oh excuse me, Princess, have you LOOKED in a mirror recently?"
"What?" Leia fumed, "Listen, I was not much older than they are now when I was representing an entire world in the galactic senate, AND leading an underground Rebellion against an oppressive government system!" Han nodded, he'd heard this speech before.
"What are they doing? Playing with every new entertainment gadget that comes out?"
"Well, they can't pick up their own clothes off the floor, so I wouldn't be surprised if those things were rotting their brain cells outta their heads." Han added with sarcasm.
Leia's temper was starting to rise. "Han, you and I certainly have a strong work ethic. My Force, you are one of the hardest working people I know!" she continued, "Nothing was ever handed to you, you worked and fought your way your whole childhood, you certainly had courage, then and now, and you are certainly a self-made man, even today. Leia looked at him and went on.
"You would think the children would be inspired by you." Leia's pulse quickened with her anger.
"Aw honey," Han started, "They think my tragic childhood is ancient history. Nobody wants to work hard when everything is so easy."
"That's the real problem, isn't it?" Leia asked. "Everything is so easy, comfortable, where your wants and desires are instantly fulfilled."
"I have a desire you can fulfill," Han suggested, in a low, sultry tone.
"Han, I'm serious." Leia quipped.
"So am I!" he countered, eyeing her.
He smiled at his wife and said to her, "You would think they would be inspired by you, fighting against the tyrannical Great Galactic Empire, leading and inspiring men and women into battle for freedom, not to mention having been the youngest senator ever, and you served time as Chief of State!" Han pointed out, "You sure impressed me with your spirit and spunk." She rolled her eyes.
"Still do." He added, for good measure.
Leia crossed their bedroom to help Han make their bed. "So what are we now? A couple of Rebels without a cause?" She grinned.
"Han, do you think they know how lucky they are?" Leia threw the pillows to her husband to place on the bed. She went on, "Do they know how fragile freedom really is? I want them to know that they will be guardians of this freedom someday for their children and so on."
Leia took a deep breath, "You and I have lived under tyranny, just for studying history and the arts I was risking charges of treason." Han nodded, "I know honey." He said.
She continued, "I was driven to learn everything I could, and I did so all on my own, nobody had to force me. I just want the kids to find the same desire for knowledge, for the appreciation of the ancients, of the arts, of the world around them!" Leia grew quiet.
"I don't know what to do." She said softly. "How do I get through to them? It's taking over all my time." Leia sighed.
"You know you can still just shoot them." Han smiled as he spoke.
He grabbed Leia by the waist and kissed her forehead, "You are the deepest, most thoughtful person I know." He said, kissing her again, "Don't let them get to you, you need to be true to yourself, your not gonna change, and I wouldn't want you to. You keep on being who you are. They will sooner or later get it, you'll see." Han assured his wife. She fell into his embrace as he wrapped his warm arms around her.
"I wish I had your optimism," she whispered, "you always seem to find the positive in everything."
They held each other for a long while. "I've got to get started on the day's work," Leia said as she pulled out of his embrace.
"I wish we could just go back to bed for a while." She said with a sigh.
"Yeah," Han said, "Me too." They looked at each other and shared a smile.
"I'll tell you what," Han stated, "Tomorrow night, I'm taking you out to a nice, quiet, cozy place," he grinned at her. "And you can wear your little black dress."
She cracked a grin, "That would be nice. It's been far too long since it was just the two of us." Leia replied.
"I know Princess, believe me, I know." He said.
"I'll comm you later. I'll be late tonight; I'm training the new recruits."
"I remember," she replied, "Good luck." She kissed him on the cheek. "I'll be figuring out new strategies and plans, you know, it's what I do best!" Leia said decidedly.
Han gave her his best roguish smile, "That's not what you do best."
Leia blushed. "Save it for tomorrow flyboy," she said, kissing him as she left the room to tackle the long day ahead of her. 
The End


  1. Oh, I love this one!!!!!!!!

    My friend's mom wrote it. :D

  2. You know sometimes its just so nice to read about Han and Leia having a regular family life with typical everyday problems (i.e troublesome kids, not dead kids or dead Sith kids) That's why I love this.

    A follow up would be great, showing their romantic evening out, and then afterwards we can find out just exactly what Leia does best :)

    Good job, Seams2Be!!

  3. I like Han pointing out that she can still 'just shoot them'. Kids'll do that to you, for sure! :-)

  4. Read this over on a little while ago. Great fic! I love how Han keeps hinting about having sex, and Leia's all serious about the kids.

    The 'just shoot them" line is fantastic.

  5. Thanks for the comments. This was the very first fiction I ever wrote. It was not intended to be a fanfic, but a way to get through to my stubborn teen. I wrote it on a pad of paper and told her to read it. I wanted her to realize her lessons were important, so I thought I needed to approach her in her environment of fanfiction. She retyped it and convinced me to publish it. I guess a writer (maybe) was born that day and I think I was the one who learned a lesson. And yes GoldDragon, poor Leia is too serious about the kids (I think I need to learn another lesson). Thanks for reading. "Just shoot them" I thought that was a good line too. Kids can drive you insane.

  6. That was great. You did a nice job of capturing their easy rapport with each other and her frustration. Loved the comment about shooting them. You probably remember that old saying "I brought you into this world...". Reminds me of that. Would love to read about the night out too. :)

    Now to print this out for my own daughter to read. :) She's only a pre-teen, but, boy is she spicy sassy.

  7. Again, sorry to be late! I promise I don't intentionally not comment. Anyway, very cute moment here. It's fun to see them just acting as frustrated parents, but also just being in that very comfortable part of their marriage when they can say anything. And of course it's very apt that Leia is so frustrated and Han just has his mind on other things :) Nice job!