Thursday, February 2, 2012

Missing Moment by Elivagar

This is a Missing Moments contribution from Elivagar
Takes place during ESB right after Leia kisses Luke. 
Thanks to Elivagar for sharing! 


It didn't take him long to catch up. Silently halting before one another like two banthas prepared to butt heads, the flames between them were reignited. Before she knew it, she was being dragged into an dark, vacant med room for round two.

And the verbal warfare ensued. It was as if she were watching him in slow motion now, his full lips working to form the stream of vowels and consonants strained by that scowl on his face. A wicked smirk tugged at the corner of her lips and she struggled to conceal it.

Irrational fantasies shot through her mind, none that she would ever dare act upon--at least not in this particular instance. Yet, she couldn’t prevent the flood of amusing scenarios she could put in motion at this very second, if she so chose to; what he would say, how he would react, how many more lines would mar his face. After that little encounter in Luke’s room, she craved it all the more.

What if I just take a swing and knock him square in the jaw?

No, she would never do that. She had far too much control, because if she didn’t, well then her father may as well have just spaced buckets of credits through an airlock. All of that diplomatic training had to account for something. It wasn’t as though she had been brought up as some barbarian.

What if I wrap my hands around his neck and squeeze until his eyes pop out?

Ridiculous, she scolded herself. She would never do that. Not that it made it any less entertaining. She might even work herself up to the point that she had plotted her course of action, practiced it in her mind, could feel her muscles twitch with anticipation--but that’s only as far as it ever went. And it was only with Han Solo she ever went that far. Yes, she must have heaps, upon heaps of control. An endless reserve, in fact.

What if.

What if.

What if.

The possibilities seemed endless. Oh, if she could just get her hands him, she would…

So what if suddenly she chose to relax that iron grip on her control, say, for just one measly second?

You won’t break, you would never do such a thing.

The more she talked herself down, the less she wanted to listen to that nagging goody two-shoes inner voice.

What if you just do it, do what you've always wanted to do to him. Don’t hold back, just let him have it.

She couldn’t do that.

Was that couldn't or wouldn't?

The instant she lunged for him, she felt the simultaneous blow of realization strike her against the back of the head at lightspeed. She didn’t have control, she needed control.


He flinched as she lunged at him, bracing himself for the worst. That’s it, he thought, she’s snapped. She’s finally snapped and I’m going to be the one at fault.

When her soft lips crashed violently against his, his eyes went wide with shock. Those nimble little hands latched on and tugged him down roughly by the hair as she devoured the words that hadn’t even begun to leave his mouth. Warring thoughts fired rapidly back and forth through his mind, there was no way of determining whether responding to her demanding caresses would cause more damage than no response at all. But before making any conscious decision, his body decided for him.

And oh, he couldn’t deny that this was what he had wanted for so long, yet he couldn‘t fathom it was happening here. Now. All of that steel anger he had directed at her ignited and melted into a scalding liquid lust, pouring into every pit and limb of his body. He found himself pressing back into her with as much force as she exerted on him, hands, mouth, chest…


She was feral, unable to relent, pushing and grinding and stroking, her lips ardently searched every exposed bit of him they could reach. Their wild dance continued until she forced him backwards into the empty med bunk, straddling his slim hips to press the length of him solidly against her.

The heat was becoming unbearable now whilst still trapped within the confines of her thermal suit. She left one stable hand against him as she attempted to undo the zipper with the other. When one wasn’t enough, she fumbled around with both hands, wobbling a bit before his strong arms stabilized her. Growing frustrated himself, Han reached up to try his luck at the stubborn fastening but was swiftly intercepted by Leia, pushing his arms back into place. A few swears later, and she was shrugging off the suit to bunch around her waist revealing a much thinner layer beneath.

Temporarily relieved, she fell forward motioning against him, relishing the feeling. He groaned harshly along with her movement, the sound caressing her ear and thoroughly distorting her reality. The concept of time and responsibility had been washed under the currents of desire that flooded her mind.

And then it was over as quickly as it had began. Another voice permeated her senses and she plummeted from her high, believing in her frenzied state that someone had caught them. She leapt from Han, disoriented, before slowly discerning the source of the voice.

It’s your comlink, genius.

Just a small amount of relief to be found in the larger scope of damage she had done.


He watched her turn from him, smoothing a trembling hand over her still neat arrangement of hair as she attempted to gather her dignity as well as her breath. Shrugging her uniform back on, she mumbled something into the comm. He cringed at the composure in her voice, the pink glow of her skin and slouched posture betraying it. He continued his study of her from the dark alcove, mesmerized, frustrated, confused.

She made to exit, but paused at the door. Turning slightly toward him, her lips parted as if to say something, but he found himself unable to hold her gaze and settled for the edge of his boot. When she said nothing, he stole a glance, but averted his eyes once more.

“You should clean your face.”

She was out the door before he had a chance to throw his incredulous expression at her.

He reached up and swiped a knuckle at the corner of his lips. Holding it up to the dim light, he stared at the glistening red streak of gloss against his skin. Just what in the hell happened…how did it happen? It was a constant mantra inside his head.


Thanks again to Elivagar.  Awesome entry!


  1. Cool! You could feel the intensity. I liked the part that she didn't have control, she needed it. I can only imagine what Han was thinking when she started removing her snowsuit. Nice.

  2. I like Han's reactions the best. At first not knowing whether or not to respond and then later, his disappointment as she switches it all back off. Talk about needing a cold shower!

    Great Job!

  3. Very nice and original idea! I love the idea that she decides to just give in to what she knows she wants, and of course that Han does not resist at all :) And I love how Han is just totally confused at the end. Nice job!

  4. Yes, this is very intense, you can feel Leia's frustration and uncontrollable need for him. And I also like, again, how this is another story with virtually no dialogue, but works so well.

    Great job, thanks for sharing with us.

  5. I loved it! Han's reactions - especially at the end when he was really confused - made me laugh. I also love that Leia was the one who started it. Leia's emotions were very intense, I can imagine her being like that towards Han right then.

    Fantastic story!

  6. Thank you guys! I'm glad I got this done when I did because I got a horrible virus yesterday that crippled my laptop. Awesome.

  7. Ugh, that sucks. Really glad you got this up first - It's awesome :)

  8. Didn't I just recently tell you guys about the virus I had and getting my files backed up? Back up your files!

    With a virus though, you really should be able to find someone who can still get in there and back up your things. I hope you find them!

  9. Yes, I took it in, they have to do a data transfer and then wipe it, so all my stuff with be saved. Yay! Listen to Zyra and back your files up this second.

  10. Will do! Google docs may be good for that.

  11. Great story! I love it! Only wish it was longer!

  12. Just wanted to leave another remark... I just reread this story, and it's really good. Love the tension between them. I hope that you write more.