Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Star Wars Reads Day!

One of these days I'll get to write a post that doesn't have to start with yet another apology for lack of blogging.  You know when you fall out of the habit with something it's always harder to get back into it?  That and I'm not getting much help, and other things have been busy.  I do hope that it doesn't stay this way.

It had just come to my attention that today is Star Wars Reads Day.  So apparently you need to get out your Star Wars books and do a bit of reading in honor of it.  I'll admit that I haven't done much reading myself lately.  Definitely not those EU books I still owe you a bunch of reviews for.  I promise that project is not abandoned, especially since we've left off on one of my favorite EU books and I certainly feel it deserves a review. 

Just this past week we had an interesting book hitting store shelves: "The Essential Reader's Companion" which outlines basically all (or at least the vast majority) of the books in the Star Wars EU.  Of course this will include lots of prequel stuff as well, but the books we know and love are also there.  I have not yet had a chance to check it out and I'm not sure if I'll be buying it.  I was hoping to get a chance to run to the book store to at least flip through it but there is some decent new art work in there that might be worthwhile.  Anyone here get a copy?

In other book news, I've just learned that "Scoundrels" has been pushed to January 1st rather than the original December 26th date.  Honestly, that date doesn't mean much to me because December 26th seems like a stupid date to release a book anyway.  Why not before Christmas?  I'm sure they have their reasons.  Sure, and they had their reasons for killing off two thirds of the Solo kids, too...

One thing I will admit to having read recently was the second book in Alex Wheeler's young readers' series, "Hostage."  It is the second book of six in the Rebel Force series.  Yes, these books are written for children and at least according to my driver's license I'm an adult woman, even if I'm not yet old enough to be president.  I learned of this series a few years ago from another Han and Leia fan who had mentioned having gotten them for their kids (I wish I had that excuse) and wound up reading and enjoying them, so since they are cheap, I decided to check them out. 

If you want something new to read, and you're not embarrassed at the idea of technically reading children's books, I'd recommend picking these up.  Honestly there's not a huge difference here between these and a regular adult Star Wars novel, obviously barring the few that contain graphic violence or sexual overtones.  The language used is a bit simpler and the chapters and books themselves are a lot shorter, but they're still pretty enjoyable.  The stories take place after ANH and long before ESB and there are some good Han and Leia moments.  In the one I most recently read Han takes her back to the remains of Alderaan.  It's nice to see them addressing some of these things.  So if you're bored and want something quick to read, grab these books.  You can read them cover to cover in probably ninety minutes.

Other than that, anyone reading anything lately?  Are you interested in trying to start up the EU book club again?  I'll be pretty busy for at least a couple more weeks but would be open to getting back into it hopefully after that.  It will be winter, after all.  And I'm embarrassed at the fact that over the past four months we've had as many posts as we used to have in just one, and I don't like that!  I'm not making any promises, but I'm going to try to be better.  And as always, if you have anything you want to post here whether it be a story or a general guest post about whatever is on your mind, don't hesitate to ask!


  1. You certainly don't need to apologize!!! I've gotten out of this stuff myself (which is bad since I have a release date in under a month for my next story and I've barely started!) It is way harder to get back into things once you get out of them. I've been forcing myself to work on "Promises" and I barely got "Repairs" out to Fanfiction on time as it is! LOL.

    I personally haven't had much time for reading lately, which is really sad, and I completely forgot about Star Wars Reads day! And my local library was even doing events! Goodness, it seems I'm behind on things. But I guess that's what happens when it's your senior year and you have both High School and College to think about!

  2. Haha, it's all good, Zyra.

    I actually went down to the bookstore today to see if they had the reader's companion, but nothing. They were also apparently supposed to be having some kind of SW event but it looked like they were setting up for some other author signing.

    I haven't read much lately either, although my aunt brought me a massive stack of assorted SW novels and books, including a collector's edition Episode I VHS (oh boy! :P) from her work. Some kind of used bookstore.

    I know you've mentioned that Rebel series before, I'll have to check it out eventually.

  3. The Readers Companion has some great art, but I've lost interest since learning that most of the books with high potential for good Han and Leia artwork have not got any pics, well, that's what they're saying at the Jedi Council Forums. I haven't seen the book first hand, so I can't confirm this. There's no pic for Tatooine Ghost from what I can gather, just a brief plot synopsis! I mean, how wrong is that?

    I'm definitely interested in those Alex Wheeler books, Zyra, so I'm on the look out for them cheap. They sound pretty good.

    Yeah, I heard Scoundrels got put back. But it makes no odds to me, it's only a few days. I agree though, it's pretty mad that they didn't release it for Christmas.

    I'm totally up for more book club, and the next one in line, The New Rebellion is a good one to kick off with. Love discussing the books, and have a good all whinge about some of them.

  4. OK, for the third time... no need to apologize, we understand, real life sucks. as does my stupid tablet keyboard. grrrr. if I bump that stupid "back" key again...who puts a back arrow for the browser right in the corner where your pinky finger hits it ALL DAY? sigh.

    I did buy the Reader's Guide, the art is awesme, lots of Han but not much Leia. will try to get around to writing a guest review one day soon. there is art for tatooine ghost btw, of leia seeing the holo of anakin.

    we also had a great sw reads day at our local bookstore, they gave out pins and tee shirts and bookmarks and we got to meet Chris Reiff, one of the artists for the 3d Falcon owners guide, who is local. mt 7 yr old dressed as vader and there was a fett, two stormtroopers, and a pair of 4yr old twins who came as Luke and leia. and we made an origami yoda.

    can't wait for scoundrels, read the teaser chapters up on sw website and there is going to be an ebook too. but yeah a couple of days, eh. so i have more gift cards from the holidays to use.

    1. Oh cool. Thanks JZ for confirming that there IS a Tatooine Ghost pic. Some guy at the Jedi Council posted a list of pics from all the post ROTJ novels, and there was no pic listed for TG or COPL. So, is there also a pic from Courtship? If so I'm hoping its not one of Leia smooching with Prince Fabulous. I want a wedding pic!! I bet it's a pic of Luke though. Typical.

      Can you also confirm or deny reports that Troy Denning's Insider short story " The Trouble With Squibs" has been completely omitted from this book? Again, the Jedi Council members have mentioned this, and say its the only Insider short story that does not feature.

    2. There is a pic for COPL - Luke getting hisbutt kicked by Tenniel Ka.

      Report Denied - The Trouble with Squibs gets a sidebar of its own.

      My only complaint is the indexes are bypublication date and author, and I want one by character.

    3. Thanks for that.:) That's the last time I believe anything those muppets at the Jedi Council say. Honestly, they talk total crap.

      But come on, it's the Courtship of PRINCESS LEIA. Oh,so lets have a pic of LUKE! Tsk.

      Glad "Squibs" wasn't overlooked, even if it is one of Denning's worst. I just hated the thought of a Han and Leia focused story being snubbed.

  5. ps I really like AlexWheeler's series. not enough between anh and esb. well done for 'kids' books. just shortish chapters is all. lots of cute han/leia interaction just no mush since its for kids.

  6. Always good to see a post, no apologies are needed.
    I went to my local BN for Star Wars Reads Day b/c they said they were celebrating, but there wasn't anything but a separate book area. I did get the 4 e-book bundle, though. I haven't read almost any of the EU since high school (except for rereading TG recently and discovering Shadows of Mindor thanks to this lovely blog) so I wanted to see if I could get back in.
    I did catch up on some fic, so that counts, right?

  7. I'm being quoted on a website! I feel like a celebrity!

    P.S. Still a loyal reader ;)

  8. readers' guide horrid factoid of the day: after the travesty that was COPL, the guide shows four sanctioned short stories were written by that author. OMG you mean they didn't BAN him from getting within three parsecs of the SW galaxy ever again???????

    1. Lol! Wait...what else did he write?

    2. Didn't he do some sw kids stories? Think I remember reading that.

    3. he's got a short story in three of the "Tales" anthologies and they let him write the first Jedi Apprentice novel about Obi Wan's adventures as Qui Jon's apprentice.

  9. In addition to the new Leia and Luke books (Rebels), we're getting a Han book as well. I mean, it was sort of a given, but it's been confirmed. So yay! :)

    1. Yay, indeed. I just can't get enough of Han or Leia (well, duh, I'm on this blog, aren't I?) Look forward to seeing more of their "younger" Rebel days.

  10. Totally changing the subject now...I just noticed the poll results, and 43% of readers here are still lurkers and have never posted a comment. That's a lot! Aww, come on guys, please come and join in. It's so much more fun with lots of people, and honestly, we don't bite. :)

    1. Well, I only bite when asked to. ;) But hearing from more people would be great.

      I have to apologize myself for being a little MIA. I could blame it on recovering from Celebration, but that's been two months now, :( Life has been distracting at times. It's all good, Zyra, and no worries. By the sounds of it, I think a lot of us are having issues with Darth Real Life.

      I totally missed Star Wars reads day. But there are still signs up at the bookstore this past weekend. Hubby commented on them. I did pick up Allegiance. And have been reading Tatooine Ghost. Figured I might as well read one of the Han/Leia classics. :)

      I haven't heard of the one series, but sounds interesting. My son had a book from the library set during the Clone Wars that looked pretty good even though it was for kids.

      Sounds like you had fun, jz!

      I am excited about the new books coming out with Scoundrels and a book for Leia. Is there another Han book coming out besides Scoundrels? That's be cool.

      And I will eventually write something up about Celebration. It was a lot of fun.

    2. Yay, Amara! :)

      Yes, there is indeed another Han book in the pipeline. Each of the Big Three are getting their own novel set between ANH and ESB and told from their perspective. Whether that means they will be written in the first person,I don't know. That approach might be interesting but the writer would seriously have to know the character inside out to pull it off.

      So, that means no Dave Wolverton! ;)