Monday, January 14, 2013

A Call for Mushy Stories! (The 2nd Anniversary)

It's little things like this that remind me how long we've been doing this for.  We've got a "Second Anniversary" blog today.  If you recall last year we asked for mushy stories in honor of Valentine's Day.  If you don't recall, you can check out some of the awesome entries that we received right here:  Valentine's Day Challenge.

Same as last year, we are asking for anyone to submit a mushy Han and Leia story just in time for Valentine's Day.  The story doesn't have to be about Valentine's, but that'll be fine if it is.  It doesn't matter how long it is (or how short).  Same as last year it can be G-rated or R-rated, whatever you want. Run free, go wild and submit your entry!  We are also in no need of any sort of plot if you can't happen to think of one of those either.  Just mush is fine by all of us. 

PM Zyra or me (myself?) and we'll start posting.  It'll be fun to post (and read) as we lead up to the big day, so don't hold out 'til February 14th, just send 'em as you write 'em.  And, oh, you can submit more than one story.  We wouldn't mind that either.

Happy writing.


  1. I have been thinking about picking up the pen again (or rather opening up a new word document) and this might just be the inspiration I need. Hmm.. mushy. :)

  2. I would so love to do this...but then again, I've already got so much on my plate! I will for sure think about it though, as writing "Promises" doesn't exactly call for any mushy moments between Han and Leia (mostly considering Han isn't even there, but still). It's always a nice break to write such...well...mushy stuff! =)

    And I can't go without saying Happy Anniversary!!! =)


  3. I won't guarantee that I'll even make it in time, but I'm really going to try to finish something. Soon.

    Happy anniversary guys!

  4. Well, I'm certainly tempted by this, but I'm not making ANY promises. I am a slow writer and I'm still short of a big fat plot bunny. However, I do have some dialogue floating around in my head, which may give me something to build from.


  5. I've apparently got a backlog of mush.

    1. She does. You'll all be seeing it soon :)

  6. oh yay! I love mushy stories!!
    I'm working on a few things, hopefully have something to post by the weekend!