Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Challenge: The Sequel. Submission #3

Are we overwhelming you with posts yet? Tough luck, because they're going to keep coming. This is some mush coming from yours truly. And it is definitely mushy, but I will also tell you that everyone is naked the entire time.  Enjoy!

Leia Solo sat back with her eyes closed and wondered for at least the thousandth time since she’d been with her husband, Han, if she had died and gone to heaven. 

The couple had been busy dealing with a very rambunctious yet adorable set of twins who seemed to be exploiting the fact that they could cause so much trouble now that they were able to run around on their own.  It continued to amaze Han and Leia how much their babies could get into when left out of sight for less than a minute. 

To make matters even more interesting, she was currently five months pregnant with their third child.  They had made sure to have the doctors check several times to make sure there was only one in there, and were greatly relieved to have that fact confirmed.  It had made this pregnancy a bit easier so far, and certainly made the end result seem a little less daunting. 

However, Leia had still been working fairly hard.  She’d cut back so she could have plenty of time with her family, but combining chasing twins with being pregnant, and just about any amount of outside work would prove to be exhausting. 

Han had awakened her one morning and told her he had a bag packed for her.  They were going to get away for a couple of days.  After some half-hearted resistance, she decided that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea.  He had made sure that any meetings or work could be put off, he had arranged for Luke and Chewie to watch the twins, and he had booked a brief visit to a gorgeous, secluded inn not too far from Coruscant. 

Leia had always felt like she was left in charge of almost everything in everyday life.  People were always looking to her for answers.  It was why it was such a comfort that when she was with her husband she could trust him to take the reins so often.  She had even once told Han, “You can be my captain anytime.”  It made her feel secure when he took charge of things. 

Especially when he brought her to places like where she was now.  She was immersed in a vast, deep and warm whirlpool tub, leaning back against the solid form of her husband’s body; his legs outside of hers, his arms wrapped around her while his hands wandered over the front of her skin, alternating between soothing rubbing of her protruding, pregnant belly and caresses to other parts of her body that served to heighten her desires. 

She really had no idea how much she needed this break until she felt the tension release from her muscles after Han filled the tub and told her they were getting in.  She did miss her babies, but this wasn’t such a bad way to pass the time.  Not to mention the fact that Han seemed even more enamored with her body when she was carrying his child. 

Her head was resting back against his hard shoulder, and she reached down and took his arms and gently hugged them to her.  “This was a good idea, Han.”

She felt his lips on her neck before he responded.  “I thought you might like it.” 

“You always take such good care of me.”

“Well, no wife of mine who is carrying my child is going to work herself into exhaustion.  Besides,” he said before his hands started wandering lower, “you’re so adorable when you’re pregnant.  I needed an excuse to keep you naked for a few days.”

She let out a little moan and started moving her hips in sync with his touch.  She had never been able to figure out how it was possible, but something about being pregnant made her ache for him in ways that she wasn’t sure she’d be able to endure beyond the months she was carrying the baby.  It was overwhelmingly distracting at times.  And Han loved every second of it. 

Leia felt their son start moving in her womb, suddenly distracted.  “Han, did you feel that?  He’s kicking.”

Han’s hands didn’t cease their roaming and he started nuzzling her neck.  “Tell him to settle down.  Mommy and Daddy are busy.” 

Leia waited a moment, felt his stirring cease, and then turned her head to face Han.  “I think he listened,” she said with a smile.

Han nodded.  “Good,” he replied before moving in to kiss her hungrily and she felt him stiffen against her back. 

They’d stayed in the tub for entirely too long having entirely too much fun.  When they couldn’t handle the heat of the water anymore, Han had carried Leia to the bed where they enjoyed themselves for the majority of the rest of the evening. 

Finally, when they had exhausted themselves completely, Han collapsed on his back and Leia snuggled up against his side, both of them breathing heavily and coming down from the intense high.  When she felt her strength return, she lifted her head to look down at Han’s very satisfied face.  “I’d say that was worth the trip,” she said before leaning down to kiss along his jawline.

“Without a doubt, sweetheart.  It’s been a while since you had the chance to make that much noise.”

She felt the heat rise to her face and wondered if there would ever be a time in her life where he wouldn’t be able to do that to her.  Probably not. 

She looked away for a moment and then felt his hand tilt her chin back to look at him.  “Hey, nothing to be embarrassed about, sweetheart.  You know how I love to hear just how much you’re enjoying yourself.” 

“And what about you?  Did you enjoy yourself?” 

“You’re kidding, right?”

She nodded and bent down to kiss him again, but she pulled away when she felt the baby kicking.  “There he goes again.”

Han moved her off him just enough so he could slide his hand along her belly and feel for himself.  She could actually feel the love radiating from his presence as he moved down to kiss her stomach gently.  “I can’t wait to meet this baby boy,” Han said between kisses. 

Leia laughed.  “Well, I can.  The two we already have are enough of a handful.” 

“You know you love ‘em.”

“I know.  They are some adorable little kids.  It’s not so bad having your babies, Han.”

“I’m glad you feel that way, because I love having those kids with you.”

She wasn’t sure if it was the hormones or what, but she was feeling especially sentimental at the moment.  While Han had always looked at her with nothing but love in his eyes, there was something about having their child inside her that seemed to connect them even more than usual.  She thought momentarily about what her life could’ve been right now, focused entirely on work and not having this wonderful man by her side. 

She pulled his chin so that he was facing her in the darkness, his eyes almost shining back at her as they reflected the moonlight coming through the window.  “Thank you for being everything I never even knew I needed.”

Being a man of few words, he simply smiled and then moved up to kiss her deeply and then brought his lips to her ear to simply say, “I love you.”

She said the words back to him and he moved on top of her, bringing his lips back to hers.  She knew where this was going and stopped momentarily.  “Wasn’t part of the reason for this trip to get some extra sleep?”

“We can sleep later,” he said as he moved his mouth down to her breasts and she realized that didn’t sound like such a bad idea.


  1. Zyra, you really are spoiling us you know with all these updates! But I'm certainly not complaining. :)

    You had me sold on the both being naked bit, that works for me ;) Absolutely no plot to speak of, but who needs one when we have such wonderful mental imagery as this?

    I love how Han was always looking for excuses to keep her naked. I'm guessing she didn't need that bag he packed for her? ;) and I love how she was very vocally appreciative of their lovemaking.

    I always think we have similar views of the post ROTJ Han and Leia, in that they are hopelessly devoted to eachother and have practically non stop sex. Just the way it should be, right?

    Pointless mush of the highest degree and I loved every second of it!


  2. Oh Zyra! This was awesome!
    I love pregnant Leia stories, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE pregnant Leia with Han looking after her stories. <3 They make me all warm and fuzzy.

    Oh, and props over the "being loud" line. Isn't that what holidays are for?

    Great post!

    PS : Love the activity level on here these days! Its so awesome to have something to read so often!

  3. Love this!

    Especially the line "Thank you for being everything I never even knew I needed."

    And Han being so sweet, taking care of Leia- squiring her away for a vacation. :)

    It's such a treat having new fics to read this often.

  4. I always love your pieces of Han and Leia's domestic life. And, I must admit that I have a fondness for Leia pregnancy fics. So this piece was just perfect. I loved their playfulness with each other and how much they enjoy each other's presence and touch.
    I especially loved the parts where Leia can feel Han's love radiating from his touch and when she thinks about what her life would have been without him, how easily she could have missed out on "everything I never even knew I needed."

  5. I have to echo all of the above comments. I love how you capture Han and Leia in these sweet little moments. Pregnant Leia is my favorite and protective Han taking care of pregnant Leia? The best! My favorite line would have to be Leia's: “Thank you for being everything I never even knew I needed." Probably because that is exactly what Han is! Bravo. :-)

  6. I agree with everyone! <3
    The best are Leia being loud (again) and letting Han "outrank" her! :)

  7. I love this. So sweet. I love how he squired her away for a weekend away. How he thinks she's adorable when she's pregnant. If only every day could be like that for them. And the image of his hands wandering lower? Nice and definitely hot.

  8. awww... this is sweet. I love Han being sweet to pregnant Leia. and I love naked time. great story. sorry I didn't comment sooner.