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Valentine's Challenge: The Sequel. Submission #4

This latest submission comes from jzhanfan.  This is her second submission to the challenge, which is just a reminder to the rest of you that there is no limit to submissions.  This story contains adult situations, so to our underage readers, this is not for you!
Once again, the Falcon's hyperdrive was in need of repair, and the nearest base where they could expect to find the needed parts lay seven days away at sublight. They'd already been gone longer than expected on their most recent mission, and High Command hadn't liked the idea of further delay, but there was no better option. It had taken a while, but Leia had finally managed to get their revised flight plans approved.

Relieved to end the conversation, she signed off and rose from her seat at the communications station in the Falcon's lounge.

The Princess was actually looking forward to a few days of no responsibilities. But there was one more being whose permission Leia felt she needed, before she considered herself off duty.

She sought out Chewbaca in the cockpit and broached the subject carefully.  "Chewie, you know... you know Han and I... well, you know we're, together, right?"

["You've been together for months. You mean you're mating with each other now."] Wincing, Leia nodded. ["of course I know,"] Chewie chuckled. ["Any being with a sense of smell knows."]

If possible, Leia's blush got even deeper. "Will it bother you, if we...?"

["Princess, what would you do if I said yes?"]

"All right, you've got a point. Let's try this again. Han and I are planning to spend the next six days in his cabin, naked. Do you think you and Luke can get us to Sullest on your own?"

The Wookiee turned to stare at her in surprise, and then saw her expression. ["You're joking?"]

"Of course I'm joking. Can I bribe you to take the first shift in the cockpit so we can have some time alone, though?"

["Will you promise not to use up all the water?"]

"Will I... what?"

It was Chewie's turn to be embarrassed. ["Perhaps I'm speaking out of turn."]

"Perhaps, but it's too late now." Leia's curiousity swiftly overrode her flash of jealousy. She was well aware that she wasn't the first woman who'd been with Han while on board the Falcon. There wasn't much point acting surprised about it. "Come on. Tell me."

There was a long silence while the Wookiee composed a tactful answer. ["He's always claimed that shared showers save water, but he's wrong."]

Leia bit her lip in amusement at Chewie's attempt at delicacy. "If we end up in the shower, I'll be sure to keep that in mind," she assured him.

Chewie gave her a knowing look and heaved a sigh that she took to mean, "oh, you'll end up in the shower, all right." It was a bit disconcerting to realize that the Wookie probably knew plenty more about Han's personal life that he wasn't sharing. "So, will you take the first shift?"

["Did he send you up here to ask me?"]

"No!" Leia cocked her head. "You really think I'd do that?" Chewie shrugged. "I came up here because I want to make sure there are no hard feelings. This is between you and me."

["What about Skywalker?"]

The princess looked at her hands. "Well... I was... sort of hoping... you'd talk to Luke? It's bad enough worrying that he can read my mind."

Chewie hadn't thought of it that way. Having a Jedi for a brother could get a bit awkward, at that. ["All right, all right. I'll talk to Luke. He and I will take the first two shifts. You've got sixteen hours. Then I expect you two to start being social again."]

"Deal." She went up on tiptoe to hug him tightly. He patted her shoulder affectionately.

["Don't worry, Princess. There are no hard feelings. I'm happy for you both."]

"Thanks, Chewie. I'm pretty happy for us, myself."

["Tell Solo he owes me a trip to Kashyyyk. Soon."]

Leia was immediately contrite. How could she have failed to realize that what she and Han had together might make Chewie feel the absence of his own wife more sorely than usual? "I'll tell him, Chewie. And I'll make sure it happens, too."

Solo was waiting for her when she got to the crew cabin, and he had her backed against the bulkhead before the hatch had completley closed. His fingers were undoing her buttons while his tongue explored her mouth. She came up on tiptoe to meet his kiss and he moved in closer, lifting her hands over her head and pinning them there with his forearm. Her eyes widened with surprise but she made no move to pull free. They gazed into each other's eyes for a long moment, and she whispered, "I love you."

His hungry expression softened and he bent to kiss beneath her earlobe. "I know. I love you, too." His mouth slid lower and he tasted the pulse at the hollow of her throat. The sensation sent chills down her spine and her back arched toward him. His hand slid along her thigh and his knee nudged hers, coaxing her legs apart so he could fit her even closer against him. Her fingers slipped beneath his waistband and found his aching erection. When her warm hand closed around him he went very still and then swung her up into his arms. In two steps he was across the cabin, depositing her on the bunk in a heap. He shed his pants quickly and was naked before she had her belt undone. He seized the bottoms of her trousers in both hands and tugged them off in a single move. In the process he dragged her forward so she lay with her hips at the edge of the bed.

And then he was slamming into her, hard and fast. Her legs wrapped instinctively around his waist, driving him deeper with each stroke. Awed and overwhelmed by the sheer power of his need, she dug her heels into his ass and hung on tight, letting him take her with him to a shuddering shared climax.

They lay together, panting, in the tangle of sheets, damp with each other's sweat. Leia drew circles on Han's chest with her fingertip and he stroked her hair, idly. "Is it always like this, Han?" she asked, very softly.

"Like what, honey?"

She propped herself up on an elbow and looked down into his face. "Like this," she gestured at the disheveled bunk and the heap of clothing on the floor. "Frantic. Hungry."

"As opposed to?"

"I don't know. Slow? Tender?" He cocked an eyebrow. "I've read too many romance novels, haven't I?"

"Come here," he drew her beneath him again. "Let me show you how slow I can go." The velvet touch of his tongue traced the shape of her breasts, outlined the hollow between them, tasted the soft flesh on their underside. Soft, wet kisses covered her nipples, crinkled tighly and aching with need. At last his mouth closed around one rigid nub and took it in, sucking hard.

Every tug of his mouth on her breast summoned a matching tug between her legs, and when his fingers parted her slippery folds to slide inside her, she whimpered softly.

He was true to his word, taking his time and bringing her twice with clever fingers to the edge of oblivion, only to ease her back down again. At last came the exquisite sensation of his tongue, deftly licking the wetness from her folds. It was nearly more than she could bear.

Tossing her head and moaning, her fists clutching at the sheets, she was nothing but her body. Nothing, but her quivering legs, her muscles clenched as she arched toward him again. "Please," she begged. "Please, Han. Please."

"Do you want me, Leia?" he growled against her heated flesh. "Do you want me inside of you?"

"Yes," she gasped, her voice ragged with need. "Please."

"No," he whispered, "not yet. Not this time. I want to watch while you come," he coaxed, as his thumb circled a particularly delightful spot. "Right now, baby. Go on, let go." His mouth was on her again, and his tongue replaced his finger. Her body shuddered and rippled around him, and she gave a helpless, high pitched cry as she surrendered to her orgasm.

He knew that her center would be almost painfully senstive at that moment, and he let go just in time, coming up on his knees to glide into her, slowly, sliding through her wetness and filling her before he backed away again. "Oh," she sighed, "oh, Han."

"You like?" he asked, softly, watching her face transform as she rode the slow waves to a completely different sort of climax.

"Yes," she breathed. "Yes." She reached up and took his face in her hands, kissing him deeply. She tasted her own wetness on his tongue, felt his rhythm pick up speed as she moved her own hips in time with his thrusts. It seemed to last forever, and her body felt different, softer somehow, more open to his length, more aware of his motion.

When at last he let go and gave one hard, trembling thrust, she felt it, clearly, as the hard length of him bucked and spilled a warm wetness within her.

"Mine," he whispered, against her lips, his eyes dark and intense as he came. "You're mine, Leia."

"Yes," she agreed, feeling tears build in her eyes. "And you're mine." She wrapped herself around him and held on tightly, not wanting to ever let him go.

They fell asleep, tangled in one another, never noticing when the cabin door opened and the Wookiee's head peered in. "They're asleep. Go, quickly," he motioned to Luke, who ran, hastily, to the fresher, eyes averted. Chewie, who was less easily embarrassed, crossed the cabin to retrieve the twisted sheet from the floor and spread it, lightly, over the sleeping lovers, who didn't stir.

Luke came out of the fresher, and went straight for the door. Pausing for just a moment in the hatchway, he felt a gentle wash of peace and contentment that was so nebulous he couldn't be sure whose emotions he'd brushed.

The water shower stall in the fresher unit was indeed Han's next idea, when they awakened, and Leia was feeling sweaty and sticky enough at this point not to argue. It took a lot of water to rise the shampoo out of her long hair, and they were both extraordinarily clean when the job was finally complete.

She found his hands, running along her wet body, more arousing than she had expected, and when Han backed her against the slippery bulkhead and pinned her there with his hips, she was as ready as he was.

At the last second, she remembered Chewie's admonition about wasting water. She manged to reach around him and switch off the water before her hand closed around his erection. Some time later, it occurred to her, belatedly, that perhaps there was a good reason to leave the water running after all.

Han's grunts of pleasure as he thrust into her, and her answering cries echoed in the small chamber, and she had no doubt that the sounds were carrying to other parts of the ship. But she was beyond caring, and beyond restraining herself even if she had wanted to.

Up in the cockpit, Luke and Chewie exchanged a glance, but neither said a word. Skywalker had long ago slammed shut the door in his mind that led to his sister's emotions.

Sixteen hours and one minute into the trip, Han and Leia finally emerged from the cabin and came up to the cockpit together, holding hands.

"Looks like it's our shift in the cockpit, eh, Chewie?" Chewie rolled his eyes but kept silent as he and Luke departed.

Han settled himself into his chair and caught Leia's hand again as she perched on the edge of Chewie's seat.

"C'mere," he pulled her gently onto his lap, where she nestled contentedly, her head tucked into the hollow of his shoulder, legs dangling over the arm of the chair.

"It won't always be like this," she said, softly.

"I know," he agreed. "Aren't you the one who said we should take our moments when we can?"

"I didn't think you were listening."

"I was." He smiled. "We're not always gonna have days like this. But it's gonna be good, sweetheart. You'll see."
Thanks for the wonderful submission!  And to the rest of you, keep them coming!


  1. Oh, sweet lord. Where do I begin? That was Hot beyond words. I was looking forward to reading some smut and you did not disappoint. Nicely done. I think I'll be taking a cold shower now.

  2. Holy crap JZ!

    I would have commented on this a lot sooner but I had to sit in a bath full of ice cubes all night trying to cool off. Phew.

    I love this. Sooo hot! You need to write more smut, you have a real talent for this. ;)

    1. yes, I've found my calling - one shot smut. ;-)

  3. WHOA. So much great. I don't know where to begin.

    Han being possessive. Leia being cheeky. Han...swtiching gears for Leia. Luke and Chewie trapped on the Falcon with its travelling sounds lol

    I agree with claire1976- you have a talent for this :D

  4. Oh, what a fun piece to read! And two bits in one fic, hot and fast and sensual and slow. Take their moments when they can, indeed.
    Thanks for the sexy time.

  5. That was awesome! :D A little awkward for Luke, at least in my innocent point of view! xD You must write more! And I LOVE Han being possessive. Can't get enough of it!

  6. Truly awesome! I'm on my third reading and only now thinking, "maybe I should drop a note saying thanks!" Well: thanks: really well done!

  7. Sorry for posting and then failing to comment sooner! I thought it was very fitting that initially things were so frantic and urgent and I can definitely see that being the case. And I love that afterward they took things a lot slower. I can see them using a lot of variety :) You don't want too much of one without the other!

    Very hot. Nice job.

    1. thanks all for the comments and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. those stupid "prove you're not a robot" things and my tablet don't get along so I have not been able to comment as much as I'd like - but I truly appreciate your praise. this is one of my favorite smutty bits that I've written and it's so nice that it's finally seeing the light of day.

  8. I just found about 'Scoundrels' by Timothy Zahn. According to wookiepedia, Leia Organa is only mentioned, but lots of Han involved in an Oceans Eleven inspired caper- so could be worth a read? This is a long shot, but has anyone read it or started to read it yet?

    1. Scoundrels is really fun. highly recommend.

    2. I just started reading it. So far, so good.

    3. I want to read this, but I'm just not in a reading mood lately.