Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Submission #3 - by Sunrider

This story was submitted by Sunrider.  This is her very first fic.  (And English isn't even her first languague!)  Thanks for the submission, Sunrider.  And congrats!!

Father's Day Submission by Sunrider

The crashing noise woke Han Solo up with a start. “What the...?” he said turning on the lights. “Leia, I think the kids are awake”. He looked over his shoulder, only to find an empty bed.

He went to the living area, and heard conspiratorially low voices coming from the kitchen.

He opened the door ajar and peered inside the kitchen

The twins were sitting on high stools, to reach the counter. Jacen was pouring flour inside a bowl, while Jaina stirred, her little brow furrowed in concentration. Meanwhile Leia was retrieving all the pots and frying pans that laid scattered around the floor, telling their kids off in whispers: “I'd be surprised if your father hasn't woken up with all this noise!”.

”Ok, this is ready. Now what?” said Jacen in a low voice pouring too much flour in the bowl. Jaina stirring so fast, she was sending specs of flour everywhere. Leia looked at her twins and smiled despite herself. She went to look up the recipe on her data pad. “Now it should be bright red”. She picked up little Anakin from the floor, before he could open any more doors and take out everything within, and went to see the twins cooking results. The content of the bowl was a mess of white flour. The twins looked at her, expecting an explanation of what was wrong. “Maybe we should add more water”.

“Yeah, maybe you should” said Han unable to resist the laughter any longer.

Jaina shrieked and sent the bowl to flying away with a start, covering every flour-free surface within reach. They all started to cough.

“Dad, you should be sleeping!” said Jacen, crossing his little arms and scowling. “What? With you all trying to demolish the house?” Leia's eyes rolled, and she said with a meaningful look at Han “They just wanted to make a cake for you”. Han looked down at their children's disappointed faces “And now you are going to make a cake with me. Ok, all the little nerfs covered with flour, to the shower. Now” he said. The twins went out to the fresher leaving little footprints on the floor as they went.

“Cooking... ? Really...?” said Han giving Leia a crooked grin. “Well, they wanted to make a cake for you. The fact that I can't cook doesn't mean I can't-” Han leaned over her and silenced her with a kiss. “Ouch!” Leia drew back and tried to unlock Anakin's little fingers from her hair. “Hey, there's no need to be jealous, Anakin!” Han helped her by taking their baby in his arms, so Leia could use both her hands to free her hair out of his little grasp.

She sighed “ Ok, while I clean up this mess, why don't you take care of our little nerfs?”. Han gave her a cocky smile “That's what nerfherders do, isn't it?”


  1. What a lovely first fic, Sunrider! And your English is quite good -- I have native speakers in my classes who should do as well! I love the kids making a huge mess in the kitchen!

    And I'm not sure if Zyra or Push is responsible, but I love the photo for it!

    Great job -- hope you'll write more soon :)

  2. That was really cute! And yeah, I second stats, your English is really good. For some reason the part with Anakin pulling Leia's hair made me chuckle. Babies and their grabby fists. So true! Anyway, good job! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. Very very sweet, and well done, you did absolutely great with the English. No problems with that at all.

    I love that last line, that's totally cute :)

  4. Awww, thank you for your comments, ladies! <3 It means a lot, because improving my english is very important to me. It's been years and years of reading, audio-reading, talking... ^_^

    Thank you Push, for correcting any mistakes for me. I love the picture!! It's perfect!

  5. I don't think anyone would've guessed English wasn't your first language. Excellent job and so glad you decided to go ahead and write :) And this is adorable. I love the image of the kids and Leia making Han breakfast, and mostly making a huge mess in the process. Thanks for writing!

  6. With the regard the pic for this's cute, but since when were Han and Leia's kids all ginger?

    1. Nah, it's just light brown.

      Fun fact about the picture: found on Wookieepedia, the caption tells us that it is of their 3 kids making faces to distract Leia while she tries to give an important speech. That made me love this picture way more.

  7. Aaaaaaaaw, that was cute! <3 There was only negative thing and it's not even your fault! :D It's the name Anakin. I don't think Leia would name her kid after him. Yeah, I told you it's not your fault, it's the EU! :D

    1. I totally agree! That always made no sense to me!

  8. Awww. That was really cute. And I could totally see them trying to do that for Han. You're English is quite good and enjoyable read.

  9. I loved this little scene, especially Han coming in and taking charge. :-)