Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Father's Day Challenge: Submission #6 by CCP

This was written several years ago for a longer story much in the future of that particular story. Given my current inability to update said story I thought I would put this out there and see what people thought and it might get me inspired again.  This is set during the Yuzhan Vong War at the time when both Solo boys were believed dead.  I know it is a little late for the Fathers day challenge but I thought this kinda fit because it is fatherly.  I also know that Tahiri is not really one of Han and Leia’s children but I think that she probably would have been through marriage. I also think that they would have always treated Tahiri as a fourth child and I thought it odd that for some books of the NJO they very much took on that role but for others she was shoved off on Luke and Mara.  I would have seen Han and Leia closing ranks on Tahiri especially after the loss of their sons.


No title but I’ve always thought of this as: 

Han and Tahiri’s Talk

Han felt haggard it had been six months since he had lost both of his boys.  He walked down the corridors of the Falcon trying to find the comfort that once came so naturally from her round corridors and battered bulkheads.   His thoughts were interrupted by sobbing from what had been the boys’ room once Jaina had gotten old enough to insist on her own.  Tahiri had occupied that cabin since Borleias.  Han paused for a moment to gather his nerve then palmed open the door. She was sitting on Anakin’s bunk with her back against the bulkhead her arms hugging her legs tightly to her chest.  She had her head buried in a pillow that was in turn crushed into her knees.  Han faltered for a moment then realizing that he had already put this conversation off for too long he charged forward. “Hey,” he spoke and nearly stepped back at the anguish in her eyes when she looked up.  The tight walls he had built to shore up his heart crumbled and he found himself falling into the bunk and pulling what was to him his youngest daughter into his arms. He let his own tears fall for a while grieving with her then gently pushed her back to where he could look her in the eye “Tahiri,” he started again, “I came in here to tell you a story.” She looked at him confused but waited for him to continue. “You see, I do know what you’re going through and I know exactly how you feel.”

“You know how it feels,” she looked on him testily, “to have your heart ripped in two because the love of your life is dead, I’m getting real tired of hearing that Han.”

“I don’t doubt it,” a whisper of the trademark smirk graced his face, “but in this particular instance it happens to be true.”

“I don’t recall a time when Leia died,” she was doing her best to make it known she was tired of people trying to make it better.

“That,” Han exhaled loudly attempting to maintain the courage it would take to get all of this out, “is because I’m not talking about Leia.” He looked up and her shocked and curious expression urged him on, “This all started about a year before I entered the Academy, I was working for some Hutts on Yelsia and she was one of the slaves.”

“I’ve heard about Bria Tharen before,” Tahiri interrupted, “it’s in like all of the history books.”

“That is Rebel Intelligence’s version, not mine,” he shot back, “the only other person who knows my version died a long time ago. You see,” Han started his story wrapping an arm around her and pulling her to lean against him, “I was young maybe a year or two older than you and I fell, hard.”  He proceeded to tell the story of his and Bria’s love affair before finally getting to the part her betrayal at Yelsia and ending with Boba Fett telling him of her death.”

“But then you met Leia right,” Tahiri reasoned looking up from Han’s shoulder, “kinda helped you get over it I would guess.”

“Well, yes and no,” Han chuckle remembering some of his own statements from that time, “you see a wave had gone out over the news channels about the Princess of Alderaan dying in a ships malfunction. When we were about half way to Yavin it dawned on me that if she was really alive then Bria could be too.  I told myself that I would take it all back and join the rebellion and we would spend the rest of our lives making it up to each other. I was crushed when they confirmed her death at Yavin, and it made me mad at them.” He shook his head ruefully, “I spent a lot of time thinking that I had wasted my chance, and although the attraction was there I often pushed Leia away feeling that I was betraying Bria.”

“Han, I’m Force sensitive I can feel what you feel for Leia,” she was again looking up into his eyes, “it’s so powerful, I just can’t help but wonder why you’re telling me all of this.”

“I’m getting to it, didn’t Luke teach you kids’ patience,” Han bit back at her before continuing, “it was about a year before Chewie slapped me around one day and explained what I was doing or rather what I was trying very hard to throw away. It was like a revelation of course by that time it was nearly too late.”

“So you’re saying that I have to let him go,” she looked aghast at what he suggested.

“Not exactly,” Han answered, “and not that you could if you wanted to. Bria has always had a place in my heart, just as I’m sure Leia’s first love still holds a place in hers. What I’m trying to say is that it is entirely possible for a person to have two loves in one life.”

“Why are you telling me all of this,” she asked somewhat confused.
“I was watching you and Valin tonight,” she moved to interrupt him but he continued anyway, “and you had let go and started to enjoy yourself until you realized it.  Then you shutoff pulled back in on yourself, I don’t think anyone else noticed but I did and I thought that it was time for me to tell this story.”

“I just can’t imagine my life without him,” she replied tears starting afresh.

“I know, and when you find yourself not thinking about him,” He spoke softly, “it tears you up because you’ve lost something so special that surely life can’t go on and you should consider that. It won’t come easily and it won’t happen overnight but eventually it doesn’t hurt so badly and then one morning you will wake up and realize that you’ve been living without him for quite some time and it turns out that life didn’t stop and there is someone else that can love you just as much if not more than the one you lost and vice versa.”  She nodded and he could tell she was letting it sink in a little bit, “Now I’m not saying you should start dating or anything like that I’m just asking that you don’t immediately dismiss the idea, eventually, moving on is not betrayal, remember that.”

“I will,” she said feeling just a little bit better than she had since Mykr.

“Good,” he once again pulled her into a fierce hug, “I love you kid, Now,” he gently laid her back on the bunk, “get some sleep for a change and maybe we’ll make Leia go do something tomorrow.” He stood and was out the door about to palm it closed when her voice stopped him.


“Yeah kid,” he turned back to her with a warm smile.


“Anytime Tahiri” with a last smile he closed the door and started back down the corridor to lay his weary body next to his wife and get some sleep himself. 

“You’re a good man, Han Solo,” Leia’s voice startled him as he passed the game table; “despite all efforts to the contrary, you are a good man.”

“Leia, I” Han found himself stumbling over his words wondering how much she had heard.

“It’s okay Han,” he could just make out her smile in the dark room, “I never held any illusions that you were innocent when we met, and perhaps I wasn’t so innocent myself.” Han smiled as he slid into the booth beside her slinking an arm over her shoulder.

“I always suspected as much,” he pulled her close and she giggled, “but I didn’t want to hurt your reputation.”  She could feel his body tighten next to her as he asked, “do you think she’ll be alright?”

“I don’t know,” she answered solemly, “all we can do is be there for her. I think your story will help although I am curious as to why I’ve never heard it before now. Did you really love her that much?”

“I think I did,” he answered honestly, “it’s been so long now that sometimes I’m not so sure but it seems like that’s the way it was. If Chewie was here I’m sure we would get a much more accurate description of the way it was.” He ended with a laugh and she joined him it was first time he had been able to laugh at his friend’s memory.

“Take me to bed Han,” he answered her request by sliding them both to the edge of the booth and picking her up in his arms with a slight grunt.


  1. A sweet story and a very unique perspective. Keep writing :)

  2. I thought that was very sweet of Han to help someone like that. Nice to see his softer side.

  3. Thanks for sharing this story: I appreciated how you approached the idea that someone can have more than one "soul mate" in life. I'm not crazy about the fact the EU gave Han an extra, but I really like how you handle it here.

    1. The thought I had here was that she is very young. I know most of us think we have found our soul mates at that point in life but it is seldom the case. Being that hers died would make moving on harder than just growing up. I think.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to comment! I like that you played with the idea of Han and Leia sort of adopting Tahiri for a while, and it was a brief time in the EU but it was clear that they did begin to care for her like a daughter. And I liked Han stepping in just as a father would with his own daughter. Poor Tahiri losing Anakin.

    Really nice to take a challenge like this and do something completely unique with it, so thanks for sharing :)