Friday, September 9, 2011

Warning: Gratuitous Sex Detour Straight Ahead

Han and Leia are back together and remember, this story really wasn't supposed to see the light of day.  So, when I sent Zyra this next chapter I gave her the warning that we were taking a "gratuitous sex detour".  I'm sure you guys don't really mind, right?  I don't know if this one rates a warning, but if the title didn't clue you in, please proceed with caution as this chapter has adult content.


The sound of repulsorlifts caused everyone at the table to jump with a start.

“Relax,” Luke said as he stood up from the table.  “It sounds like my X-Wing.  Remember?  I sent for Artoo.”

Everyone stood up and followed Luke outside.  Sure enough, Luke’s X-Wing had landed next to the Falcon

As they watched Artoo lift himself out of his socket and then lower himself to the ground, Han said, “I can’t believe I’m asking this.  But…where’s old goldenrod?”

Chewie growled and patted Luke on the back.

“You win?  Win what?”  Han asked.

“We had a bet on how long it would take for you to ask about Threepio,” Luke explained.  “Apparently, Chewie does know you better than I do.”

“Really?  And what was your bet, kid?”

Luke looked at Chewie and then back at Han as he said, “Never.”

The group laughed and headed back inside with Artoo tagging along.  Gathering around the living area, Luke continued, “Threepio should be arriving today, he’s been with Lando.”

“Lando?” both Han and Leia asked in unison.

“Yes, he’s been helping us look for you.  We sent word to him last night that we had found you both.”

Chewie barked and rumbled something to Luke.

“Yeah, it was Lando that got word of your release on Kiffu,” Luke explained.

“Is that where I was?” Leia asked absently.

Han wrapped his arm around her and pulled her to him.  “What about Mon Mothma?  I assume she told you where to find us?” Han asked.

“Yes.  But that’s the first contact we had with her for quite some time.  Her whereabouts and transmissions were being closely monitored by the Empire, which is why she was unable to let us know of Han’s fate on Coruscant.  But once Leia and Wedge landed there, she was forced to expose her allegiance,” Luke explained.

“You know about Wedge, then?” Leia asked.

“We heard from Rieekan that you had both escaped and we were monitoring the local Coruscant channels and heard that one of you had been killed.  I was positive it wasn’t you, so…”

The room fell into a silence until Han asked, “So…is Mon Mothma headed to regroup with Rieekan’s crew?”

“Actually, she’s going to meet up with Dodonna and Madine first.  Then the entire fleet is set to regroup above Omwat in seven days.”

Chewie let out a long, slow grumble.

“Chewie and I believe that this rendezvous may be a trap,” Luke offered.

Han leaned forward.  “So what are we going to do?  Sit around and let it spring?”

“Actually, yes,” Luke replied.

“To what end?” Leia asked.

Luke stood up and began to pace the floor.  “We’re hoping it will flush out the traitor…if there is one.”

“And then what?  Overtake them with an X-Wing, the Falcon and whatever Lando shows up in?” Han asked.

Chewie barked a confident reply.

Han and Leia both looked at Chewie. 

“Whatdya mean more than that?” Han asked Chewie.

Chewie turned to Luke.

“You’re looking at the reinstated Rogue Squadron Commander.”

Han relaxed back on the sofa and put his arm around Leia.  “Now this thing is starting to sound like a plan.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Luke smirked.  “Well, like I said, Lando should arrive sometime today and we’ll spend one more night here and leave in the morning.  We’re to rendezvous with the Rogue Squadron at Arbra.”

Han turned to Chewie and asked, “How’s the Falcon?  Anything we should get done before we hit the skies?”

Chewie grumbled and barked a lengthy response.

The long list of minor repairs that his co-pilot rattled off did not faze him.  If anything, the thought of getting elbow deep inside the guts of the Falcon made Han’s heart skip a beat.  To have both of his loves back in one place was more than he had let himself imagine possible in the last few months.  Giving Leia a quick kiss on the cheek, he stood up and said, “Let’s get to it, then.”


It seemed like only a few seconds had gone by, but when Leia found him working at the main gun access panel in the aft hold carrying a plate of food, he figured it had been slightly longer than that.

“Think you can take a break for dinner?”  Leia asked as she stood there holding the plate of food in one hand and a frosted mug in the other.

“Did I miss lunch?”  Han asked as he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Yes,” she replied as she walked towards him.  “But, more importantly…did you miss me?”

He smiled at her and as he took the plate and the mug out of her hand and set them on a nearby ledge, he pulled her to him and replied, “More than you’ll ever know.”

Her face clouded over and he pulled her in for a long, deep kiss.  The feel of her hands in his hair and his arms wrapped tightly around her waist, still felt somehow unreal.

He broke their kiss and after planting a trail of tiny kisses down her jaw line, he whispered in her ear, “I’ve never made love to my fiancée on my ship.”

“Chewie did leave to eat dinner at the house,” she replied devilishly.

Han had taken a shot in the dark, not knowing if Leia would be game.  Her willingness caused an immediate stirring in his lower regions as he pulled her closer to him and replied, “I’ll raise the ramp, you meet me in my cabin.”

Leia grabbed his arm, stopping his hasty departure.  “Don’t you mean our cabin?”

He smiled.  “My mistake.”  Then quickly kissing her on the nose he said, “Meet me in our cabin.”

Han swung by the Falcon’s entryway and raised the platform, locking it just in case.  After a quick detour to the galley to scrub the grease off his arms, hands and face, he began unbuttoning his shirt as he made his way to the captain’s quarters.

When he entered the cabin, Leia was already under the sheets in his…their bunk, a heap of clothes piled neatly on the floor.  He quickly undressed and climbed in beside her, her naked body warm next to his.

He just looked at her for a moment, the feeling that this dream would soon come to an end still haunted him.  She brought her hand up to his face and rested it against his cheek.  Turning his face, he kissed the palm of her hand and then grabbed it with his hand and laced their fingers together.

They spent what felt like an eternity in that bunk.  Their breathing, the Falcon’s ventilation system and the squeak of the bunk beneath them were the only sounds they heard.  They memorized every part of their bodies again.  They kissed each new scratch and bruise and traced every scar, rediscovering sensitive spots and finding new ones.  This felt like their homecoming more than anything else had yet.  Here in their bunk, the same bunk that they had first made love in. 

Leia gasped as their bodies finally joined into one.  Han lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her as he began to move inside of her.  Their bodies were painted with perspiration and their breath was ragged, but they remained silent.  Words seemed too invasive and vastly inadequate to describe what this meant to each of them.

When they were finished, he held her in his arms in a spooning position and she trailed her fingers through the hair on his arms.  His kissed the back of her head and squeezed her to him, silently willing her to never leave his arms again.

The distinct sound of repulsorlifts above them gave them both a jolt.  It was Han who spoke first.  “That has got to be Threepio.  Good thing his timing seems to be a little off today.”

Leia chuckled as she turned around in his arms.  “I want to stay here, in your arms, forever.”

Han kissed her forehead.  “Are you using your Jedi powers to read my mind, Princess?”

“I don’t need Jedi powers to know that this feels so right.”

Han relaxed back into the bunk.  “Well, I’m not making the first move.”

Leia let out a deep sigh as the sound of the repulsorlifts winded down indicating that their visitor had finally landed.  She closed her eyes and inhaled, taking in all the sensory information her mind could handle and committing it all to memory.  The musty smell that was she and Han, the warmth of his body pressed up next to her, the feel of his fingertips pressed lightly against her ribcage – the beat of his heart, the rise and fall of his chest.  And finally, tentatively, she felt for his Force signature. 

As crude as her Force training had been, her body began to expand with the presence that was uniquely Han Solo.  It was a steady thrum, like a low, drawling musical note that hums in the background almost unnoticed.  And then it was light.  It was a bright, magnificent light that washed everything else out, blinding and tremendous, like a perpetual supernova.  Then there was a tingly warmth that spread over her body like a million pin pricks.

She opened her eyes.  “I’ll go get freshened up,” she sighed as she slid out of the bunk and grabbed her clothes on the way to the ‘fresher.


When the couple finally exited the Falcon, they were greeted by an audience standing around a Skipray blastboat. 

Leia was the first to react to a much unexpected guest, as she exclaimed, “Admiral!”

to be continued

Zyra’s condition:  She said that I had to bring another character in.  It could be someone we had already seen in the story or someone new, just as long as it was someone other than Luke, Han, Leia and Chewie.  I guess I kinda cheated, because I left it up to her to name who our mystery Admiral is.


  1. Great chapter - no complaints here!

  2. One thing you'll probably notice throughout, Push is way better at moving the plot along in this thing than I am.

    I love the comments about Threepio and how Luke thought he'd never even bother asking about him. And then of course who doesn't love a gratuitous sex detour? I can definitely see them wanting to make up for lost time and I also loved the mention of Threepio's timing being off since obviously he was too late to interrupt anything :)

  3. Um, I think sex was the plot for a little bit here. I'm pretty sure they get it on in about 4 chapters straight. It was a very scenic detour...

    (And thanks for the comments Zyra and Jenny2412)

  4. LOL you won't catch me objecting to gratituitous sexual detours. at least not too loudly :-)

    PS word of the day is mouthy. I love google.