Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Response to Making Things More Adventurous by KDSolo

This one is untitled and was submitted by KDSolo in response to the conversation about too much vanilla sex for Han and Leia.  Definite adult content ahead.  You've been warned.

It had been almost 2 weeks since Leia had seen her husband. His mission to the outer rim was finally over. She hurried through what Han called her “pre-lovin’ beauty regimen” as she applied light make-up and a delicate dot of perfume between her lightly heaving breasts. Her lingerie was dark purple, a color Han liked and the lingerie was made for easy access and removal. She could feel her heart beat loudly in her chest as if this was their first time all over again. Biting her lower lip in nervous anticipation, she checked her appearance in the mirror one last time. She knew Han would approve.

She left her chair and entered their candle-lit bedroom, finding it somewhat difficult to maintain her usual grace. She stopped short of getting onto the bed and stared dumbfounded at her now sleeping mate. Crinkling her brow, she considered letting him sleep. She was irritated but she knew he was tired and she wouldn’t fault him his need for sleep. But damn it, she wanted him…now.

She walked to the end of the bed and gripped his feet gently but firmly, massaging the tops then the balls of his feet. She started by placing feather-light kisses on his feet and moved slowly up the length of his legs increasing the pressure of the kisses as she moved. She could hear Han’s breath catch in his throat as she reached the inner portion of his thighs, kissing, licking, sucking, and  biting his sensitive flesh. She could taste the saltiness of his skin and the complete masculine taste of him.

“Leia,” he moaned her name as his fingers erotically entwined in her silky chestnut curls, pulling her hair just enough to cause the slightest hint tension, pulling her closer to his growing erection.

She brushed her nose and lips close to his perineum and scrotum, letting her hot breath wash over him. He shivered under her ministrations and moaned her name aloud, stroking her hair with both hands. She ran her tongue slowly over him, enjoying the pleasure she was giving him. A rush of warm fluid ran from between her folds at the thought of taking him in her mouth.

Firmly she gripped his erect penis and ran her tongue around the head, enjoying the silky texture and the sticky wetness that her touch produced. With the skill of a well-practiced lover, she took him fully into her mouth and began to pleasure him.

“Oh gods, Leia”, Han was withering beneath her. His hands had left her hair and were grasping at the sheets. “I’m about to come.”

Leia stopped long enough to look up at his flushed face and smiled seductively, “Come then, I love you”.

With that, she amorously returned to her ministrations, stroking him firmly below his scrotum. She could feel his release building until finally his seed spilled into the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly until everything was gone. She kissed him gently on the tip of his manhood then started working her way up his chest. She stopping to circle and suckle his nipples and nip his neck. She didn’t stop until she had her center above his face.

“Mmmm, something smells good,” Han  mused  grabbing her thighs and positioning her comfortably above him.

“I sure did miss you, flyboy”


  1. Holy s***!!

    I'm sitting here is a corner table in my little local coffee shop, practically doing a spit-take on my strong roast and holding my iPad close to the chest so no-one can see the SMUT I'm reading! This is the place where ladies come to compare their kids' test scores and bitch about their grown-up daughters, OK? And have meeting with resume coaches, not read naughty naughty fanfic!

    But it is pretty awesome to be be doing so ;)

  2. Oh, and in case the Holy S*** didn't express it: good job! You have done your patriotic duty by smutting up Han/Leia fic :)

    And it is only on a re-reading that I realize where Leia ends the story: sitting on his face?!?

    You rock, seriously.

  3. Definitely adventurous, and absolutely lots of fun!

    LP, I realized that as well...(cue Monty Python)

  4. When I got to the end of this, I realized that I had not ever read that last bit in a Han and Leia story before, so good for you for finding something new to add for a couple that has been written about for over 30 years :) And, I mean, good for them too, I guess ;) I like the set up at this point in the relationship, that he is exhausted after coming home from a long trip but she missed him and doesn't care how tired he is! I'm sure he did not mind being woken up. And while it is hot and definitely not vanilla, it's a nice glimpse at a couple that is so into each other and not afraid to just do what they want to do and be completely open and sexual. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Now that's what I'm talking about! There's the smut my husband is always teasing me about reading when he sees me reading fanfic!

    Han getting some below the belt action happens extremely sparsely in the fics I've read, and I love that you had him give a physical encouragement for Leia to do so. Not forceful, but knows what he likes and wants. And the way that you put Leia's impetus to get some of her own at the end was new and just as hot.


  6. nice work. now would someone please write what happens next?

  7. "It's also not advisable to read this story on a crowded bus, paranoid that everyone sat near you can see what smut you are reading. LOL. Anyway, am I the only one who picked up straight away that she was sat on his face? I knew when Han said something smelt good he wasn't referring to her perfume. ;)

    1. I'm grateful my office has a locking door. It's been used to read smut more than once. Hell, I just celebrated moving into my new one by reading this smut :)

  8. ^ You mean it wasn't the cookies in the oven?

    But wow, certainly not vanilla. A nice change of pace in this department, awesome job KD!

  9. Hi, I'm Annafan - LadyPeter found me languishing in the vanilla wastelands of another well known forum and invited me over here.

    Great short story but where do they go next?

  10. Great job and nothing vanilla about that! :-)

  11. Thanks for the comments!!!!! I have just recently started writing some again.I always loved to write but my kids would not let me. Now they are at the age that I am not cool so... LOL. Would have commented sooner but I had a hard time getting on the blog. Not very computer literate unless it has to do with work. Hope to do some more soon. I actually have a story I am working on and a one shot I have finished but I am letting "simmer" for a couple of days. It is much tamer. Love this site. I have actually been here since the beginning...lurking...wishing I could write but thoroughly enjoying myself.