Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Joint Story: The Sequel - Chapter 23

Once inside the darkened establishment, Han’s nostrils were filled with the aroma of a hundred different alcoholic concoctions and dozens of different species who had all stopped by for any number of reasons.  Some might be taking a little break on their way home from work, others could be celebrating.  Even more common were the ones who had stopped by to drink away their sorrows. 

He wasn’t quite sure what he was doing there.  He had a woman on his arm who seemed quite thrilled to be with him, and it made him recall that there was a time when that wasn’t an unusual occurrence.  It wasn’t so long ago that he was living a very different life, and he constantly wondered whether or not he actually missed it. 

There had been so much freedom in being his own boss and taking jobs when it was convenient.  Sure, he still had to work for a living, but he wasn’t answering to Rebel officers and certainly not to stuck-up, self important princesses who seemed to take great joy in judging his every move.  Who did she think she was?  At this point he was starting to wonder if she’d ruined his life. 

“Hey,” he heard from next to him, looking down to see Lohree staring up at him with eyes like she’d just won some sort of contest.  “Should we get something to drink?”  Her sentence was punctuated with a hand that slid down his back and then a little lower and he tried to remember when the last time was that anyone had touched him like that.  He knew it wouldn’t take much effort to have her doing whatever he wanted. 

“Sure,” he replied.  “Why don’t you go grab us something and I’ll look for a table. 

She smiled and slinked off, running her hand along his body as she disappeared toward the crowded bar.  He had hardly even been able to hear her over the loud music.  Why was it always so damn loud?  Once he found a table and seated himself, his eyes scanned the room.  There were happy beings, angry ones, and many somewhere in between.  It was the kind of scene he’d witnessed on dozens of planets in between hundreds of smuggling runs.  He even saw a few men who looked like pilots similar to himself not so long ago. 

He had some fond memories of that life.  But all of that freedom had come at the price of never having much of a home of his own.  Chewie was the only one he could count on.  Running his fingers through his hair, he shut his eyes and pictured Leia looking up at him with those brown eyes and telling him that she loved him.  Han knew she wasn’t lying.  If anything, all that time she had fought so hard against him she had only been lying to herself.  They may have been at war now, but there was still hope for a future and a life together.  Was any of it worth it without that? 

He didn’t want his old life back.  He had managed to convince himself once that it was what he really wanted, but he didn’t think he’d be able to stand it anymore.  Seeing the holo of their wedding has unlocked the last of the missing memories of that evening for him.  All of it had come back: how she looked, how she smelled, the feel of her warm body pressed against his, and the sweet taste of her mouth when they'd kissed so passionately.  He remembered telling her that he loved her, and meaning every word, and he couldn't erase the memory of the look on her face when he'd said it.  There was simply no more denying it.

“There you are,” he heard a familiar voice say as he looked up to find Lohree scooting into the booth next to him and handing him a drink. 

Every bit of her that could be touching him was, and he was again remembering how much he’d missed having a woman’s touch.  If only this wasn’t the wrong woman…

He took a sip of his drink, cringing when the overly sweet flavor hit his lips and he remembered that he hadn’t told her what he wanted.  “What’s this?” 

“Marlberry twister,” Lohree said.  “It’s my favorite so I thought you might like it.”

Han briefly wondered what his old smuggling buddies would’ve said if they’d caught him with such a girlie drink in front of him.  Although having a girl to go with it might have helped to shut them up.  Then he thought of this woman’s poor, hapless husband who was so obviously being used for his money.  Was this really the kind of woman he wanted to spend even one night with? 

He felt her hand on his thigh, her fingers trailing lightly as she continued to look at him adoringly.  He could probably be with her somewhere private in less than ten minutes…

I love you, Han Solo.

The words echoed in his mind; Leia’s husky voice etching them into his memory for all eternity.  He realized how much he longer to hear her say them again.  How much he wanted to kiss her again.  How much he wanted to wake up next to her tomorrow and every day after that…

He slammed his fist down on the table and causing Lohree jump in the seat next to him.  His hand came to rest over his eyes as he was overwhelmed with a combination of frustration and anger and love toward that petite brunette who was causing him so much heartache. 

Gods, damn it! 

He had to know.  For sure this time.  He wasn’t going to let her run away.  There was nothing more he’d do here tonight without knowing with complete certainty where he stood with her and what she was willing to do with it.  And truth be told, Lohree would always be there tomorrow if Leia shut him out again. 

“What’s wrong?” the woman next to him asked. 

You’re not her, he wanted to say, but instead replied, “I’m sorry, I have to go.” 

“But, what about…?” she began but he cut her off.

“I need to talk to my wife first,” he said before tossing some credits on the table for the drink and walking out of the cantina and back to the Falcon. 


  1. I saw this was posted, and I tried to postpone reading it in order to finish other things I was in the middle of doing. I couldn't let that happen.

    The contrast of Lohree physically with Han and his tortured returned memories of being with Leia and wanting to stay with her was perfect.

  2. WOW, good decision, Han! That's my boy! :D

  3. Woo hoo. Han's other head took over.

    I am like you Char. I just noticed the chapter and delayed going to work to read it. I just couldn't wait.

    I can't wait to see how Leia responds. They have both accepted they want to be together; now they have to say it to each other.

    Excellent chapter Zyra. Excellent story Push and Zyra.

    1. Lol. I like that. Han's other head took over. :)

  4. What a great way to start my morning! I really like the turn of events although it starts to feel like the conclusion of this terrific story is close by.. and I don't want it to end ;(. As a fanfiction reader, when you find a great story and start waiting for updates with anticipation, the last chapter and those two little words "the end" brings mixed feelings. First, you're happy to finally know the outcome of months of toying around but you tell yourself: what now? Fortunately, It's not over yet!

  5. Oh, I'm so glad Han ran! I'm really hoping they can pull it together! You guys are so good in this story; you totally wrench my guts. :)

  6. PHEW!! Thank God Han came to his senses. Now....

  7. Zyra I knew you wouldn't let us down, and you haven't, you finally brought Han to his senses and now he's going to do the decent thing. I like how despite being with Lohree he just couldn't stop thinking about Leia the whole time.

    I guess we must be nearing the conclusion now, and if we are, it's been quite a ride ladies.

    But I'm still hoping for sexy time before the end ;)

  8. As much as I despise the casual air Han always has with sex, I actually laughed out loud at this line: "And truth be told, Lohree would always be there tomorrow if Leia shut him out again."

    Leia and Han are so incredibly insecure that being stubborn and/or cavalier is just the easy response, and while in reality that would piss me off to no end, it's just something that makes me laugh in good humour.

    Cannot wait to see where Push takes this. I'm hoping for a lead-in to an ATTHS moment ;)

  9. I love this story, I agree with several of the people above their insecurities and stubbornness is so realistic.

  10. Yayyyyyy. Now I hope that Leia doesn't shut Han out. I mean the man can only take so much. I'm still hoping for Lohree to get punched by Leia though ;-)

  11. Nice job, Zyra. I liked this. His thoughts about his old life, the details that he remembered about the night they married, his conflict over being with the wrong girl. It fit well with Leia's struggle in the previous chapter. Well done. That was a great line about him wondering if Leia ruined his life. Good one. :) But so glad he is coming to his senses. I only hope Leia isn't prepared to shut him out again.

    And oh, how I love Han as a scoundrel. Ha. I bet he could have Lohree some place private in less than 5 minutes. :)

  12. Good update! I especially like when Han wonders if he really misses his old life.

  13. By the way, Zyra, my customary "squee" moment in this chapter was the first time we read "my wife." I gotta do it again: squee!!

  14. Okay, with Han and Leia's luck, she saw something and she's angry now. That could be bad and she shuns him again OR they get to have some happy make-up time...if you know what I mean. On another note.I have had trouble posting but I have followed both stories.I hope you do not stop writing because I, for one, love to read and plan to comment more regular in the future.

    And, any volunteers for a beta?? My kids are finally big enough for me to start writing again and I am on a roll.

  15. Had I not commented on my own chapter? Glad you guys liked this. I really did have to bring him back from the brink of disaster. I'm glad you liked it. I figured the cantina would make him think about his old life and how he didn't really want it anymore, and yeah, Lohree will totally say yes tomorrow even if he turns her down tonight ;) Let's just hope it doesn't come to that.

    Also, you have no idea how much fun we had thinking of all sorts of crazy things to do with this and other ways to torture our readers :)

  16. coming to his senses... good!