Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Plot Twists and Other Hidden Anxieties

Well, for those that are following my story, I dropped a pretty big plot twist in my latest chapter.  I surprised myself last night, upon depressing the "publish" button - at how nervous I was regarding my reader's reactions.  I think that's why I did it late at night, so that I could fall asleep and forget about anyone who might be reading it at that moment and hating it or loving it or most preferably dropping their jaws and saying, "What the what?"

It sometimes surprises me on which parts of my story make me nervous.  As Zyra mentioned, you have your typical "adult scenes" that wreak havoc on a writer's psyche.  But sometimes there are descriptive scenes, or internal thoughts or bits of dialogue that you become overly sensitive or excited about.  In my experience, these things can pass by without so much as a comment, making you wonder if perhaps you had overestimated their importance.  But sometimes, when a reader takes the time to comment and they happen to point out that bit of your story that you were particularly nervous over, well then it's pretty darn cool.

So, all of that got me thinking of other scenes or scenarios that had made me nervous, both to write about and to publish.  I thought this might be a good topic to maybe spark some discussion on this blog.  (Yes, you loyal readers - all 4 of you - you can comment on our posts!)  And so to that end, I've made a little top 7 list of things that make me anxious/nervous to write about.  (Seven because I had more than 5 but couldn't think of 10).

Feel free to comment, commiserate or share yours!   


#7 - Arguments
#6 - Original Characters or most any character besides Han and Leia (including Chewie, Luke and 3PO)
#5 - Setting the Scene (descriptions, including what my poor characters are wearing)
#4 - Declarations of Love
#3 - Action Scenes
#2 - "The No Pants Dance" (any occasion)
#1 - Han and Leia's first time - have never written it (but I think it happens on the way to Bespin)

And, not to be outdone by Zyra...a picture (this pic totally deserves a story or at least a funny caption):


  1. Well, I think you do a great job with these, and I'm going to have to heartily agree with you on #1. That topic scares me so much I've never even attempted it in one of my nobody-is-ever-going-to-read-this experiments. (none of those exist anymore, you pried them out of me) Seems kind of silly to have anxiety simply due to writing something, but it happens anyway!

  2. I would go crazy if either of you wrote a Bespin story. I think you guys would do an amazing job. wink wink ;)

    I look at this list and although it terrifies me too I just dove right into every single one of them. OK, except for 1 and 2.Doesn't mean I am good at them but I just went for it. Ask Z. But all the others, yes.

    I actually love writing arguments. I'm a bit of a feisty one myself so I guess it's just a release for me. Plus, Han and Leia fights are so much fun. You can be witty and creative with all of your dialogue and the more it escalates the better.

    Also, obviously, went straight for the Original Character. Is it a good character? That's debatable but who knows.

  3. I like writing arguments, too. The problem is that I so often find myself writing in the time frame where they are happily married and don't have as much to yell about ;)

    As for Bespin, at least from me, don't hold your breath! Besides, although I am perfectly happy with reading other people's interpretations, I'm from the school that says that they did NOT do it on the way to Bespin. So if you think you're getting any hanky panky out of a Bespin story from me, think again!

  4. lol, Z. You crack me up. I would start a debate but I might start to rant. Not a good thing, lol.

  5. All of the above have or would scare the hell out of me to write. I really don't like writing arguments between Han and Leia. Not because I think they shouldn't argue but their arguments should be, like Jarik said, "witty and creative" and I don't think I can be.

    Tricky filler bits make me nervous, too. Aside from it being boring from my perspective writing the bits in between the main events, I worry that I've put the reader to sleep before they have reached the main bit!

    Oh, and they totally 'bumped uglies' on the way to Bespin! It's all in that little smile she shoots Han when he takes her hand from Lando! (Am I reading too much into that? ;)

  6. Digs,

    I totally agree on the smile she gives Han on Bespin. It says it all!

  7. I'm not going to turn this into a did they or didn't they on the way to Bespin debate! I choose to see it the way I do and I'm cool with you seeing it the other way. Nobody buys my side anymore, which is another reason I'm not going to write it.

  8. I have to comment on this - I find arguments obnoxious to write because for some reason I just can't do it. Whenever I try to write one, the characters always seem to make up right away (and not, not sexually, that's something else I can't write). The fight takes a couple of paragraphs if I'm lucky and in the end they're completely off-topic. The only argument I can think of right now that I've written that isn't like that? In the fic I'm working on now. And the little fight may never see the light of day because I'm not sure if it even makes sense.

  9. I don't think I've ever read a story about the trip to Bespin in which they don't make love. In fact, I just finished reading one last night on

    By the way, I think either one of you (or both of you together for that matter) would be able to write a good one. ; )

  10. Thanks for that vote of confidence, Emma. I guess only time will tell...

  11. Hmm.... funny going back on my comments here and it looks like I got over my fear of #1. I can say though that although I have my own ideas about what may have happened on the way to Bespin, I still have no inclination to write it.

    Also, I've definitely read a few in which they didn't do it on the way. Off the top of my head, "Diary of a Wandering Princess" by Sue Zahn and "Adrift" and "Adrift II" by RachelPrincess. Highly recommended. I know there are others, but I'd have to go back and do some searching to get titles.

  12. That's funny, the one I just read was also by Sue Zahn.

  13. Yep, she has two. "Into the Fire" which I'm sure almost everyone knows by now has them wind up in bed. But she also wrote the other one just as a different take on it, a lighter tone, and without the intent that they'd wind up sleeping together. See? No reason you have to commit one way or the other, you can write any possibility you want!