Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We're still trying... but here's an alternative...

Well, believe it or not, fanfiction.net is STILL not letting us post chapters. It seems that somehow some people have magically gotten through to post updates, but it seems far less than normal and anyone I've talked to is receiving the same error message. It has been about four days now, and nothing. It's been driving me crazy not to post, so I've decided to go back to where I used to post my stuff before ever posting anywhere else, Nerfherder's Playground. Hopefully you know of it, and if not, you should. It used to be quite the active community of Han and Leia fans, and while it has lost its regularity of posting, there are still a few souls hanging out. I find myself checking hopefully almost every day for some new posts. I'd encourage anyone to go over there and try to start some conversations. I have some theories that there are more people in this fandom than we think there are, they're just being too quiet! So please, get into the conversations. It doesn't have to be posting stories, there are plenty of threads just talking about Han and Leia.

And in the meantime, you can check out my latest chapter that I posted if you so desire. You have to have access to the boudoir in order to read it, but it's there. You will also see the progression of my story as it changed a bit.

Push has been forced away from her computer at work most of this week, so that is why she has been absent. I am not enjoying not talking about Han and Leia all day!

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  1. I started reading your blog now from the first post in the chronological order and enjoying. :) It is very interesting and nice to get to know you guys better. :) I love it how you are so devoted! <3

    Over then years ago, I had fantasies about Star Wars and made up stories in my head. But then I got worried and thought it's wrong to make up your own stories of an existing movie. Violating their copyrights or something... I had never heard of fan fiction. Then me, the stupid girl, changed the story very much that it wouldn't been recognized to Star Wars. :P I wasn't even posting it anywhere, didn't even have the internet, so who I was afraid of to recognize anything?!?!?