Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Santa...

Okay, so Zyra has been giving me a hard time lately about this Lego Death Star pictured above.  If you haven't seen or heard of it yet, it is $400 worth of StarWars Lego heaven.  I mean, this thing is incredible!  So, Z thinks I (or Santa) should get this thing for my boys.  I mean, no doubt - it's freakin' awesome.  But $400?!?!  For Lego's????  When I was young you got a bag of mixed blocks and built dinky houses and cars with square wheels! 


Has the imagination portion of our children's brains been removed? 

Do they really need these 10K peice kits that build these perfect replicas?

The answer to these questions is apparently (as in the words of Phineas and Ferb), "Yes, yes they do."

Okay, so I know Zyra's going to point this out so I'll admit it straight up.  My kids already have a few of these Lego marvels in my house.  Alright, so many that I'm running out of places to house these delicate monstrosities.  Let's not even talk about how if you even look at some of these things crooked they start to fall apart. 

So, I had been holding pretty firm on NOT spending MY money on these things.  I mean, I can't help what other people buy them or what they spend their birthday money on, right?  Even though I had been salivating over that $120 Lego Millennium Falcon just praying that Grandma or Grandpa would step up and get it for one of them, I had been holding strong.  That's right.  No way.  There were a lot better things I could spend over one hundred dollars on. 

Well, my youngest son got a bunch of money for his birthday just a few weeks ago and, dun, dun, dun...bought the Lego Millennium Falcon for himself.  Yep, I stood in that toy aisle at Target and feigned disinterest.  Said things like, "If that's what you want to spend all of your money on..."  While inside I was thinking "Yes, yes!  Of course you want to spend your money on that!  Who wouldn't?"  And of course, I helped him put that baby together when we got home.  From the little holochess table to the sensor dish on top.  It was pretty freakin' cool.

Here's a pic of the Falcon in Lego's:

Oh, the memories.  Well, as of now, it's still put together.  Ask me again in a few months.  It'll probably be a $15 heap of spare parts by then....

So, all of this got me to thinking. 

I know we've talked about these Lego things, at least through some comments around here and I started wondering how many of you guys had these kits.  Other than the Falcon, my kids have an X-Wing and they have Slave I (Fett's ship) which included a little carboinite Han Solo. 

But, alas, nothing we have could equal this Death Star as far as number of pieces and sheer cost.  And really, I do think it's more than a little ridiculous.  But that doesn't stop me from wanting one.  Especially after Zyra pointed out how many cool characters the Death Star comes with...such as pictured in this photo:

Just look at cute little Han in his Stormtrooper armor.  AND you get Han in his regular clothes.  Two Han's!  And is that like 3 Lukes?  What's up with that?  Is that the Luke that goes on the second Death Star?  IDK.

Anyway.  Is anybody else holding out for Santa to bring them this Death Star?  Or perhaps the Falcon?  Maybe some of you are still waiting for your Blu-Rays?  So what is it?  What do you have, if anything, that is Star Wars related on your wish list? 



  1. I asked for the OT on DVD (how pathetic is it that I only own Empire, and even that I only recently bought?)

    "Boba Fetch" and "Luke" tee shits from Woot.

    Various LEGO sets (including the X-Wing, which I know I am getting. Found it on my mom's eBay won list by accident.) Also mentioned the Falcon (Christmas money present to myself? Perhaps...) and, I'll admit it, Anakin and Sebulba's podracers. Wouldn't mind those. BTW, the list says '(after the X-Wing) "Also, any other LEGO Star Wars set, or space set, or anything that will cool and occupy my time to build." The Falcon and podracers were handwritten in later.

    Wow that was a long explanation. -_-

    The Boba Fett sweatshirt I saw at Hot Topic

    Star Wars Poster - there was a stormtrooper one at FYE I liked and I later found it on a kids' snowboard. Jesus it was cool! But no adult sizes :( BTW, check out Burton's Star Wars boards and R2-D2 helmet.

    Allegiance by Timothy Zahn

    Yeah, kinda a lot of SW stuff. Psh.

  2. Guess what Santa is bringing my daughter for Christmas?Yep, the Lego Falcon. Can't wait to see it. Of course, she's probably going to have to fight with her brother over who gets to play with it. He's getting the Lego landspeeder.

    I always wanted a Falcon when I was a kid, but I had an x-wing instead. No idea what happened to it. If I had known...

    This year is I asked for some comics and the essential atlas.

    The Padawan Menance DVD came with a Lego Han. I make the kids keep it up by the tv =). $400 is awfully steep for the Death Star. But for 3 Hans? It might be worth it. I found the sexiest picture of him from ANH. It's a doozy. Ya think Santa could squeeze him under the tree for me? Or Johnny Depp. I'm not picky. =)

  3. You know you want it. And yes, three Lukes because he was on the second Death Star and there are scenes from both included there. I saw it put together at a Lego store this past weekend and yes, I still want it! You know there is also the super star destroyer which is also the same amount of money/pieces, but only comes with bad guys.

    MajorTrouble, you're young, so you can be forgiven for not owning the other movies. Especially since of all of them you have the best one :) I am jealous of you people with the Falcon. I get Star Wars Legos for my nephew but he's way too young for that one for at least a couple more years. Another friend of mine has a son who got it and both she and Push (totally unrelated friends of mine) were posting progress pics as it was being put together and I was definitely jealous. When I played with Legos as a kid we did have kits that made real things with instructions to go along with the bags of random pieces to make random, multi-colored things, but I only had some generic space ships and no Star Wars :(

    Aw, those Star Wars snowboards are only for kids. Disappointing. I don't think I asked for any Star Wars things. My brother usually gets me something though, and more fun is that it is not specifically asked for so sometimes a total surprise. I did buy some Star Wars presents for people including Han in carbonite ice cube trays. I never put ice in drinks really, but if I had those all future beverages would be icy cold :)

    Oh, Hallmark has some cool Star Wars ornaments I would accept as a gift but not so sure they're worth $30 to me. Slave I, Han and Greedo, and something else I can't remember right now so surely wasn't Han and Leia. Maybe Yoda. There's a button to have them say a bit of dialogue from the movies.

    When my nephew is 9, he is getting the Death Star if I have anything to say about it. I have a few more years, maybe by then I'll be rich.

  4. My son is getting the falcon. He already has the x wing, the tie interceptor, vwing, and all of the mini sets. Also the land speedee with which we reenact the "these arent the droids youre looking for" scene. Mommy is buying herself a hoth medcentre and the ESB anniversary book. Or maybe the blu rays. Will see how much amazon cash i end up with. I have it on good authority also that my daugter bought me the falcon tee shirt from target. . It will be a toss up who has more fun w falcon lego, me or the boy. Son already suggested we could have han and leia lego wedding in falcon. Leia is wearing hp lego invisibility cloak and I think lego dumbledore is going to officiate.

  5. My son is saving up for.death star. I said if he saved the $400 i would pay half and he could deposit $200 in his savings acct. This tactic held off my daughter purchasing a ds for two xmases. But the boy has almost half saved already.

    We go drool together at the lego store.

  6. Good lord, 400 bucks for that? It is sweet, but sheez. But I have no idea how much lego sets like that are usually. I know my little cousin has the Slave I, a star destroyer, the Falcon, and bunch of other assorted ships.

    As for me, I usually get a few Star Warsy things from my cousins. I have been contemplating getting a Millennium Falcon model kit to put together for the hell of it. There's an awesome cutaway kit I've been eying.

    Someone bought me Boba Fett and carbonite Han ornaments a couple years ago. I currently have them hanging from my tree. :)

  7. I do have a Falcon and x-wing on my tree.

    ESB anniversary book? Can someone fill me in? Hadn't heard about that.

    I could not find the tshirt at Target. Believe me I tried.

  8. I think the ESB book is the 'Making Of' book that came out a while ago. If you haven't checked it out, you must. It's fantastic.

  9. Yees elivager thats the one i meant. Its on my wish list and if no one buys it for me that is what i am getting with my amazon points.

    Thanks to zyra my nook ebook wish list is much shorter than it was. :-)

  10. A few books you thought you might want but now don't? Making of ESB book rocks and you all need to get it.

    You can't find the Target Falcon tee? Go hunting at more Targets. They should be with all of the graphic tees, folded up on the wall. See, I have no idea where you live but since Push and I are hundreds of miles from each other and can still guide each other to the cool Star Wars shirts at Target and Walmart, you should be able to find it. I'm sad I didn't know about the Falcon ornament until it wasn't for sale anymore :( And last year I got my cousin the Boba Fett and Han in carbonite one. I remember handing him the tiny box and telling him, "I know this present is really small, but I promise it's awesome."

  11. Will try more Targets. Have a gazillion near me. Do have a new Star Tours tee. It's pretty awesome and even some Disney people asked me about it.

    The carbonite ornament sounds cool.

  12. I've heard that this is the last year the Death Star will be sold.............

  13. There is this book I've been eyeing called 'Dressing a Galaxy." Pretty pricey- but its HUGE. It's about all of the costumes from all 6 of the Star Wars movies. For me, the outfits are the only redeeming qualities of the prequels. Oh, and Ewan McGregor. :)

  14. Jzhanfan, you and your son are holding an lego Han/Leia wedding in the Falcon? I think I would get along well with him, LOL.

    BluRay set is on my wish list, basically just for the alternate kiss scene :) ooh, now. I really want that coffee table book. Sigh. Must remember that for birthday...

    On a completely different note, I watched episodes 1&2 for the first time today. Most of it was very, very painful. Except for the Padme fight scene. But seriously, compared to Han & Leia? Ok, gonna stop now before I get into a rant...

  15. Golden dragon, trust me, you will LOVE the alternate kiss scene on the blu-ray!!

    I am getting the 2012 calendar and the Haynes Manual of the Falcon!!!!

    I remember as a child back in the 80s how I sooo wanted the Falcon toy. All my friends wanted Barbie and dolls and I wanted that!! Actually I never got it, I was told by my parents that Santa couldn't get it as it was the toy everyone wanted!!

  16. Oh and does anyone here have the huge 3 volume SW encyclopaedia? I am considering ordering this as a Christmas treat for myself and wondered if it's worth getting?

  17. That manual of the Falcon looks very cool. Birthday present!

  18. I don't have the encyclopedia, but have heard Wookiepedia online is just as good.

  19. Claire1976: What is the 2012 Calendar? The only SW calendars I ever find have more prequel months than OT.

  20. The new calendar has a different character for each month, I would say there is an equal share of classic and prequel characters and both Han and Leia have their own months. Shame someone doesn't produce a Han and Leia calendar with lots of smoochy pics on it!!

  21. I tried to last year via this 'create your own calendar' website. Ask Zyra, I worked on it for a while! But then they wouldn't approve it because of copyrights! Damnit, man.

  22. Aw, man. I wish i had this list before my husband went Christmas shopping for me.

    That would have been pretty cool,Push. Too bad they didn't let you do it,

  23. Push, that majorly sucks that you couldn't get that calendar made.

    Now I'm thinking I should get the Making of ESB book instead of that encyclopaedia. Zyra, I assume this book has lots of Han and Leia/ Harrison and Carrie goodness?

  24. I could make one (my computer class is making custom photo calendars - no joke) but as much as I'd love it, my teacher would have to print it and I don't want him to see that, so... :P

    But mostly I don't have $10 and already made my free one.

  25. Push was working on that calendar for days and days and I was super excited, followed by super disappointed. Especially since I directed her to the web site to make her own calendar.

    I don't know what that encyclopedia is, may have to investigate. The ESB book has lots and lots of great pics and a whole lot of information that I have to admit I haven't actually read yet even though I've had it for months and months. I flipped around, though. It did detail a fight they got into surrounding the carbonite scene! Nothing terribly malicious, just some irritation and annoyance. No stories of secret behind-the-scenes trysts though that we all know they shared...

  26. The Making of ESB book is the only SW thing on my Amazon wish list... and I don't think any of my family think it's a good present for a however-old-I-am mother of two, so I'm probably not getting it. :P

    I could just buy it myself... but I won't. I feel too guilty about making purely selfish purchases that cost much more than a chocolate bar or a coffee, so I guess I'll just up the Amazon priority to "high" and hope someone bites? ;)

    I don't think I've played with a Lego set since... well, my sister had some pirate Lego and things but other than the figures, I think it was almost all basic blocks, and then there were instructions on how to build a pirate fort and a couple of things like palm trees or skull and crossbones flags. I think the pieces themselves could be used to build other things... a lot of the sets today, at least judging by the picture on the box and the space shuttle that my son's friend has, it kind of looks like once you build whatever you're SUPPOSED to build with it, there's not a lot of replay value? Either leave it together and treat it like any other toy, or take it apart and put it back together the same way? Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

    My son wants a Lego airplane. But I'm pretty much convinced that getting him a big box of the basic blocks and helping him use his imagination to get them into an airplane-ish shape is the way to go?

    And $400 for LEGOS??? Wow... I don't think I ever got a Christmas gift that cost that much. I guess $400 today doesn't go as far as it did way back when, but even the video game systems and the bike I got when I was a kid didn't cost that much. I kind of think the Sega Dreamcast might have been around that much...but by then I was in high school and bought it for myself. I would definitely hesitate to spend that much money on a single present for a child.

  27. My son makes all sorts of stuff from his lego kits besides what its supposed to be. He hates the ones with "special" pieces bcs you cant build other stuff. He recently dismantled his x wing and his sisters hp quidditch pitch and used the pieces from to make santa and his reindeer. Its usually a struggle to keep the kits assembled long enough to take a picture!

  28. Zyra no I did a little downloading the other day and my ebook library is a bit more complete now.

  29. I saw some calendars in a shop today where you can insert your own photo, sure these must be widely available. So....we could actually make our own H/L calendars at home.

    Hmmm, think I am going to stock up on ink and photo paper now!!

  30. That's a cool idea, Claire.

    Jzhanfan, any good SW books that you downloaded?


    Awww yeah.

    Also, watching Ep III on Spike (OT will be on tomorrow). And I love Obi-wan so much xD

  32. That totally sucks about the calendar! Now I want one. Hmmm. This year I had a calendar of all the different planets from the movies.

    MajorTrouble, sick jacket!

    Heh, I'm having a few of my SW virgin friends over next week to force them to watch the whole saga. I wasn't too keen on putting them through the misery of watching the prequels, but my other friend insists on it.

  33. Love the jacket, Major Trouble!

    Elvigar, I hope you are making them watch the original trilogy first. Seeing TPM first could be really off putting.

    Ugh. My entire laptop has crashed, with a whole bunch of writing that I hadn't been able to backup yet still on it. Now I have no computer, and it turns out to be really hard to type anything on an iPad, LOL!

  34. Golddragon you have my sympathy on the crash. Been there, reconstructed stories that were list. Also agree it is not so easy to type on tablet.

  35. That's why I've started saving my current story on my flash drive. My old computer was pretty near crashing.

  36. What is it with crashing hard drives lately? Mine got a terrible virus last week that required a total hard drive wipe and reinstalling windows to start over. The good news though is that I know a great computer guy and he was able to save all of my files.

    So let this be a lesson to everyone: right now, back up your files in some fashion. Whether it be an external hard drive, a flash drive, some online back-up system or something as simple as e-mailing it to yourself so it's always saved on your e-mail address. Just do something, because losing all of your writing, or, even worse, something actually important, is not fun!

  37. "something actually important", I love it xD But yeah, definitely back that s*** up, yo. (Imitating my friend, don't judge.)