Sunday, December 25, 2011

Somebody's Been Sleeping in MY Bed...And he's got a big Blaster!!

Look what Santa left in my bed!  Han Solo, in his blue jacket with his blaster!

I also got the Darth Vader and Yoda bobble heads pictured in the background.  And some Star Wars boxer underwear to sleep in.  Now I'm snuggled up on the sofa and have my Episode IV Blu-Ray playing.  What a great day!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!

Tell Us What Santa brought You!


  1. Push, Han Solo and his blaster are in your bed and you're posting? Really? =) Love the bobbleheads.
    I think the question for me is what DIDN'T get for Christmas? There was a definite Star Wars theme to Christmas this year. Seriously, Santa outdid himself this year. Had to take pictures. Hopefully you can access the links.
    Here's a photo of all my goodies - And yes, that is a Lego Death Star in the back just for me. Woo-hoo! But no 3 Han's in it. Just two. Also got the Lego Battle of Endor, 3 comics, and a stuffed Vader. And my Falcon ornament just happens to be in the picture just to the right of the lion.
    Here's a photo of all the Star Wars presents including the gifts for the kids and hubby -
    Already put the speeder together -
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. Merry Christmas to everyone. Santa brought our oldest daughter the Star Wars Blu-Ray, we are all watching episode V as I type. Hubby bought me a Kindle (still figuring out how to use it). He also got me some Star Wars sleep pants. Yup we are napping and watching tv too. (of course our youngest is face-timing with her cousin a thousand miles away - welcome to the future). I got my husband a set of Star Wars shot glasses (found at Ross) for when he takes the first shot. Merry Christmas from extremely warm South Florida.

  3. Oh, my! Amara Z! What a haul!!! The Death Star and the Millennium Falcon! Have a great time. I guess we won't be hearing from you for awhile...

  4. Am I jealous that Han solo is in your bed? No, of course not!

    Push, if you've not seen the deleted scenes on the blurays then get watching the ESB ones right now and get drooling over the super hot "alternate kiss".

    I got my SW calendar and just to let you all know only 3 out of the 12 months are prequel characters, which is good.

    Got the millennium falcon workshop manual - very hot Han pic inside! Plus a fun kids book called How to speak wookiee, which has cool chewie sound effects. And also a fluffy chewie keyring that also makes noises.

    Enjoy the rest of Christmas everyone!

  5. Thanks, Push. I was quite surprised. I said I might need to take week off to put everything together. I do have some things I want to write.

    Claire1976, the manual sounds cool.

  6. First of all, you just HAD to have the word 'blaster' in the title. I took one look at it and hit my head because I was laughing so much. This isn't the first time this has happened reading this blog...

    Didn't get my blu rays :( But now have a new laptop after my other one crashed, so at least I can write again. Phew.

    Woah... You didn't get much for christmas, did you Amara Z? :)

  7. Glad you got a new laptop. Very cool.

    Yeah, I'm trying to figure what I did good this year to deserve it. =)

  8. My brother gave me a Star Wars t-shirt on it, came from Target and amazingly, though he is not aware of my complete stash of SW t-shirts from Target and Walmart, actually got me one I did not yet have, so that was good. Other than that, no SW gifts, sadly. Although I already had the aforementioned sleep pants and boxers. I love that Han doll though. Where did he come from? Who got him for you?

  9. Hubby got Han for me from Target. IDK what he's supposed to be. Just a figurine, I guess. He's not a bobble head like Yoda and Vader.

  10. He is cool. Your hubby did nice work.

  11. Aw, Han. Amara, oh man, I want that Endor set! :O

    I got a Boba Fett shirt and some SW shirt from Target with Luke and Leia on it. Both completely awesome. I've got SW shirts sticking out of my ears now!

    Speaking of which, this is something I bought for the purpose of wearing at Christmas. I couldn't stop myself from getting it:

  12. well, the boy got the Falcon Lego set of course, and a SW Lego tee shirt, and the Hasbro set with the battle over the Death Star trench - Luke and Darth and an X wing and Tie and Artoo - which I get to play with too because it takes two people to reenact the Death Star run. I always have to be Vader though. The girl was gifted in equal measure with Lego Harry Potter goodies. I got them each the appropriate Lego character encyclopedia for their theme which means while they played I got to read yesterday.

    I didn't get anything SW personally except a Falcon tee shirt from Target from my daughter, it's a 3XL mens so it's a nightie on me :-) she said it was the only one they had left but she knew I wanted one.

    we are off to Old Navy with our gift cards today in the hope of finding more tee shirts there (ha, probably all sold out)
    since no one visited my wish list at Amazon I am using the B&N gift cards from mother in law and sister in law, which were meant to be for Nook books, to get something I wanted. now I have to decide if I want the Star Wars Year By Year book (I had it from the library and it was AWESOME, I didn't want to give it back) or the Making of ESB. decisions, decisions.

    We are halfway through the assembly of Falcon, we are on step 55 of 102. if he has his way we will be done by the end of today.

    Push, you have Han in your bed, at our house we found him in the dog's bed! Poor Lego Han was covered in drool but intact, blaster still clutched in his little Lego hand.

  13. I've admired that Falcon tee, but can't find it in my size either.

    Elivagar, love the Christmas shirt. Very cute.

    We're on step 93 of,the Falcon. I've been taking photos, but haven't loaded them yet. I think the Death Star will be next. 192 steps. =)

  14. I'll obviously stick to just the Star Wars stuff for you guys. I got:

    Star Wars cookie cutters
    Star Wars pancake molds (guess what I had for breakfast?)
    The Boba Fett sweatshirt (last week from my grandparents)
    LEGO Luke's Landspeeder (going to take it apart so my dad can rebuild it)
    LEGO X-Wing (love it! But wondering how they got away with not giving Han a blaster)
    "Boba Fetch" and "Luke" woot shirts
    Stormtrooper poster

  15. So my dad took over the computer earlier and I was lucky to post that at all. Sorry.

    Amara - Jesus I'm jealous! I want the Death Star if only because it would take so long to make it xD The landspeeder was easy and fast but it's kind of a cool thing to have, I think. I'm also reaaally jealous of the Falcon. As much as my parents would be against it, and probably not let me, I might attempt to purchase that with my Christmas money.

    I'm glad everyone got some cool stuff. My friends think I'm nuts because I have so much SW stuff. One of my best friends apparently hates it, despite having never seen it - so she has to just kind of deal with my obsession :)

    Merry Day-After-Christmas! Enjoy all your new stuff!

  16. Your Christmas money is YOUR Christmas money. If the most rebellious thing you do as a teenager is buy the Falcon against your parents' wishes, you're probably doing ok. And just so we're clear, that probably would've been the extent of my defying my parents as well. I do remember one time my mom got really mad at me when I went to the library when she didn't want me to...

    Your friend can't hate Star Wars if she's never seen it! It doesn't work that way! Even though I hate Twilight even though I haven't, but that's different, because I'm right...

  17. I wish the Falcon was mine, but it's my daughters. We've already found out that the Falcon likes to fall apart if you look at it wrong. So I had to get out and across the living room. =) I'll have to make some room somewhere.

    I loaded some photos of the building process.

    Managed to finish it this morning. I think the Death Star is next.

  18. I agree with Zyra too on both counts. You're doing pretty good, gold dragon, if that's the most rebellious thing you do.

  19. The other problem is figuring out where the hell I'd keep a LEGO Falcon after it's put together xD And I think mostly what she hates is that I always talk about it, but she of course won't watch it anyway. I might have to make a trade with her - I watch/do something she likes that I don't, she watches the first episode. 'Course, she doesn't like Harrison Ford... but I think that's also because of me. Oops.

    And don't worry, we're all right when we say we hate Twilight (and I have read the books and seen the first movie. *shudder*)

  20. She doesn't like Harrison Ford? I can understand maybe if she only thinks of him as he is now, which of course is grandpa aged. But she's seen him when he was younger, right? If she doesn't like him, then she seriously must not like men in general. I've never met a female who didn't like him. Or a male, actually, but for different reasons. Not that this comes up with every person I know, but you know what I mean.

  21. we hit Toys R Us with gift cards in hand today. The boy acquired Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga for his brand spanking new DS. He claims that Indy and Han are brothers, BTW :-) Mommy came home with a talking Jawa keychain attached to her purse. its little eyes light up. hee hee hee.

  22. She's seen plenty of pictures of him, courtesy of me xD Again, i think the biggest problem is that I get on her nerves talking about him xD

    JZ - those games are a lot of fun. He'll probably spend hours of the next few days locked in his room, DS in hand. In fact, I just got my new DSi (no games to go with it) so I picked LEGO Star Wars as the first game to play on it.

  23. I have that Han! Although, mine is still in the box (yes, I am one of 'those' people) and not in my bed... I should fix that! I'm very jealous of everyone's gifts. I did really well with Star Wars gifts last Christmas but not so much this year.

  24. Not sure if anyone's interested, but I started on the Death Star last night. I posted some pictures in But below are just a few.
    You wouldn't believe the number of bricks to this thing. There are 4 boxes of bricks and a huge book. The bags are just from one of the boxes.
    My progress after the first set of bags last night.
    My progress after tonight. I think that's the trash compactor in front.
    Yeah, you weren't kidding, Push, about being busy for a while. =) What a problem to have.

  25. That instruction book looks like a novel!

  26. Damn I'm jealous! Haha I love LEGOs and Star Wars and having something to do. Now I just need cash, I can sate my various hungers.

    Speaking of instructions that look like novels, I found a book called "The Jedi Path" that's all about becoming a Jedi, and has comments from various characters in the margins. Was pretty entertaining. Luke mentioned something about how he was meditating once and only noticed he was levitating a meter off the ground because Han startled him and he fell.

  27. My X-wing... way way way way way more pictures than there should be. Oh well.

  28. Yes, the instruction is completely huge. It's been so much fun though.

    MajorTrouble, very cool X-Wing! I like the Han in the blue jacket.

  29. I gave him Luke's lightsaber, too :)

  30. Major Trouble, my daughter stumbled across The Jedi Path at Barnes and Noble, she brought to me saying that Ineeded it. Smalls son thinks it will actually help him become a jedi.

    FALCON is finished... sort of. Less than an hour after completion, small boy was thinking up improvements. So far we've hinged the cockpit for easy access, made it taller so chewie mini figure fits, replaced landing gear with salvaged parts from the x wing so it now has eniugh space underneath for minifigures to stand under there and enter ship via ramp. After studying blueprints he is now plotting escape pod designs.

  31. Aw, man, jzhanfan. Wish I had thought of that for our Falcon. Will have to suggest raising it up to the kids. If you came up with a way to keep it from falling apart, let me know. Of course, it's the Falcon. It's probably always about to fall apart.

  32. Small boy sounds like he might have some Han in him. Always have to make modifications and improvements so she's better and faster :)

    And can I just say how nice it is to know that there are other grown women out there who like Star Wars toys and t-shirts and such? I know for some of you it's supposedly for your kids, but you know you like it just as much as they do :)

    As typed while I sit here wearing my Star Wars pajama bottoms. I have a sweatshirt on too, don't worry!

  33. Amaraz - in the absence of Corellian spit, gorrilla glue is an acceptable bonding compound and works well to help her hold together. We reinforced the biggest trouble spots with extra bricks to make it more stable and used glue only on the bits held together by a single peg.. Small boy would not allow me to super glue the sensor dish to the hull, as he said it was supposed to fall off. I love this kid.

  34. Thanks for the tips. Since I don't have any Corellian spit laying around, or even better a Corellian laying around, I like the idea of extra bricks. Will have to get some more.

    That is some boy you have. Smart. Mine is not quite the builder yet. He's only 5. He does like to go around the house with his hand in front of him and pretend to Force choke you. He'll even tell you he's Force choking you. I don't know if I should be concerned or proud. At least he listened to me. But perhaps I explained that part of the movie a little too well. =)

    MajorTrouble, Han with a lightsaber? Oh, my. =) I've lost track what weapons my son has given Han. The Death Star came with mini handcuffs for Chewie.

  35. LOL about Han with a lightsaber.

    one day my daughter was tormenting the boy as big sisters are wont to do and in frustration he stomped away and stood halfway up the stairs, yelling back down at her, "I am going up to my room and bring back the DARK SIDE of the force and then I will show you. you will be my minion!" we all burst out laughing which just annoyed him more. yes, folks, my son keeps the dark side of the force in his bedroom closet. :-)

    By the way, we went to Target today and lo and behold they had just restocked the pop culture tee shirt section. I bought three Star Wars shirts before I could stop myself.

  36. Lol, on the Dark Side of the Force.

    Ooo,I wonder if themTarget near me has restocked.

  37. Were Han and/or Leia on any of these shirts? I noticed the red Falcon shirts had been restocked in my Target the other day, and they also still have a couple of Vader shirts. But nothing beyond that. Maybe I need to check out Walmart again though, they sometimes sneak stuff in there.

  38. Woo-hoo! Thank you, ladies. I was just at Target Monday and no tshirts. They snuck them in I guess. Got a Falcon tee. Sweet.

  39. at my Target they had restocked the red Falcon shirt, Vader (who's your daddy), "Everybody look busy, Vader's coming", Yoda (Trust me, A Jedi am I) and a brown shirt with Luke and Leia sort of like the original movie poster ish poses. Couldn't believe my luck, they are always totally out of the SW stuff whenever I am there.

    amaraz I will try to take some pics of the modifications - particularly the landing gear -to give you ideas. tonight the sensor dish got an upgrade, it now shoots blue lasers.

    my boy is six and he is a Lego freak. Last year he made a Lego Easter basket which featured wheels, hidden gun portholes, and stormtoopers around the perimeter to protect the candy. he won second prize at Sunday School. We think the stormtroopers were considered un-holy.

    He was Vader for Halloween this year. It was his plan that I dress up as Princess Leia and he'd drag me along with handcuffs made of duct tape. The dog was going to be Chewbacca. Sad to say, the little girl inside of me actually gave this a few seconds of consideration before the mommy stepped in and vetoed :-)

  40. PS I am totally jealous of the Death Star.

  41. Pictures would be awesome. My son was Vader at Halloween too. I think I convinced my daughter we should be Padme and Leia sometime.

    Stormtroopers to protect the candy? Nice!

    The Death Star seems to be much sturdier. I can actually pick it up. I have 3 days to work on it with the holiday. Woo-hoo!

  42. You guys and your awesome children actually make me want to have kids when I'm older, which is a first. xD And you guys should try Hot Topic, they have some cool Star Wars stuff there sometimes. It's where I found the Boba Fett sweatshirt and my 'Your Empire Needs You' Stormtrooper recruiting tee shirt. I've also found a lot of other cool shirts and stuff there - stormtrooper and Vader headphones, tee shirts, Chewbacca backpacks. Which reminds me, I need to post those pictures on Tumblr....

  43. That's really cute about wanting to have kids. Thanks. Ooo, I've seen the stuff at Hot Topic. it's very cool.

  44. Hah, MajorTrouble, I know how you feel. I'm still not sure, but when my sister had kids I was like, "Oh, now I get it. It's like getting to play with your old toys all over again except it's okay because you're really doing it for your kids!" I left the library the other day with a handful of items I almost wanted to announce and pretend were for my son or nephew or something, but they were, in fact, for me.

    jz, I can't believe you didn't go along with that! Come on! And your boy sounds fun. My nephew is a bit younger and shows signs he might turn out similar. A couple of weeks ago I was on the phone with my sister and I could hear him in the background humming the Imperial march music.

  45. How about a late Christmas present to yourself???

    Those of you after a Han and Leia t shirt (and come on, who among us isn't?)

    Go and check out F&&k Yeah Han and Leia on the cool sites links, if you go a few pages back on that site there's a pic of a t shirt featuring Han about to kiss Leia with "you like me because I'm a scoundrel" written underneath.

    This shirt is available in loads of colours and sizes from Don Robot - google it. And they do international shipping. Cool.

    I am soooo ordering this!!

  46. I posted more pictures of the Death Star today. They’re in on pages 2 and 3.

    Would you believe that I have one box left out of the four? And I think there’s only one set of bags in it. It’s been awesome. It has all sorts of cool things to play with in it. How they ever destroyed a planet with that laser is beyond me. It wouldn’t stay together as I was putting it together. It was the hardest part.

    Here’s some of the highlights:

    Trash compactor (complete with trash) -

    Han and Tarkin in the Detention Center –

    Luke and Leia ready to swing over –

    Emperor’s Throne Room –

    Latest level done with laser -

  47. Wow, that looks complicated! Sigh. I don't think I would be able to cope with putting that together!

  48. Some levels been easier than others. Easier than the Falcon in ways. Thing is sturdy.

  49. My son is loving these updates and he is dying for a death star now. Will have to figure out how to post pics so you can see upgraded landing gear on falcon.

    Last night he told me to stop messing with HIS Millennium Falcon. Mommy is totally obsessed with that stupid cockpit.

  50. Awesome pics, it looks so fun!

  51. Glad he's enjoying the updates. It's been a lot of fun. I think I might let the kids have at it when I'm done. There's just too much cool stuff on it.

    Photobucket is probably the easy to put photos on and post links to and it's free.

    That's funny about HIS Falcon. Next time my husband fixes ours, I'm going to look at modifications. Building is not really my strong suit though.

  52. The Death Star is finished. I guess it took me less time than it did the Imperials. :) This was a lot of fun and a little easier than the Falcon. My son has been playing with the Death Star quite happily.

    Photos are on page 3 of

    On to Endor next...