Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Few Blog Updates

I'd like to first say thank you to those of you who come out and comment. When Push and I started this blog, it was not just so that we could talk to nobody or just to ourselves, because we do that over e-mail. It was an effort to bring together the die-hard Han and Leia community and make it just that: a community. A place for us to talk about our favorite characters with people who are interested in the same thing. It makes it far, far more worthwhile if the posts create some sort of conversation rather than just being there without comment, so it's great to have a vocal group out there. And I love that we have a good combination of people who have been fans since they saw them in theaters to people who saw them for the first time on, gasp, DVD. It's great to have these different perspectives.

Anyway, enough gushing about you people. Just a few notes on the blog. First, the EU book club. I was thrilled to see the excessive ranting on COPL, not that it was unexpected. Feel free to continue to bash. The book club is taking a very, very brief hiatus. Please don't panic! With Christmas coming up we decided that it made sense to take a couple of weeks off. So there will be no book review on Christmas day. Those of you celebrating should have better things to do and those of you who aren't, well, use it as an opportunity to get ahead of the game.

Also, this week's review will not be Tatooine Ghost. Yes, it is next chronologically. But julz has volunteered to give us a guest review of the X-Wing series, which actually comes between Mindor and COPL chronologically, so that will be what we are putting up this week. It is a seven book series focusing mainly on Rogue Squadron, but Han has a fairly prominent part in the latter books and Leia makes a brief appearance or two. I have not actually read this series, but it is part of the timeline and some of you may be interested. So get reading, because you only have until Sunday to read seven books :) And along these lines, if anyone has any ideas for a post they want to add here, please don't hesitate to ask one of us. We'd love to have more outside contributions.

Lastly, we are still looking for joint story ideas! Please, submit away and there is no limit to the amount of suggestions one person is allowed to make. We would love to have a good amount of ideas to put out there for you to vote on. No idea is too silly or weird or convoluted. This is your chance!

Keep the comments coming and thanks to all of you once again for reading and participating!


  1. Glad I found this place, it's great!!

    I have been a dedicated Han and Leia shipper and Star Wars fan since the 1980s. My love for the fandom was recently reignited in a big way when I got the blu-ray set back in September and especially when I saw the deleted scenes and discovered THAT kiss - oh lordy!!!

    Found this site not long after and I'm really enjoying it. So much so, I had to de-lurk!!

    Keep up the good work guys!!

  2. I'd also like to chime in with a thanks. This blog is such fun and I can see that time and effort go into its upkeep.
    And, golly, that's a really nice picture of HF looking all brooding on yr background today.

  3. Long live the blog! And oh man, the choices in this new poll are killing me...

  4. Love the blog, too! It's awesome! Wish I was one of the people who could have seen it when it first came out... But I saw it for the fist time about 5 months ago before becoming obsessed, lol.
    New poll cracks me up... What a hard decision...

  5. As a Star Wars and H/L fan since the movies were first released, it's so nice to find a group of people who are still interested in talking about this 'ship. I had drifted away into other fandoms over the years, so when I started looking for new H/L fanfic I was afraid I had missed the boat. I'm so glad to find out that I was wrong! You ladies do great work with this blog, so thank you!
    Hmm...Hoth Day or Space Slug Anniversary...

  6. Thanks, guys. We really have fun with this so it doesn't usually feel like work. Maybe occasionally, but not usually ;) It's fun to be able to pull everyone together like this. I think we're a pretty die-hard group, but small. So it's easy to have us all in one place!

    For those of you talking about the poll choices, you're allowed to choose more than one option, you know. Unfortunately we are not allowed to do polls where you add your own, though.

  7. Wanted express my thanks and gratitude not only for the blog, but the group in general too. It's fun to have others to talk about H/L with. And thanks to Zyra and Push for organizing a place for all of us to "hang." Job well done ladies.

  8. We may appear to be a small group, but I strongly believe there are loads of Han and Leia fans out there. There appears to be people who drift in and out of the fandom but are always "around". I myself have been guilty of this but I ALWAYS come back to Han and Leia - and I know of others who have done the same.

    I bet there are quite a few lurkers here, ( I say that as an ex lurker myself) a lot of the polls have more votes than the number of followers so there are certainly others watching!!

  9. Yes, unless our same 30 followers visit the blog 10 times a day, I'd say we still have some lurkers. Hey, I started off as a lurker myself so there is still hope for all of them to eventually find the nerve to say something.

    And to echo Zyra's comment. The blog very rarely feels like work but comments and good discussion definitely help with that.

    MissMimi, a while back we talked about "missing the boat" on the Han and Leia fandom, but somebody said we just waited for the second boat, that was much cleaner and nicer. I think Zyra said it. So welcome aboard!

  10. LOL well I probably do visit the blog about 5 times a day...

  11. I've been trying to post for a while now but kept getting an error message

  12. Virgo12, sometimes switching browsers helps. Also, both Zyra and I have posted for other people before when their computers wouldn't cooperate, just shoot us a message and include your comment and we'll post it. Sorry for the frustration!