Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Joint Story: The Sequel. You Decide

Our little poll seemed to have an actual purpose to it, and it became obvious that one of your favorite things about the blog was the joint story. I have to admit, I felt a tremendous sense of relief that it was over, even if it was my idea to start posting it up here in the first place, and therefore my own fault that I was stuck stressed out over trying to figure out what to do next before my next post was due!

Well, we've had a nice little break and it is apparent that our readership is down since the story ended and we aren't having as easy of a time coming up with other, regular posts. Not that we won't still have those, but it would be nice to just have updated content on a more regular basis, don't you think?

So, Push and I decided that we are going to do another joint story for you. The catch: you guys are going to decide what it's about. The only limitations I ask is that it is Han and Leia focused. Well, I might come up with more limitations depending on what some of the ideas you throw out there are, but that's a good start.

We ask that you post your story ideas here in the comments section and eventually we will post the choices in a poll for people to vote and the story will begin sometime in 2012, depending on how much interest we have here. There is no limit to the amount of ideas one person can offer. If you have seven different ideas, tell them to us. You don't need to give us an entire plot synopsis, it doesn't have to be long. Although it should probably have the potential to be more than, say 1000 words. Otherwise it wouldn't be much of a joint story! Use your imagination, give us an idea that you've thought of but don't actually want to write yourself. Give us an idea you think would be cute or edgy or maybe even something that's been done before but you want to see what we come up with. Whatever!

Who knows, maybe this will spark some ideas for other people as well, and some of the choices we don't pick can be issued as regular challenges. Let's have fun with this!


  1. Ooh, yay! Another joint story! Loved the last one, both of you are great writers :) Um... Too early in the morning here for my brain to think of anything. Will get back to you on that one.

  2. Han, or even Leia, as an Imperial spy. Might be interesting to what would happen if Han had to seduce Leia on purpose to distract her from the cause.

  3. Another joint story would be GREAT! Loved the last one. Last night, I was reading yet another story where Han gets recognised by a bounty hunter and his/Leia's lives are subsequently in jeopardy. It made me wonder why there aren't more stories in which Leia is the one that gets recognised by imperials or even just a civillian. Isn't she on the Empire's Most Wanted List?

  4. That's a really good point, blamey77.

  5. Love the idea, of course. I'll have to think about it a little, but I will say that I love any story that takes place post-ROTJ but pre marriage and babies. Early challenges in their relationship= awesome. I feel like their different backgrounds could cause problems at first. Or maybe something having to do with the galaxy finding out about Luke/Leia/Vader? Something with Han being torn between his military responsibilities and wanting to stay with Leia?

    Or, for something totally different, some kind of AU about getting Han out of carbonite that takes a different tack than ROTJ?

  6. That sounds like a great idea! Um...I think I need some time to think of ideas though, although I like amara z's Imperial spy idea a lot.

    Anything AU, or anything between ANH and ESB! But that's just my general preference for H/L fics, not a specific idea, so I'll have to think of something good and come back later!

    Has readership picked up at all in December? Seems like most of the other fanfic communities I follow on LJ etc have been slow because a lot of writers have been doing NaNo, either with fanfiction or their original work. If there's been any impact here, things MAY pick up now that it's over? But a new story would help too, I'm sure. ;)

  7. I quite like the idea of you guys tackling something completely, um, 'backwards' and making it awesome (which you will, I'm sure). Maybe like swapping the character's identities around a bit - Han the prince, Leia the space pirate. I think it would be cool to see how their distinct personalities would be brought out in the different roles. For some reason, I'm thinking Han would not nearly be as all out dedicated to the rebellion... or maybe he would, but in a more sulky way :)

    I really like Blamey77's idea, why does Leia never get recognised?!

  8. If you guys are up to it, I'd totally love to see another story. As for ideas...I'm not sure I'm very good at thinking up specific ideas. You know I always love pre-ESB stuff!

  9. This wouldn't b a very long story, well, I suppose it could be, depending exactly how much sexy time is involved, but....I would love for someone to write the missing scene from Tatooine Ghost, I'm sure everyone knows the bit I'm referring to!!!

    If anyone knows if someone out there has already attempted this then please post details!!

    Also, in light of my suggestion in the COPL review thread that the whole book is actually a very badly written holodrama, how about a story where Han and Leia find out about it and their reaction.

  10. Han and Leia have been secretly married since ANH. not sure where you'd go with it but it'd sure make ESB interesting.

  11. All right, keep them coming! And Claire, there are TWO stories I know about off the top of my head that fill in just the scene you're referencing. Except I'm only being partially helpful here because at the moment I can't link you straight to them. The first is in nerfherder's playground, but you need access to the boudoir in order to read it, but I know it is under one of the challenges in which someone challenged to write a missing scene from the EU and that is in there.

    The other was on someone's live journal page. Who wrote it, the title, and any other information I can't help you with right now! Again, don't have my computer at the moment but I will get you more info as soon as I can or maybe you are as good at Google as I am and might find it yourself.

  12. Thanks Zyra,

    As it happens I do have boudoir access at the playground, so I am going to head over there a bit later and see what I've missed. I haven't been active over there for quite a while now.

    Thanks again.