Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Call for Alcohol..I mean, um, Joint Story Ideas...

Geez.  I was under the assumption that with 31 followers we would get at least 31 Joint Story ideas.

Was I wrong?

A little overzealous, perhaps.  Okay, I'll admit that.

But really, folks?  How many times in your life do you get a 'blank check' like this?  We're putting you in the driver's seat.  Put your thinking caps on and churn out those ideas.  All those little stories, that you say, "Man, I wish someone would write a story about this..."

Let us know!

Throw it out there!

There are no limits, no rules, no restrictions!

Okay, well, maybe there's a few restrictions.  Must be Han and Leia centric.  Um, yeah, that's about it. 

And just to refresh all of our memories.  Here's what we have so far (and remember:  You can submit more than one idea!)  Did I say that already?  Anyway...And the nominees are:

  1. Han, or even Leia, as an Imperial spy.
  2. Leia is the one that gets recognized by imperials or even just a civilian.
  3. A story that takes place post-ROTJ but pre marriage and babies. Early challenges in their relationship= awesome. (We probably need something a little more specific here to actually include this one in the poll.)
  4. The galaxy finding out about Luke/Leia/Vader? 
  5. Something with Han being torn between his military responsibilities and wanting to stay with Leia? (maybe some more specifics here, as well)
  6. Some kind of AU about getting Han out of carbonite that takes a different tack than ROTJ?   (How about what tack?  You're in control!  You can name the tack!)
  7. Swapping the character's identities around a bit - Han the prince, Leia the space pirate.  
  8. The missing scene from Tatooine Ghost
  9. Han and Leia find out about the 'bad holodrama' that is COPL...and their reaction. 
  10. Han and Leia have been secretly married since ANH. 
Pretty good ideas up there, I'll admit.  But I know there must be more floating around out there, dancing like sugar plums in your heads.  Type them up, post them here and they'll be put to vote!

Thank you.  Thank you, very much.


  1. I'll take a Mai Tai, thanks. =)

    I'll put my thinking cap on. But what if Leia was in the carbonite? Or what if Han was freed from the carbonite before they could rescue him. It might be interesting if he were alive and Jabba's captive. How would he escape? What is he wondering about Leia? Just a thought.

  2. And reading today's profic quote. Make Leia queen of Alderaan. She of course falls for the scruffy looking nerf herder that works for her, or even keep it that he rescues her.

  3. Okay, idea #1: Han and Leia get married pre-ESB for some reason that has nothing to do with love (political reason? tax purposes? Leia avoiding an arranged marriage with some Alderaanian sleaze?) and then find themselves falling for each other anyway!

    Idea #2: Vader's not as dense as ANH would have us believe...Leia's right there, pressed up against his chest, and he can sense the Force in her as much as he could when Luke blew up the Death Star. So she's the one he's after, post-ANH, and Han either takes it upon himself or is assigned by the Alliance to protect her!

    ...possibly not very original. But that's all I've got! ;)

  4. Han and Leia visit a Vegas-esque city pre-ESB (yeah, it's silly). The secret marriage thing mixed with the alcohol title made me think of that. Maybe that could be a thing too, crazy Vegas marriage woo!

    I still need to think about this more. I like the holodrama one, as well the Leia in carbonite one.

  5. Ha! Vegas marriage woo. That'd be awesome. What a hangover that would be.

    Leia starts a torrid affair with Han in attempt to deal with the destruction of Alderaan. I'd include chain smoking Leia like Blue Milk Special. When she firsts kisses him, he can ask her aren't you being a little reckless. Her response is that given all she's been through, she's not interested in playing things safe.

  6. Oooh, this is fun. Definitely loving the "Oops, we're married", Vegas-esque wedding idea. Oh, the possibilities.

  7. Oh, Vegas wedding is much better than PURPOSELY getting married between ANH and ESB like I said... I vote for that too! :)

  8. Ooops, that above comment is me. Serves me right for having two gmails. :P

  9. All of the ideas sound interesting. I like #3, definitely #8 (my first vote), and #10 (kinda like Anakin and Padme's secret marriage). Of course my husband wants to know more about their "honeymoon". I've always wanted to write/read about the missing moment in "Recovery" when they finally drop all their defenses and really talk about all that has happened to them over that past year or so. They forgive each other and they seem to forgive themselves for allowing themselves to lose sight of what was truly important, their marriage and love for each other. The scene ends with Leia attempting to kiss Han and he makes her chase him (in order to exercise her legs that are in cybernetic braces due to severe injury). We never read about that kiss. Just a passage a few pages later that says that they had been kissing each other a lot lately. I've actually started to sketch out this story, but not much more.
    There are also two songs that make me instantly think of Han and Leia. They would be interesting stories as well. First song is "Remind Me" by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. I actually wrote a H/L story with this song as inspiration. The other song is "Run" by Matt Nathanson and Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. This song doesn't leave much to the imagination and is a total Han and Leia song.

  10. All right, now we're getting somewhere. We'll be putting this up as a poll soon but keep the ideas coming, I like a lot of them. Some of them would be much shorter, so maybe we can pose those as challenges or just write them ourselves, too, since they just wouldn't require longer back and forth chapters. I love the idea of Han and Leia discovering a terrible holodrama that is COPL :)