Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Blog Comments Only!

Merry Christmas (and everything that means something to you) Everyone! This is Push.

First, I'd like to thank Zyra for keeping the blog going while I was gone - she did an awesome job. And second I want to say how happy I am to be back (even considering the current circumstances). Lastly, the movie.  

The movie. 

I'd like to state very briefly how much I abhorred that film, but I do not wish to comment, analyze or dwell on it. I'm not in denial, I know it happened, but I just don't want to think about it too much. Such is my therapy. Please don't hate. Besides, I think between the hundreds of comments that have been posted here since the movie aired, everyone has hit on everything that I hated and more. That, plus a little PTSD may be the major reasons that I just don't care to talk about it at all.

Sooooo, I'm posting an alternative place to post happy comments. Feel free to keep up the conversation regarding the movie and all that is wrong with it on the other post, but let's keep happy, old-fashioned Han and Leia speak over here. It is the Holiday Season after-all. Let's take a break from the negativity and awfulness that is what JJ did to us.

With that in mind, I have a few challenges for you:

First, for fun - tell us what you think a holiday gift exchange might look like in the GFFA. It can be anytime and between anyone. Like does Artoo exchange gifts with Threepio and what would that gift be??

Second, tell us if you bought any Star Wars themed gifts this year, what they were and who they were for. And it goes without saying that you must've picked something up for yourself to, so tell us about that as well.

Let the Holiday posting begin and Cheers!


  1. The Merry Side... Lovely! (1) SW gift exchange? (What's GFFA by the way?) Tough. Hopefully someone finally got Luke some power converters? (2) Got three small SW themed gifts for my young son, who still finds ANH too intense to finish watching, but who loves learning about -- and pretend playing -- the characters and stories. Got him a small BB-8 notepad, a small Imperial shuttle lego set, and an OT x-wing toy. Can't wait. :)

  2. As regards to real Star Wars, not the glib, modernist facsimile:

    Leia to Han: A new black jacket, to replace the one that he looked so good in during ESB (otherwise, he's only in vests)
    Han to Leia: Come on, we all know it would be lingerie. No brainer. But maybe after the kids (and yes, there would be more than one) came, there would be a locket or charm bracelet at some point.
    Han/Leia to Luke: $100 gift certificate to Massage Envy. Being the only Jedi in the universe has got to be stressful.
    Luke to Han: The other $15,000 he owed him when they reached Alderaan.
    Luke to Leia: Book on "How to Overcome Your Absent, Evil Parent" (only because he really wants to read it himself, the way family members ALWAYS get you a gift that is really for them)
    Han/Leia to Chewie: A year's supply of Garnier
    Chewie to Han/Leia: Free babysitting for a year

    As for myself, even before the movie came out, I told my folks, "please no Star Wars stuff this year. I don't know if I'm going to want it." But I have a bad feeling that someone will be giving me something SW related. My cousin and I have been joking about some of the dumber tie-ins, so I have a sneaking suspicion we might exchange Kylo Ren Chex Mix and Chewie Coffeemate.

  3. So glad to have you back, Push. And nice to have something else to contemplate here.

    I'll answer the second question first: Yes I did buy some Star Wars gifts. My brother and my cousin always get Star Wars themed gifts from me. The only problem is that usually between the time I buy them and when I wrap them (I still haven't wrapped them) I forget which thing I bought for who. So one of them is getting a Vader mug and the other one is getting a Boba Fett t-shirt.

    As for the GFFA (Galaxy Far Far Away for those of you who didn't know) that is another good question. I'm not sure I can top Kels's answers. I think a long time ago we had a blog discussion on how Han is often buying Leia presents in our fanfic but Leia really pretty rarely reciprocates. So hopefully everyone can come up with some good ideas of things Leia can get for Han.

    I think Han would get something sweet and sentimental for Leia, but also something else that could only be enjoyed when they were alone ;) Does anyone else remember in Tatooine Ghost, that moss painting Han and Leia were trying to find that had been in Leia's home on Alderaan? And how they lost it but then by the end of the NJO, which by the timeline was like 20 years later, they finally found it again? I thought that was all very sweet. Something equally sentimental there. You know, to make Han deserve whatever it is he gets her that they can only enjoy in privacy. Oh or something sweet and sentimental about their kids. Multiple kids, all of whom are totally not evil and live happily ever after, just like their parents.

    Seriously, what would Leia get for Han? He would probably prefer promises to DO things. Maybe she'd get him a different pair of pants. Something nice for the Falcon. Some boot polish? I don't know.

    Luke would offer Han and Leia a weekend of babysitting so they can be alone. Seems like a simple present but very useful.

    Han and Leia would kind of spoil their kids. I always felt like neither of them would've expected to get to have a family later on so they maybe go a little overboard but can't help it.

  4. Merry Merry to everyone! I feel the urge to write a holiday piece!

    1. Yes, please do!! Yay!!

    2. I'm going to work on fic today. I have to make Christmas dinner, but it's Honey Baked Ham, so easy. I am not putting on shoes today. Shoes are wrong. Slippers work better for writing!

  5. Merry Christmas everyone! Glad to see you back Push.

  6. Best Christmas present = having Push back!

  7. Nollaig Shona to all! Nice to see you, Push.

  8. Welcome back Push. nerfherders Playground is running again. A new Sue Zahn fanzine is in the offing. I choose to live in our own alternative universe(s)

    1. If I am thankful to TFA for one thing, it's the resurgence of H/L centric fanfic :)

  9. Ruby here (I'm going Monday to see what I can do about Google acct.)
    I received R2 measuring cups, an R2 mug, and Darth Vader & Stormtrooper salt and pepper shakers.
    I gave my nieces SW lipstick from the new line and gave one nephew Poe's x-wing, Finn, an SW card game, Infinity 3.0 and characters with it. He still loves ep. 5 best, but isn't as attached like we are to the OT. ST is a wholly separate franchise and that's all I will say about it any more. Oh, but did you guys see the pic on when SW was named Entertainer of the Year? If you crop JJ 'the devil' Abrams out, Carrie and Harrison are standing on either side of Adam Driver who is holding Carrie's little dog for her. If Carrie had been facing the right way, it almost looks like a Solo family portrait, you know, without the evil.

    Here's my list for a GFFA:
    Han to Leia: a silky white bathrobe (he loves her in white), some jeweled barrettes, and a specially made necklace with stones from both Alderaan and Correllia.
    Leia to Han: New boots, a blanket made of his old vests to put on the bunk on the Falcon, and tickets to a secluded resort so they can spend a romantic weekend together.
    H/L to Chewie: some expensive grooming products.
    H/L to Luke: a new jacket (he can't ALWAYS wear a robe, can he?) and something fun, like a game or something - Luke needs to have some fun.
    If they have kids (and not THAT kid): spoil 'em, and I would think it would be mostly Han doing the spoiling to make up for his childhood.
    Chewie to H/L: offers to babysit, yes, but also I think Chewie might not have a human's aesthetic sense, so I can see him getting them matching ugly Christmas sweaters, and the kids too, if they have any.
    Luke to Han: a Corellian cookbook and some Alderaanian ale.
    Luke to Leia: some pretty perfume.
    Chewie to Luke: Another ugly Christmas sweater.
    Luke to Chewie: tix for the 2 of them to see the hit musical on tour from Kashyyyk - an all-Wookiee review of The Wookiee and I.

    For Christmas dinner? Nerf steak, baked tubers, Aunt Beru's boiled salad (what was that she was making in ANH?), stuffed Bantha wraps, and, of course, blue milk.

    Feels good to think about something fun again.

    1. Thanks! I forgot that Luke would give the kiddos these neat action figures from a GFFA called 'Earth.' And I wanted to check out if my Google acct. is working too.

  10. Zolo77 here!merry Christmas to all! Push - great to hear from you! We missed you!

    I got the BEST frigging gift this year : a star wars glitter lamp. Srsly. It's uhmazing.
    I always figured the characters would give great gifts. I've eluded to it in my writing but don't you think Han and Leia would be totes awesome at doing the whole gift exchange thing with each other? I do! :)

  11. Zolo77 again. I really need to reset my password.
    Does anyone know where the missing moment from planet of twilight lives? It's set before Leia leaves. I believe there was a swimming pool involved... I've been trying to find it for days!

    1. This I can help you with :)

      And I would very much recommend this to any of the rest of you as well.

    2. Whoot! I'm back in. :)

      Thanks Zyra!!

  12. Hello everyone and merry christmas from berlin.
    (So please excuse my mistakes while using your language, school was some years ago)
    I just found your blog and i am very happy to see that i am not the only one having a hard time these days.
    I hope to find time to finish some of my fanfic ideas i had a few years ago. Now seems to be the perfect time to restart my efforts.

    Hope you all have a good time under the christmas tree.

    1. Hello and welcome! I'm in Scotland. I just found this blog not long ago, too. I was "warming up" in anticipation of seeing my favourite fictional couple together I am seeking refuge amongst like-minded, devastated friends. lol

      Like you, I have returned to writing after a long absence. Looking forward to reading your next fic!

  13. Merry Christmas! Thank you guys so much for everything you've shared about the movie. I was seriously depressed for a week. If anyone hasn't found the Web-comic called ' The Blue Milk Special' you guys should look it up and check it out. Those folks have similar feelings and an amazing comic. Also I'm working on two thing you guys might be interested in. One is a rather witty, scarcastic, and rather brutal review of Abrams's revisionist nonsense. I will shamelessly share when it's done. As a part of that I'm accepting his not-quite-challange, and writing a fan fic surrounding the same basic characters and concepts of TFA itself, without the shark-jumping depressing post-modernist crap. Where everything implied in Roth actually holds true till our sequel story.

  14. Merry Christmas everybody (or Happy Boxing Day, as the case may be). I was sooo delighted to receive some Star Wars: The Force Awakens coasters (yes, coasters) featuring my new favourite Jedi-wannabe, Kylo Ren. (/s) I think I gave an approximation of delight, which was actually a sort of horrified shriek followed by dismayed laughter. My father-in-law means well, but oh my sweet stars, whyyyyy? lol And they're 3-D, as well. Ack. I don't even have a coffee table! jeez.

    Hm, as for gift-giving between characters, I'd like to think that Chewie would give Leia some of whatever hair conditioner he uses, and she'd give him a brush. Hirsute heroes have to stick together. This year, Han would think better of the galley kitchen modification on the Falcon and install a hot tub, instead.

    I look forward to reading all the new post-TFA fix-it fics. I am putting the finishing touches on Ch. 6 of my own ("Remain in Light") and very much enjoying replacing the TFA version of H&L with my own vision of them as, idk, mature, committed and IN LOVE. duh!

    I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

  15. Push, it's wonderful to have you back.

    And hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas.

  16. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! My 8 year old son really cleaned up in the gift department with Star Wars stuff this year... A "grow your own lightsaber crystal" kit and the Disney Infinity The Force Awakens play set...which is quite interesting. My mother also made my son and I both matching Star Wars flannel pajama pants...we are stylin'!

    As far as gifts, we can't forget our favorite droids. I'm sure 3PO would "thank the Maker" if R2 gave him a gift card to "Oil Bath and Body Works!" ;)

  17. Interesting tidbit I just read about in another forum...

    Remember Leia's ring? I actually was one of the first people to bring this issue up months ago about that huge ring Leia wears in the film.

    Well apparently, Rey is seen wearing it at the end. Did anyone see this? If this is true, I could see Leia passing on this ring to a daughter.

    1. Movie discussion still happening in the previous blog post! Please repost your theory there and I'll respond properly :)

  18. Welcome back Push! We missed you.

    What would the happy H/L couple get each other? Hmmm I'm so bad a presents. I think Leia would get Han something for the Falcon. Some special converter or something techie.

    Han I think would get Leia something completely frivolous and girly.

    Presents for Luke would be some historical Jedi stuff if they could find it.

    Other than that I'm bad a presents :)

  19. Oh did I forget to come back and share my Star Wars bounty? Fortunately, nothing Kylo Ren. And really nothing Episode 7, either. My mom came through with some Chewbacca socks which is one of those things I'd never buy for myself, but as a gift? I was thrilled. As was my brother when he received his R2-D2 socks. We are both in our 30s and might as well have been 9 at that point. I also got a Vader shirt, a Star Wars calendar (all OT artwork though sadly no Han and Leia) R2-D2 salt and pepper shakers and a Falcon bluetooth speaker. So overall, pretty good Star Wars haul and nothing that made me mad :)

  20. my son got star wars shirts from multiple relatives who know him well, three light sabers (but not THAT lightsaber, thank the Maker) a star wars lego set, and the Yoda character for Disney Infinity. my daughter also got a shirt (glittery retro logo) and sleep pants (droids), a BB-8 wallet, and BB-8 socks. I got R2 and 3P0 socks and fuzzy pants with R2 on them. and the boy made me an origami Han Solo because he knew I was sad about him.